Friday, May 30, 2008

Brand Campaign - Happies "Toflik 3a Ekhir Mouda!"

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Sanita launches billboard and radio campaign for Happies in major cities in Syria.

Sanita sal, leading consumer disposables manufacturer in Lebanon, launched a Happies baby diaper campaign entitled Toflik 3a Ekhir Mouda or “Ultimate Fashion Kids”.

The objective of the campaign is to create brand awareness in Syria. The billboards ads run from 10 May - 10 June 2008 on muppies in major cities throughout Syria. Radio ads can be heard on four main local stations.

Outdoor Advertising "Muppies"

Region coverage
Aleppo: 200 billboards
Damascus: 200 billboards

Homs: 100 billboards

Radio Stations
Al Arabia
Al Madina
Cham FM
Sawt El Chabab


Antonio Nassour
Marketing Export

Sanita-Regional Office
Zouk - Lebanon
Tel: + 961-9-209000
Fax: + 961-9-209006



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