Monday, June 30, 2008

UTM Member Places 7th in First Round of 2008 Middle Eastern Karting Race

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Georges Chahwan competes regionally in karting championships.

Competing against 25 other drivers, Georges Chahwan, assistant to the head of Unipak Tissue Mill power plant, raced to 7th place in the first round of the Middle East Karting Cup.

Organized by the
Royal Automobile Club of Jordan, this championship round took place in Tall Al Rumman, Jordan, 21-22 June 2008. Georges, the only Lebanese to participate in the championship, described,

“It is the first time I participate in a Middle Eastern championship. It was a very challenging experience. I met participants from different Arab nationalities.”

Georges Chahwan on the racing pitch

At 24 years old, Georges began karting when he was five. In 2005 and 2006, he placed in the Top 5 of the National German Karting Championship and Berlin Karting Championship.

Georges heads the Schahwan Motor Sport Racing Team, which plans to increase awareness of road safety among young Lebanese. The team, whose philosophy “Don’t Drink & Drive, Arrive Alive”, will coordinate with Lebanese rally drivers and social associations, such as
YASA, kunhadi and others, to organize conferences for schools and universities.

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  1. Very Nice article! We hope Georges will achieve his dreams in karting, and why not, a Formula One Championship... Michael Schumacher started as a karting driver, so nothing is impossible...


  2. We hope the best for Georges! He is a remarakable driver and we are sure he will be collecting Karting titles as he moves on. Michael Schumacher started as a Karting driver, so who knows, maybe we will see Georges in an F1 race...

    Congratulations Georges!


  3. Hey guys! i want to thank u for all the support. You always give me more motivation and a strong push. thanks a lot