Friday, June 20, 2008

Photoblog - UTM Walk through Darb El Sama

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During the month of May, known in Lebanon as Shaher El Adra, members of Unipak Tissue Mill donned walking gear and water bottles for their annual trek from Sahel Alma to the Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa.

David Beaino, Personnel Coordinator, described the walk as

"spiritually rewarding...The teamwork was remarkable; everyone in the group helped each other to climb the mountain of Darb El Sama."
UTM, member of INDEVCO Group, is a tissue mill which produces and exports jumbo tissue rolls for hygiene converters.

UTM'ers hike up the mountain

First Row (L-R): Elie Farhat, David Beaino, Jihad Hasrouni
Second row (L-R): Richard Abi Saab, Helene Ishak, Abdo Bteich, Marlene Kmeid,
Marc Azzi, Imad Issa El-Khoury, Nicole Kassab, Claudine Daccache, Yolla Atallah

(L-R): Jihad Hasrouni, Elie Dariane, Yolla Atallah, Abdo Bteich, Richard Abi Saab,
Imad Issa El-Khoury, Helene Ishak, Elie Farhat, Marlene Kmeid, Araxie Kmeid

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