Monday, August 25, 2008

Sanita UK to Exhibit at Clean Expo South 2008

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Meet Sanita UK at the UK's premier cleaning show in September.

Sanita UK will promote its Away-from-Home (AFH) disposables in Clean Expo South 2008 from 23-24 September 2008 at the Sandown Park Exhibition Centre in Esher, Surrey.

The company's AFH line includes:

Janitorial Supplies

Bin Liners
Facial Tissue
Hand Towels: Centre feed, interfold
Toilet Tissue: Interfold; mini jumbo rolls, regular jumbo rolls

Medical Disposables

Clinic Hygiene Rolls
Incontinence Nappies
Medical Underpads

Interested parties may request quotations and schedule meetings before the show.

For more information

Darine Fakieh, Marketing Specialist
Sanita UK Ltd.

Haliesfield 9, Unit 0
Telford, Shropshire
TF7 4QW, England

Tel:+44 (01952) 681910
Fax: +44 (01952) 586491

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GESPA Invites International Supplier Offers Online

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This simple web site sits at the top of Google search results for a range of relevant keywords.

General Supplying Agencies (GESPA sal) has recently put a new interim web site online. The simple one-page site invites international suppliers to send offers for specific products it sources.

A member of INDEVCO Group since 1955, GESPA moves over 100,000 MT of materials every year from suppliers in over 50 countries. The agency sources more than 30 types of raw materials and their relevant grades: containerboard, paperboard, polyethylene (polythene), plastics, pulp, sack kraft, cup stock, machinery, and other materials for converting corrugated packaging, paper and plastic flexible packaging, and tissue and disposable consumer products.

The interim site is a first step towards transforming procurement by leveraging technology and the Internet. Over the next year, GESPA will develop an extensive, interactive procurement portal. Says Kamal Comair, General Manager,

“Our web site will be a reflection of our continuous effort to satisfy customers, while creating partnership ties with our suppliers. This step marks the start of a new era in purchasing and logistics.”
The portal will faciliate business with both international suppliers and GESPA's customers.

GESPA's interim home page was designed and developed by INDEVCO Online Communications Unit.

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Sanita Combines Top-Selling Products in a Dream Box

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A first of its kind dual-function product: wet wipes with facial tissue!

Sanita sal, leading Lebanese manufacturer of consumer disposables, introduces Dreams Duo facial tissues with wet wipes to the Lebanese market. The cube carton box combines 76 premium-quality facial tissues from the top of box and 15 multi-purpose premium-quality wet wipes accessible from the side of the box.

Dreams Duo is ideal for home, office, car and outdoor use.

Dreams Duo was conceptualized by Sanita marketing department and designed by Mediapak, advertising and marketing agency member of INDEVCO Group.

For More Information

Alain Boustany
Product Specialist

Sanita sal
Halat Industrial Complex
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001
Fax: +961-477 476

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Hiba Darazi Named Regional Category Manager for Feminine Napkins

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As of 1 August 2008, Hiba Darazi has been appointed Regional Category Manager for Feminine Napkins at Sanita sal.

In her new assignment, Hiba will be responsible for setting objectives and strategies, ensuring product development, enhancing brand image while expanding existing and new local and regional markets for Sanita feminine napkin brands.

Hiba will be liaising with
INDEVCO Group Consumer Products Division affiliates to ensure the execution of these tasks. She will be supporting product managers action plans for the feminine napkin category, in coordination with the division marketing and general managers.

Hiba joined Sanita in 1989 as Marketing Specialist and, in 1997, she was appointed Product Specialist. Hiba's contribution to the growth of the feminine sanitary napkin line allowed her to get promoted to the position of Product Line Manager in 2001.

During these years, Hiba has been an example of a highly dedicated and enthusiastic team player at Sanita's marketing department. She has deployed all efforts to enhance the image of Sanita products, particularly feminine sanitary napkins, which have become international brands.

Please join us in wishing Hiba success in her new responsibilities!

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Bassam Khoueiry Appointed Sanita Marketing Manager for Lebanon

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As of 1 August 2008, Bassam Khoueiry has become Marketing Manager for the Lebanese Market at Sanita sal.

In his new assignment, Bassam will be in charge of setting and achieving strategic and tactical goals to maximize consumer satisfaction and ensure Sanita's product portfolio enlargement, while enhancing the company's corporate image.

In 1997, Bassam joined Sanita as Institutions Sales Representative. In 2000, he was promoted to National Accounts Senior Sales Representative. Two years later, Bassam joined the Marketing Department as a Product Specialist responsible for tissue and, in 2005, was promoted to Product Line Manager.

During these years, Bassam has shown great creativity in launching and growing different products and brands. He was chosen Sanita's 'Man of the Year' in 2004. Bassam has played a vital role in developing the marketing team by living and spreading Sanita's culture and values.

Join us in wishing Bassam success in his new position.

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Ziad Daccache Named Foreign Purchasing Head

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As of 1 August 2008, Ziad Daccache has been appointed Foreign Purchasing Head at Sanita sal.

Ziad joined Sanita in 1996 as Commercial Clerk. In 2002, he was promoted to Purchasing Coordinator. Ziad has shown full commitment in building strong relationships with Sanita's suppliers. His ability to manage raw material stock inventories in critical situations has allowed Sanita to become more competitive.

Join us in wishing Ziad all the success in his new responsibilities!

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Chebli Khoury Becomes Sanita's Local Purchasing Coordinator

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As of 1 August 2008, Chebli Khoury became Local Purchasing Coordinator at Sanita sal.

Chebli joined Sanita in 2005 as a Management Trainee, then assumed the position of Material Coordinator in the Logistics Department. In 2006, he became Commercial Officer in the Supply Chain / IT Department.

Chebli has shown great dedication, accuracy and deliverability in helping Sanita improve its supply chain efficiency.

Join us in wishing Chebli success in his new responsibilities!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Napco Introduces New Group Web Site

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Visitors get easy access to information about Napco Group's manufacturing plants.

One of the leading industrial groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Napco, has launched a redesigned web site at to provide information about its business divisions and affiliate manufacturing companies.

Napco's 12 plants operate across three divisions: disposable consumer products for both home and institutional (away-from-home), paper and plastic flexible packaging, and corrugated packaging, including containers and displays.

Visitors can browse by product, by company name, or by city location in Saudi Arabia to explore manufacturing plants' fact sheets, featuring corporate logos, product animations, full contact information, and product line listings.

Manufacturing plants within Napco Group include Napco Composite Packaging Technology Ltd. (COMPACT), Easternpak Ltd., Multipak Ltd., Napco Consumer Products Company, Napco Modern Plastic Products Company - Sack Division, Napco Modern Plastic Products Company - Technical Division, Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd., National Paper Company Ltd., National Paper Products Company Ltd., Recom, Uniplast, and United Plastic Products Company.

Napco Group is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

Napco Group web site was designed and developed by INDEVCO Online Communications Unit.

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