Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sanita UK Integrates Offline & Online Marketing Communications

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Sanita UK integrates direct e-mail campaigns, as well as off-line product and event promotions, to drive traffic to its new web site.

Telford-based consumer disposables manufacturer, Sanita UK Ltd., has unveiled a new web site for buyers of away-from-home (AFH) tissue, disposables, and branded consumer products.

Darine Fakieh, Marketing Specialist, spearheaded the project, "The new web site is modern and fresh. It reflects Sanita UK's image in meeting the high-quality hygiene standards expected from the best suppliers. It is a user-friendly site which allows customers to choose their requirements from a wide range of products and to request further information."

Interested parties may request quotations and samples for such AFH products as janitorial supplies, catering and foodservice disposables, and medical disposables, as well as consumer products, such as cling film, foil wrap, household toilet tissue and facial tissue, table napkins, personal care hygiene disposable nappies and sanitary napkins, and plastic bin liners and food bags.

Sanita UK web site was designed and developed by INDEVCO Online Communications Unit.

For more information

Darine Fakieh, Marketing Specialist
Sanita UK Ltd.
Haliesfield 9, Unit 0
Telford, Shropshire
TF7 4QW, England

Tel:+44 (01952) 681910
Fax: +44 (01952) 586491

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Digital Flexographic Printing Plates Offer Key Advantages

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Packaging converters get better print quality, more precise color gradation and a wider tonal range with Repro Center's digital plates.

Repro Center, pre-press division of Lebanon-based Unipak sal, has upgraded both equipment and software to produce improved digital flexographic printing plates, also known as clichés. Converters use these plates to produce high-quality, printed flexible and corrugated packaging.

Size & Print Quality

Digital printing plate size has increased from 42 x 60 inches (106.7 x 152.4 cm) to 50 x 80 inches (127 x 203 cm), enabling Repro Center to service larger printing machines, such as pre-print machines that reach 200 cm of repeats with one plate. Repro Center is the only house in Lebanon and the Middle East region that can supply plates of this size.

With Sambaflex screening, customers can achieve fine gradients fading to zero, sophisticated picture highlights with no dot limits and more contrast.

Higher Productivity

Repro Center has increased its capacity of imaging from 2.5 m2 / hour to reach 4.0 m2 / hour.

Reduced Film & Trim Waste

Repro Center produces less waste in digital plate production, as no film is used and the large raw material sheet size generates less trim waste.

Interested parties may request a quotation online for flexo digital printing plates.

For More Information

Unipak sal
Halat Industrial Complex
PO Box 11-6308
Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-478 900
Fax: +961-9-478 915

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tarek Tayah Named Consumer Products Division Project Manager

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As of 10 September 2008, Tarek Tayah has been appointed Project Manager at INDEVCO Group Consumer Products Division.

Tarek brings in extensive experience in plant and production management to the division, procurement, logistics, warehousing as well as machine erection.

In his new assignment, Tarek will visit the division's manufacturing plants within his span of responsibilities to help the group's culture cascade throughout the division. He will also supervise machine erection and expansion, establish new systems and procedures and transfer best practices in the manufacturing field.

Tarek's good spirit, performance and commitment will allow him to live up to the challenges of this new position. He will provide expertise and support to the division.

Join us in wishing Tarek continuous success in his new function!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Freshdays® 2 in 1 Panty Liner Fits Modern Lifestyles

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Sanita's latest panty liner, Freshdays 2 in 1, is designed for both string and normal panties.

Leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, Sanita sal, introduces its newest panty liner, Freshdays® 2 in 1, along with a new product logo.

Freshdays® unique shape, along with natural cotton-feel cover, fits women's need for maximum freshness and comfortable protection.

The Freshdays line of sanitary pantyliners, with its new logo, packaging, and product naming, includes:
  • Freshdays Normal
  • Freshdays Normal Scented
  • Freshdays Normal Economy
  • Freshdays Long
  • Freshdays String
  • Freshdays Singles
  • Freshdays 2 in 1

Freshdays® brand logo and packaging were conceptualized by Sanita Marketing Department and designed by Mediapak advertising and marketing agency, member of INDEVCO Group.

