Monday, June 30, 2008

UTM Member Places 7th in First Round of 2008 Middle Eastern Karting Race

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Georges Chahwan competes regionally in karting championships.

Competing against 25 other drivers, Georges Chahwan, assistant to the head of Unipak Tissue Mill power plant, raced to 7th place in the first round of the Middle East Karting Cup.

Organized by the
Royal Automobile Club of Jordan, this championship round took place in Tall Al Rumman, Jordan, 21-22 June 2008. Georges, the only Lebanese to participate in the championship, described,

“It is the first time I participate in a Middle Eastern championship. It was a very challenging experience. I met participants from different Arab nationalities.”

Georges Chahwan on the racing pitch

At 24 years old, Georges began karting when he was five. In 2005 and 2006, he placed in the Top 5 of the National German Karting Championship and Berlin Karting Championship.

Georges heads the Schahwan Motor Sport Racing Team, which plans to increase awareness of road safety among young Lebanese. The team, whose philosophy “Don’t Drink & Drive, Arrive Alive”, will coordinate with Lebanese rally drivers and social associations, such as
YASA, kunhadi and others, to organize conferences for schools and universities.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Special Radio Broadcast Includes Focus on Georges Frem

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Radio Liban will feature a special radio program on the historical presence of Lebanon in the Middle East.

The Arabic service of Lebanese radio station Radio Liban (98.1 - 98.5 FM) will broadcast a special 30-minute program on the historical presence of Lebanon in the Middle East, including highlights of innovators who served the Arab region.

The program will include INDEVCO Group founder and former Chairman, Georges N. Frem, as one of those innovators.

Don't miss it!

Original Broadcast
Tuesday, 1 July
9:30 pm

Repeat Broadcast
Friday, 4 July
6:03 pm

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Photoblog - UTM Walk through Darb El Sama

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During the month of May, known in Lebanon as Shaher El Adra, members of Unipak Tissue Mill donned walking gear and water bottles for their annual trek from Sahel Alma to the Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa.

David Beaino, Personnel Coordinator, described the walk as

"spiritually rewarding...The teamwork was remarkable; everyone in the group helped each other to climb the mountain of Darb El Sama."
UTM, member of INDEVCO Group, is a tissue mill which produces and exports jumbo tissue rolls for hygiene converters.

UTM'ers hike up the mountain

First Row (L-R): Elie Farhat, David Beaino, Jihad Hasrouni
Second row (L-R): Richard Abi Saab, Helene Ishak, Abdo Bteich, Marlene Kmeid,
Marc Azzi, Imad Issa El-Khoury, Nicole Kassab, Claudine Daccache, Yolla Atallah

(L-R): Jihad Hasrouni, Elie Dariane, Yolla Atallah, Abdo Bteich, Richard Abi Saab,
Imad Issa El-Khoury, Helene Ishak, Elie Farhat, Marlene Kmeid, Araxie Kmeid

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maher Dabbous Named Market Development Director for the Near East & Asia

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As of 12 June 2008, Maher Dabbous has become Market Development Director for the Near East & Asia region for Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division.

Maher joined the group in 1982, working in purchasing with GESPA. He later transferred to Unipak and later became Sales Manager. In 1993, Maher joined Easternpak and became Deputy General Manager at in 1997 and then General Manager in 1999.

In 2001, Maher took charge of a new regional unit for export and made excellent achievements in penetrating new geographic markets and generating fast growth for the division.

Maher's exceptional coaching, mentoring and training as well as espousing of INDEVCO culture have allowed him to succeed.

Please join us in wishing Maher continuous successful achievements!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

PhotoBlog - MASTERPAK at Project Lebanon 2008

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From 3-7 June, PE film manufacturer MASTERPAK exhibited at Project Lebanon 2008. Visitors, both local and international from Spain, Cyprus, Syria, and Iraq, inquired about construction films, water membranes, and agricultural and horticultural films. MASTERPAK's suppliers, including Sabic and Qapco, also visited the show.

Says Amal Merhi, Marketing Manager, "We succeeded in building stronger brand awareness!"

