Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brand Campaign - New Gipsy Tissue Products National Campaign

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For the 6th consecutive year, Sanita, leading manufacturer of consumer disposables in Lebanon and the Middle East, launches Gipsy brand national campaign entitled "مع جيبسي بالألوان ربحان كيف ما كان" or "You are always a winner with Gipsy Colors" from October 2008 till January 2009.

Customers and Sanita employees wait for this winning fiesta every year. This year’s concept highlights Gipsy’s colors (red, blue, yellow and green) by inserting colored coupons in all Gipsy tissue products. The consumer has to collect the coupons in different combinations to maximize his profit:

By collecting 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 green coupons, the consumer wins a packet of Gipsy Style 4 x 120 sheets

By collecting 3 red coupons, the consumer wins a packet of Sanita Fire Ice 25 sq. ft

By collecting 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 green coupons, the consumer wins two packets of Gipsy Luncheon napkins 50 sheets

By collecting 2 blue and 2 yellow coupons, the consumer wins one packet of Gipsy wet wipes

Posters and danglers support this promotion at point-of-sale outlets, accompanied with a radio campaign transmitted on all major stations.

Posters supporting the campaign

Danglers for the promotion

For More Information
Alain Boustany
Product Specialist
Sanita sal
Halat Industrial Complex
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001
Fax: +961-477 476
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Napco Group Grants "Man of the Year" Award

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Napco Group honors a family member at the annual gathering tradition.

During its annual gathering, Napco Group, a leading Middle Eastern group of manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia, honored Mr. Abd El Rahman Mohammed Ibrahim Al Jindan by granting him "The Man of the Year Award" in recognition of his fruitful efforts throughout his years of service at Napco.

In 1997, Mr. Al Jindan joined the group as Director of Public and Governmental Relations in Dammam Head Office. Mr. Al Jindan established strong relations with governmental and private bodies and represented the group in local and regional congregations. Mr. Al Jindan's faith and perseverance allowed him to gain the trust of employees within the group and institutional bodies he had worked with.

(L-R): Mounir Frem awarding Abd El Rahman Al Mohammed Ibrahim Al Jindan as Man of the Year

In 2007, he was afflicted with a sudden sickness for which he is still being treated.

Mr. Jamal Al Moaibed, Partner in Napco Group, gave a speech in honor of Mr. Abd El Rahman Al Mohammed Ibrahim Al Jindan also known as Abu Hani,

Thank you, Abu Hani!

We appreciate your unlimited efforts and sincerity in your job.

Today, we share your sufferings and we shall always remember your faith, kind sprit, charming and charismatic smile.

We pray to Almighty God for your recovery.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sanita Introduces New Gipsy Style Facial Tissue

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Sanita introduces new Gipsy Style facial tissue to the Lebanese market.

In October 2008, Sanita launched a new Gipsy facial tissue product, Gipsy Style, a new collection of 4 stylish designs which reflect Gipsy brand spirit.

The new Gipsy Style features the same softness of Gipsy brand tissue products. Each unit contains 4 packets wrapping 120 sheets each.

Customers can use this new product at home, office and car.

Sanita Gipsy® packaging were conceptualized by Sanita Marketing Department and designed by Mediapak advertising and marketing agency, member of

For More Information
Alain Boustany
Product Specialist
Sanita sal
Halat Industrial Complex
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001
Fax: +961-477 476

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Brand Campaign - Freshdays Pantyliners "Khalliki Fresh ma3 Freshdays"

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Television and radio ads featuring Freshdays panyliners are transmitted on major Middle East TV channels and radio stations.

As part of its launching advertising campaign for the new packaging design of Freshdays®, a top-selling feminine hygiene pantyliners in the Middle East, Sanita, leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, is running a radio and TV campaign entitled "Khalliki Fresh ma3 Freshdays" or "Stay Fresh with Freshdays".

The objective of this campaign is to create awareness for the new packaging, logo and product naming and enhance brand recall for this product.

The Freshdays line of sanitary pantyliners, with its new logo, packaging and product naming

The advertising campaign is currently running on the main TV channels and radio stations as follows:

TV Advertising

Launching Date
15 October - 12 November 2008

Spot Duration
22 seconds

TV Stations


Radio Advertising

Launching Date
17 October - 6 November 2008

Spot Duration
22 seconds (accompanied with the same jingle as the TV commercial)

Radio Stations

Radio One
Sawt El Ghad
Rotana Delta

Watch the Freshdays® "Khalliki Fresh ma3 Freshdays" TV commercial

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Interstate Reading Provides Sustainable Solutions

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Source: September 8, 2008 Board Converting News, Vol.24 No.36, by Jim Curley

Jeff Coleman practices boxmanship. Oh sure, there more than a bit of the salesman in him, but what really excites Coleman, the General Manager of Interstate Container Reading, is matching his company’s offerings up with customer needs. That’s boxmanship.

