Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MASTERPAK Runs in Beirut International Marathon 2007

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For the third year, team members from Zouk-based flexible packaging manufacturer take part in marathon’s 10-kilometer run.

On Sunday, 18 November 2007, MASTERPAK team members and family members gathered amid clear, bright weather for the 2007 Beirut International Marathon.

The start line in downtown Beirut was replete with over 15,000 people carrying banners and singing, dressed in company t-shirts, costumes or “It’s my marathon” t-shirts.

Wissam Moubarak, General Manager of the PE manufacturing plant based in Zouk, explained,

“It’s great to be part of such an event, with a wonderful team that showed great excitement, motivation and a high sense of sportsmanship for the third year in a row.”
Run and walk times were similar to last year, ranging from 50 minutes to 1’45”. Throughout the 10-km route, community groups entertained participants with a range of activities and performances, such as a traditional Lebanese zaffeh and dabke dance.

MASTERPAK participants included Maroun Aoun, Rita Boustany, Elie Chemaly, Najah Daccache, Fady Khoury, Guy Habbaki, Claudine Merhi, Wissam Moubarak, Imad Njeim, Rany Sfeir, Maria Chemaly Njeim, Joseph Tahtouh and Tony Yaacoub.

Elie Chemaly affirmed,

"This is the third time we participate in the Beirut International Marathon. The number of participants has increased, and the event is becoming more and more challenging and fun… See you next year!”

Company Background

Established in 1979 in Lebanon, MASTERPAK manufactures plastic flexible packaging products and offers PE film solutions for the agricultural, construction, consumer, food and beverage, and industrial sectors. Products are destined for the local market, as well as Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

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E-mail: info@masterpaklb.com
Web: www.masterpaklb.com
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