Monday, May 26, 2008

Jihad Choueiry Named UPPC Operations Manager

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As of 23 May 2008, Jihad Choueiry was named Operations Manager for
United Plastics Products Company (UPPC). He will be accountable for Napco United's P & L operations focusing on material managment, productivity ratios, added value creation and employee development.

Jihad joined INDEVCO Group in 1999 and, one year later, transferred to UPPC as Plant Engineer. In October 2001, he was promoted to Industrial Cutting Section Supervisor and, in January 2003, to Product Specialist for hygiene product lines, a main product vector for UPPC.

Jihad's excellent performance and commitment to the group's philosophy and values have contrtibuted to the growth of the hygiene product line.

Please join us in wishing Jihad success in his new position!

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1 comment:

  1. Jihad is full of charisma and there is no doubt that he will fulfill his new challenge with the most reliability ... hopefully, particularly in Europe and more specifically in Benelux area. I wish all the best to my friend.