Coleman provided two examples. For a major CPG customer with a wide variety of products, Interstate broke down its box orders into three types: large scale, the item the boxmaker runs a lot of; kanban items, inventories at both plants managed by Interstate; and true specials, items for which Interstate runs small exact quantities. By setting up this tiered system to improve its yield, reduce obsolescent packaging, shrinkage and carrying costs,” we saved our customer almost $120,000 annually on a $1.5 million purchase,” Coleman says. He gives credit for this strategy to Ken Rohleder of The Rohleder Group, which gives advice and training for companies with large, complex packaging spends.

“It may seem counterintuitive that a per unit cost of 5,000 boxes may be less than 25,000 boxes, but it may be more cost effective in a managed system,” Coleman says. When you factor in the fully burdened cost of the packaging (including the cost of obsolescence, shrinkage and “reverse distribution,” many times the smaller quantity, even at a higher purchase price, is lower cost, he explains.

Another customer makes a small sporting goods item that he packages using a homemade partition assembler. By having the customer move from heavyweight C-flute partition pads to lightweight A flute, Interstate was able to impact the bottom line “We told him it will stack as well and will save him money because less fiber will be used,” Coleman remembers. “Six months later. We found out that the assembler he uses had a kicker feed that worked more efficiently with our A-flute alternative. Not only did he save money on the purchase price, but he improved his yield off the assembler by five percent.”

These, Coleman contends, are also sustainability success stories. Rather than looking at sustainability as yet another retailer demand, he sees it as an opportunity for an innovative boxmaker. The glass is more than half full.

“If you can match the package to the product, you can help customers reduce fiber, improve their package to product weight ratio, improve their score in a scorecard like Wal-Mart’s, and save them money,” he noted. “That’s why sustainability has legs. It can improve the financial position of the CPGs we sell to and ‘de-commoditize’ what we do and how we do it.”

A ‘Calling Card’

Innovation requires not only initiative and boxmanship, but also machinery that will enable the converter to stretch its innovative horizons. In late 2007, Interstate Reading installed a Pacific 3.0 folder gluer with a Polyjoiner module. The Polyjoiner is made up of a feeder and an assembling section and enables the simultaneous feeding of up to three blanks. The module offers a number of unique design opportunities.

Less than a year after the machine’s installation, Coleman calls the Pacific “our calling card.” He explains, “We send out videos of what the machine creates as a introduction to our plant’s capabilities.” The response from existing and potential customers? “We have some major customers who seem eager to fill up the new machine and only ask us, ‘What is your daily capacity?’ ”

Coleman is certain that he’ll soon need additional machine power for this display business. “I’m convinced that we’ll need a second specialty gluer with multi-channel feeding by early next year,” he says. (The plant has two J&L specialty folder gluers, but each has single feeds.)

What he tells present and potential customers about the Pacific with the Polyjoiner module is simple and direct: “This will help you get your product to market cheaper, faster, and it’ll look better when it gets there.”

The Pacific will be an integral part of a new production line planned for Interstate Reading. The printer in this line will be a four-color Hycorr flexo folder-gluer that Interstate will soon ship from its Cambridge, Maryland plant and operate at Reading solely as a printing machine. Printed blanks will move from the Hycorr to a new Bobst Mastercut platen die cutter, which will be operational at Reading in the last quarter of 2008.

“I saw the large-format Mastercut in operation in Europe, and I was amazed at what I learned,” Coleman says. “In North America, rotary die cutters are considered the machine of choice for high production die cutting, but with the proper blank sizes, the Mastercut will outproduce any rotary die cutter in the industry.

“In Europe, I discovered that you can run small- to mid-size blanks multiple-up and die cut about 125,000 square feet an hour,” Coleman says. “A rotary die cutter would be hard pressed to do 40,000 square feet an hour for blanks of that size.”

The Mastercut 2.1 platen die cutter, which can cut sheet sizes as large as 82 inches by 51 inches, can handle larger formats sheets and higher speeds with high quality registration than other Bobst platens, it was reported. Interstate will enhance its productivity off the die cutter with Bobst add-ons, such as a Dynaload automatic loader, a Dynabreak blank separator and an automatic Palletizer.

C + A =

In a self-deprecating way, Coleman, a veteran of several decades of selling corrugated, says, “You know, a lot of box salesman might have been C students, but they got A+ in street smarts. It is the street smarts and boxmanship that make the difference.”

After touring the Reading plant, Coleman takes me to Interstate’s design lab. “Here are the real A students,” he says.

The creativity of Interstate’s four-man design team, enhanced by the design possibilities offered by the Polyjoiner, have resulted already in the development of dozens of new display designs. The key is the quick, simple set-ups, Coleman says.

“Consumer product companies have spent millions of dollars in point-of-purchase displays, and 50 percent of them never get set up in the store,” he adds. Why? Often the set-up is too complicated, particularly for a workforce that is pressed for time and often transient, Coleman says.

“The assembly needs to be simple and fast,” explains Josh Kalwat, Lead Graphic and Structural Designer at the plant. As if to prove his point, Kalwat and his team time his set-up on a variety of power wings, “weekenders,” PDQs, and box-in-boxes, all developed after less than a year with the Polyjoiner. All take five seconds or less to pop into place.