MASTERPAK team (L-R): Elie Nohad, Fares Fares, Amal Nehme Merhi,
Wissam Moubarak & Elie Khoury

Elie Nohad assists a visitor to the booth

Fares Fares & Elie Khoury discuss MASTERPAK portfolio with a visitor

For More Information

Amal Merhi, Marketing Manager
Masterpak sal
Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 001 Ext. 3615
Fax: +961-9-209 002

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Joseph Abi Chaker Named Tax Department Manager

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As part of its continuous managerial structuring, INDEVCO Group merged its Tax and Internal Audit departments. Consequently, and as of today, Joseph Abi Chaker has been appointed Tax Department Manager of the group.

In 1973, Joseph joined the group as Chief Accountant at Unipak. He also held key financial and tax positions at the group level in Lebanon, as well in Saudi Arabia.

Joseph's professionalism and dedication have contributed to his distinguished performance in overcoming challenges in his everyday duties.

Join us in wishing Joseph the best in his new responsibilities!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PhotoBlog - Sanita Mobilizes for Beach Clean Up

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As part of its continuous support of environmental events, Sanita, leading consumer disposables manufacturer in Lebanon, co-sponsored the 2008 Clean Up the Med campaign on Sunday, 25 May 2008. In addition to supplying trash bags for waste, Sanita supported school presentations that increased environmental awareness and activism.

Volunteers collect rubbish

Kids visit 'Clean Up the Med' information stand

Sanita provides 'Clean Up the Med' information & giveaways

Bravo to the CIFA organizers & all volunteers who made Clean Up Med a success!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

PhotoBlog - INDEVCO President Addresses Management at Beit Anya

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On Monday, 26 May, INDEVCO President Neemat Frem addressed members of group management in Beit Anya near Harissa, Lebanon. The first objective of the meeting was to align all teams to INDEVCO's newly standardized corporate presentation.

The second, to announce and distribute a new INDEVCO publication: Echoes of a Nation: INDEVCO Communication Throughout Successive Lebanese Crises from 1975 to 2007 as inspired and directed by the founder Georges Frem.

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO President

Neemat Frem introduces INDEVCO's new corporate presentation
with Gisele Nacouzi, Mediapak General Manager, and Antoine Awit from the President's Office

Echoes of a Nation depicts advertising campaigns and slogans of belief
in the survival and growth of Lebanon, details where we've been
and where we're going.

INDEVCO executives attended the event

Executives mingle at a reception following the event

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Zakhia Chahine Named Field Sales Manager at Easternpak

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As of 1 June 2008, Easternpak has appointed Zakhia Chahine as Field Sales Manager for the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia.

Zakhia joined Easternpak in 2000 as Sales Representative and was promoted to Sales Supervisor in 2005. During these years, he successfully handled his responsibilities.

In his new position, Zakhia will lead a sales team towards continuously enlarging Easternpak's customer base in the Eastern Province.

Please join us in wishing Zakhia continued success in his career!

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Teddy Zrour Appointed Field Sales Manager at Easternpak

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As of 1 June 2008, Easternpak has appointed Teddy Zrour as Field Sales Manager responsible for the Western Province of Saudi Arabia.

Teddy joined
Easternpak in 2007 as Sales Supervisor. During the past year, he has shown exemplary skills in promoting products and has contributed to the successful growth of the company.

In his new position, Teddy will lead a sales team towards continuously increasing Easternpak's market share in the Western Province.

Please join us in wishing Teddy continuous success in his career!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sanita Introduces Luxury Tissue to Lebanese Market

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Consumers can choose from a range of new facial tissue and table napkin products from Sanita.

Leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, Sanita, has recently launched three new tissue products: Dreams Colors facial tissue, Sanita BOUQUET facial tissue and table napkins.

Dreams Colors Facial Tissue

Dreams Colors facial tissue comes in peach, pink, and blue sheets. Durable, plastic tissue dispenser deco boxes are available in green, purple and transparent.

Sanita BOUQUET Facial Tissue

Sanita BOUQUET luxury facial tissue uses 3 plies, rather than 2-ply, and balm for lotioned softness.

Three products are distinguished by sheet size and number of sheets per box:

Man-Size (pictured)



Outer boxes are available in blue, golden, red, and black.

Sanita BOUQUET Table Napkins

Sanita BOUQUET luxury paper table napkins, available in white, green, yellow and red colors, come in cocktail, luncheon, and dinner sizes. With point-to-point embossing, exclusive at Sanita, consumers feel the value of BOUQUET's softness and higher absorbency.

For More Information

Bassam Khoueiry, Product Line Manager

Sanita sal
Halat Industrial Complex
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001
Fax: +961-9-478 443

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