Friday, December 7, 2007

Napco Flexible Packaging Division Unifies Business Processes

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Napco Group flexible packaging plants in Saudi Arabia deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX to control costs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Organizations today expect much greater flexibility in their business systems. They demand solutions that take on the form and structure of their business, automate processes and align the enterprise to operate as a single entity.

Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division determined that the best way to reduce costs and to increase efficiency and profits was to implement a modern and fully integrated business management system.

Division Profile

Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division (FPD) groups six manufacturing plants in Dammam and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that produce plastic and paper packaging for a range of sectors in the GCC region and beyond.

Current Business Situation

Outdated and disconnected systems make conducting business across plants and departments inefficient and labor-intensive.


Napco FPD takes on the largest ERP implementation in INDEVCO Group history by deploying Microsoft Dynamic AX to consolidate and integrate its key accounting, shipping, and production systems.


  • Universal & unified ERP solution

  • Controls manufacturing processes & costs

  • Integrates & streamlines business processes

  • Improves customer service

  • Speeds critical tasks with minimal disruption

  • Allows for implementation of global business strategies

They chose Microsoft Dynamics AX, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that takes business control, information accessibility and process flexibility to new levels

Joe Tatarian, who manages ERP and other solutions for INDEVCO Group I.T. Project Management Office (PMO), explains,

“Microsoft Dynamics AX will help Napco FPD control costs and manufacturing processes by delivering online inventory control, more accurate data on reports, and better integration between departments.”
Tatarian met with managers of six manufacturing plants: COMPACT, National Paper Products Company, and Modern Plastics Products Company – Technical Division and Sack Division, located in Dammam, as well as Multipak and United Plastic Products Company, located in Jeddah, all members of INDEVCO Group.

The plants are teaming with Microsoft to implement a unified and universal solution with full control and options for different types and levels of functionality. The solution will give managers the capability to integrate business processes and information across the entire business chain from original suppliers via every internal department to customers or just those functions they choose to employ.

The key to Microsoft Dynamics AX is its flexibility. Its ‘drag and drop’ development environment, enables the PMO to precisely customize and configure the specific character and preferences of the division’s business, without losing existing processes and data.

As such, Microsoft Dynamics AX starts generating a tangible return on investment within a few months, while growing the business for decades to come.

Submitted by
Joe Tatarian
Group ERP Solution Manager
I.T. Project Management Office
Zouk Industrial Zone, LO1 Building, 3rd Floor
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 005 Ext. 3020
Fax: +961-9-209 006
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