Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PhotoBlog - INDEVCO Welcomes Lebanon's New President

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Once again, INDEVCO confirms faith in Lebanon and raises high hopes.

To celebrate the election of Lebanon's 12th President, Imad Michel Suleiman, on Sunday, 25 May, INDEVCO decorated around the group's manufacturing facilities and along the autostrade in Kesrwan with colors and the cedar of the Lebanese flag, as well as INDEVCO's consistent messages over the years of its enduring belief in Lebanon.

Mabrouk lal Joumhourieh! Congratulations to the nation!

Outside INDEVCO Zouk Complex in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon,
the location of Masterpak, Micro Epsilon, Sanita & INDEVCO Lebanon Operations

Outside Sanita plant in Halat, Lebanon

Along the autostrade in Kesrwan area of Lebanon

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