Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GESPA Invites International Supplier Offers Online

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This simple web site sits at the top of Google search results for a range of relevant keywords.

General Supplying Agencies (GESPA sal) has recently put a new interim web site online. The simple one-page site invites international suppliers to send offers for specific products it sources.

A member of INDEVCO Group since 1955, GESPA moves over 100,000 MT of materials every year from suppliers in over 50 countries. The agency sources more than 30 types of raw materials and their relevant grades: containerboard, paperboard, polyethylene (polythene), plastics, pulp, sack kraft, cup stock, machinery, and other materials for converting corrugated packaging, paper and plastic flexible packaging, and tissue and disposable consumer products.

The interim site is a first step towards transforming procurement by leveraging technology and the Internet. Over the next year, GESPA will develop an extensive, interactive procurement portal. Says Kamal Comair, General Manager,

“Our web site will be a reflection of our continuous effort to satisfy customers, while creating partnership ties with our suppliers. This step marks the start of a new era in purchasing and logistics.”
The portal will faciliate business with both international suppliers and GESPA's customers.

GESPA's interim home page was designed and developed by INDEVCO Online Communications Unit.

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