For More Information

Hiba Darazi, Brand Manager
Sanita sal
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001 Ext. 412
Fax: +961-9-477 476

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Fadi Seif Appointed Regional Manager for Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division

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As of 1 September 2008, Fadi Seif has become Regional Manager in charge of sales for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Yemen for Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division.

Fadi joined INDEVCO Group in 1989 as Sales Representative for Sanita in Lebanon and became Sales Supervisor in 1992. In 1994, he was transferred to Napco Flexible Packaging Division as Field Sales Manager for Napco Modern Plastics Products Company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, responsible for the Eastern Province and Riyadh until 1998.

In 1999, Fadi was appointed Sales Manager of National Paper Products Company, also in Dammam. Given his sales experience in the Arabian Gulf countries, he joined the Group Regional Management Unit (GRMU) in 2005 as Regional Sales Manager.

Fadi's perseverance and dedication is an example of an INDEVCO Group member, along with his practical sales skills that allowed him to make great achievements to the Flexible Packaging Division.

Join us in wishing Fadi all the success in his new responsibilities!

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Shukri Karam Appointed Regional Manager for Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division

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As of 1 September 2008, Shukri Karam has become Regional Manager for Napco Group Flexible Packaging Division. He is responsible for division sales in Central Asia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran) and South Asia (Indian Sub-Continent).
In 1996, Shukri joined INDEVCO Group in Lebanon as Regional Sales Representative for Levant countries. He then held the position of Flexible Packaging Division Export Manager for Napco Group in Kuwail until 1999, when he took over sales responsibilities for Napco Composite Packaging Technology (COMPACT) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

In 2001, Shukri became a member of the Group Regional Management Unit (GRMU) to expand Flexible Packaging Division sales in Iran. In 2005, as a result of enormous achievements, he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager.

Shukri's keenness and devotion marked his advance in Napco Flexible Packaging regional sales, where he was able to attain unique achievements in unfamiliar and hardship areas.

Please join us in wishing Shukri success in his new challenging position, which is vital for the continuation of our growth and leadership!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phoenix Machinery Opens New Service Division

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Phoenix Machinery offers training, technical services and product representation to its customers.

Phoenix Machinery, Lebanon-based machinery and CNC parts manufacturer, has established a new Service Division in August 2008. Customers will get high quality training, technical services and product representation from international suppliers.

Johny Frem, Technical Supervisor for all bearing applications at SKF Group for 10 years, will spearhead Phoenix Service Division.

Phoenix Machinery Training Services

Customers can now request training courses, which are given in coordination with INDEVCO Group Training Department:

Balance seals

Field balancing
Laser alignment

Motor current analysis
Pneumatic systems
Power transmission products
Siemens PLC

S7-300 S7-400
Thermal imaging
Vibration analysis

Technical Services

Phoenix offers technical services to its customers for the following:

Laser alignment for:
Balance belts
Balance shafts

Cardan shafts

Field balancing to correct both static & couple imbalance

Condition Monitoring
Proactive maintenance contracts tailored to suit your plant needs & Return on Investment (ROI) calculations provided for each service

Special Intervention

Yankee Dryer Grinding

Product Representation

Phoenix provides engineering solution products from the following international suppliers in the MENA region

Airmat Technologie
Web handling & winding specialists

E+L (Erhardt+Leimer) Ltd.
Web-guiding, tension control, print inspection & surface inspection systems

FIT International Inc.
One of the leading manufacturers in automated inker technologies

Webex Inc.
One of the leading manufacturers of precision rollers for the web converting industry

Customers benefit from Phoenix team’s know-how, the experience of Johny Frem and the availability of sophisticated equipment and tools to receive personalized and satisfactory service.

For More Information

Johny Frem, Service Division Head
Phoenix Machinery sal
Safra, Kesrwan, Lebanon
PO Box 11-2354
Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-855 690
Fax: +961-9-855 696

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