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COMPACT Initiates ISO 22000 Certification Process

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Dammam-based flexible packaging manufacturer raises the bar with higher food safety standards.

A supplier to multinational and Middle Eastern food companies, Napco Composite Packaging Technology Ltd (COMPACT) of Dammam, Saudi Arabia is integrating ISO 22000 into its total quality management system.

ISO 22000 sets requirements for any organization in the food supply chain, including producers of packaging materials.

Chadi Radi, Quality Manager at COMPACT, explains, "As a food packaging supplier, we align with market requirements, that are continuously demanding better flexibility and faster responsiveness, higher food safety standards and environmental friendly products."

COMPACT is working with Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance on the certification, which should be finalized in late 2009. Throughout the process, COMPACT will implement its food safety management system to include four main elements: interactive communication, system management, pre-requisite programs, and HACCP principles.1

Interactive Communication

Consumers are best protected when all participants in the food chain communicate clearly about potential safety hazards and provide control measures to deal with such hazards.

This requires COMPACT to recognize its role relative to other suppliers within the entire chain, in order to communicate effectively and to deliver safe products to consumers.

Graphic Source2:

System Management & Pre-Requisites

COMPACT will incorporate ISO 22000 standards within its overall management system framework, which includes ISO 9001 and HACCP.

HACCP Principles
"In the safety and hygiene aspect of this process," describes Radi, "we'll reorganize our infrastructure and product handling to meet international regulations and to build product confidence in international markets."
Key to effective food safety management system, COMPACT will integrate principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system in order to identify, assess, and control hazards which occur in the food chain. Hazard control strategies combine pre-requisites and the company’s HACCP plan.

Radi concludes, "This initiative impacts COMPACT’s future business performance and growth. Moreso, it affects our people by preparing them to exploit new avenues for improvement. We've adopted this focus on people from the philosophy of our mother company, INDEVCO.”

1 ISO 22000,

Graphic: Faergmand, J. & Jespersen, D. (September October 2004). ISO 22000 to ensure integrity of food supply. ISO Management Systems.

Company Background

Established in 1993, Napco Composite Packaging Technology Ltd. (COMPACT) manufactures a wide range of mono-layer, laminated and coated film structures for manufacturers in the food and beverage, medical and industrial sectors. Its composite film packaging products are enhanced with computerized color-matching and flexo or roto printing.


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