Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paper & Containers Affiliates Participate in Henkel Supplier Day

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INDEVCO affiliates propose recommendations to optimize Henkel’s corrugated packaging.

On 23-24 April 2007, Henkel purchasing managers from across the Middle East and North Africa met with approved suppliers of carton and folding box at the company’s Supplier Day in Dubai.

Unipak sal, Easternpak Ltd. and Unipak Nile Ltd. participated in the event, part of Henkel’s Project “COIN” to cost out initiatives and innovations. All three companies are corrugated packaging plants within INDEVCO Group.

Since 2002, Unipak has supplied Henkel’s powder detergent boxes in Lebanon and Syria from its plant in Halat, Lebanon.

Product Innovation & Optimization

The INDEVCO team was represented by Mira Frem, Unipak Regional Marketing & Development Manager; Gaby Kaddissi, Easternpak Customer Service Manager; and Samir Aoun, Unipak Nile Sales Manager.

The team presented new product developments and innovations for carry cartons, point-of-purchase (POP) displays and creative packaging boxes. They also proposed plans for product optimization using INDEVCO’s OTOR license.

Strong Chain Optimization

Together, the INDEVCO team and Henkel purchasing managers focused on common product developments, exclusive innovations and optimum supply chain management.

“Given extensive integration within our group, with sister companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, we are able to supply Henkel with their corrugated packaging requirements across the MENA and Levant regions,” confirms Mira Frem, Unipak Regional Marketing and Development Manager.
Long-Term Relationship

In the presentation, INDEVCO’s team highlighted the importance of having strong relationships with their customers.
“We are dedicated to providing the most value to Henkel’s products,” explains Frem. “It is our goal to understand their long-term objectives and contribute to their success.
Mira Frem (center) with Purchasing Managers of Henkel Tunisia (left) and Henkel Germany (right)

Similar to Unipak, Easternpak and Unipak Nile manufacture corrugated boxes, stands and creative packaging displays in plants based in Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively.

Other Henkel suppliers from the MENA region also attended the seminar: Medad Printing Press (UAE), Shorouk Press (Egypt), Luna Press (Lebanon), Tarabishi (Syria) and Unipack (Tunisia).

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Ms. Mira Frem
Regional Marketing & Development Manager
Union Packaging Corporation Ltd. (Unipak)
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-478 900 Ext. 237
Fax: +961-9-478 915

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