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Digital Flexo Plates Offer Advantages to INDEVCO's Packaging Converters

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Repro Center’s pre-press services go digital for high graphics and fine detail print jobs.

In 1994, printing needs within INDEVCO packaging companies in Lebanon led the group to establish Repro Center as an in-house pre-press division of Unipak sal, corrugated manufacturer located in Halat.

The following year, the German pre-press industry introduced digital flexo plate making as a way to improve flexographic print quality and, thus, gain market share over competitors. The trend was quickly and widely accepted.

Today, more than 50% of the flexo plates Repro Center delivers to its customers are digital. The division works 24 hours per day, six days per week to supply sister companies in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the US, as well as companies outside the group in the Levant area.

Digital Flexo Plate Making

In 2004, Repro Center installed an Esko CDI Advance 4060, considered by some the world’s most advanced digital flexo imaging device.1

Over 90% of all digital flexo plates around the world are imaged on a Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI).

Using Dupont™ Cyrel® technology, Repro Center images large-scale digital flexo plates up to 50 x 80 inches (203 x 127 cm) in around 40 minutes.

Not all packaging, however, requires high quality printing. Rather, the choice of digital plates is related to process color, high quality graphics, and need for fine detail. In these cases, digital flexo plates offer key advantages.

Higher Print Quality

The CDI hardware has allowed flexo printers on corrugated and flexible packaging to achieve superior quality and print consistency quite comparable to offset or gravure.2

Repro Center’s digital plates offer better color registration, sharper dot reproduction, more precise color gradations, and a wider tonal range. Because digital plates print only the tip of dots, press impression and dot gain are much lower than with analog plates.

Color shades between 1 - 99% of full color are possible, compared to ranges of film plates for flexible packaging (5 - 93%) and corrugated packaging (12 - 93%).
3 Scratches, dust and other imperfections on film are simply eliminated with the digital process.

Workflow Control

Pre-press businesses like Repro Center share digital files across locations and create any number of standard plates of consistently high quality. With greater control of files, images are easily altered on the computer and workflow increasingly transitioned to fully-digital proofing for job approvals and final proofs.

Less Waste

In an environmentally friendly production process, Repro Center uses no film when making digital flexo plates. In comparison, conventional plate making produces solid waste from generations of film, as well as chemical waste from film processing.

The digital present is changing the way INDEVCO plants do business. In the process, packaging converters are leveraging on the advantages of digital flexo plates to deliver what their customers value: consistent printing and predictable turn-around.

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Company Background
Repro Center, a division of Unipak sal, is a full-service, ISO-9001:2000-certified repro house specialized in flexographic and lithographic pre-press for the flexible packaging and corrugated packaging industries. Repro Center was established in 1994 in Halat, Lebanon. Services include electronic pre-press workflow scanning and retouching, Dupont digital proofing, process analysis, customer press profiling, digital and conventional flexo plate making, and computer aided plate mounting.

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