“Design discoveries don’t come daily, but they do come often,” Kalwat says of his group’s offerings. “We’re getting a better understanding of how the Polyjoiner works. The gluing makes it all possible.”

As the design team increases its knowledge of the folder gluer’s capabilities, it’s gaining recognition as the “go-to” source for design possibilities by both Interstate’s sales staff and the plant’s customers. “Sometimes customers aren’t sure what design will get them what they need. It’s great to hear them turn to us and say, ‘Take it and run with it,’ ” Kalwat adds.

Take the Interstate team’s box in box design. For one manufacturer, Interstate was able to provide a display that could be packed right at the end of the customer’s production line, instead of off-line. As a result, Coleman says, the customer was able to eliminate one worker on each of its three shifts.

Thanks to the Polyjoiner, another customer was able to discontinue its use of a middleman to pack out its displays. “This led to a big cost savings,” Coleman says.

“And it also had implications for the product’s sustainability scorecard,” he quickly adds. “By eliminating the middleman, our customer was able to reduce the product’s carbon footprint.”

Sustainability of products, packaging, and manufacturing processes has gained enormous exposure in recent years. Interest in the issue on the part of retailers and their vendors is not likely to wane any time soon, Coleman believes. Interstate Reading is ready to help. “Sustainability isn’t a fad. it makes too much sense,” Coleman says.

Off The Fossil Fuel ‘Treadmill’

The box plant is only part of a remarkably closed loop recycling system that enhances the sustainability of Interstate Reading’s manufacturing process. The plant gets most of its medium from Interstate Resources Inc.’s United Corrstack mill only a mile away.

By year’s end, the loop will be tightened even more when the 435 tons-per-day mill starts up its cogeneration facility, which will produce steam and electricity from wood construction debris, old railroad ties and telephone poles, and other wood debris to power not only the mill and the box plant, but also to the area electric grid of PJM. As much as half of the 25 megawatts of elecricity the new plant will generate will go back into the regional grid.

“When this project is completed, we won’t be on the fossil fuel treadmill any longer,” said United Corrstak’s General Manager Dave Stauffer. He added that the boiler, which produces 300,000 lbs. of steam an hour, will be able to power a second containerboard machine on the site, a project which is on the initial stage of consideration by Interstate Resources. A second machine would force United Corrstak to dip into the regional electrical grid once again, but also still provide a competitive advantage through very low cost steam.

United Corrstak’s $115 million power house construction project was started in June of 2007, will be completed at the end of this year, and fully operational in the first quarter of 2009. A circulating fluidized bed boiler from Austrian Energy and Environmental and a Siemens steam turbine-generator will replace the package boiler that currently powers United Corrstack’s 15-year-old machine.

The mill uses about 92% OCC for its furnish, with the remainder mixed paper. It collects the 500 tons of OCC it uses daily from brokers, manufacturers and municipal recycling programs, as well as DLK from brokers and its own box plants. When they deliver finished boxes or displays to area customers, Interstate Reading’s trucks backhaul OCC to the mill.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IPP Logipal Adds Value to Sanita UK Supply Chain

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Article Source: Warehouse & Logistics News

Leading one-way trip pallet rental specialist, IPP Logipal has secured a new contract win with Sanita UK, manufacturers of personal care disposables, tissue and plastic household consumables, and flexible packaging materials. Part of the Lebanese INDEVCO Group, which has over 50 companies worldwide, Sanita UK was established in 2005. Based in Telford, Shropshire, its products are manufactured for distribution in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

With a number of recent contract wins in the beauty and healthcare industry, including Rockline Industries and Beiersdorf, IPP Logipal is gaining an impressive reputation in the sector with a strong portfolio of clients.

To combat inefficiencies within its previous pallet supply arrangements, Sanita enlisted the expertise of IPP Logipal and switched to its simple one-way pallet delivery system.

IPP Logipal’s nationwide operation handles 100% of the company’s product volume, which is collected from Sanita’s distribution centre and delivered to retailers and wholesalers across the UK.

Once utilised, pallet collections are arranged by IPP Logipal, with inspections carried out matched to KPI (key performance indicator) criteria, ensuring customers receive consistently high-quality pallets.

Supply chain manager at Sanita UK, Johnny Hobeika, comments: “IPP Logipal’s solution adds value to our supply chain. By making the entire process easier to manage, our service to our customers is much more efficient.

“We regard IPP Logipal as our pallet supply partner and as our business continues to grow so will our relationship with them.”

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unipak Nile Installs Bobst MASTERCUT 2.1 Die Cutter

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Full-line die-cutter offers greater accuracy and better quality, in addition to faster setups and changeovers.

Corrugated manufacturer, Unipak Nile Ltd., located in 6th of October City, Egypt, recently installed the Bobst MASTERCUT2.1, a revolutionary machine and the first die-cutter of its kind in the Middle East. This investment comes within the scope of a continuous improvement plan of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of which Unipak Nile is a member.

The Bobst MASTERCUT 2.1 is an automatic flat bed die cutter machine connected in the front with the DYNALOAD automatic loader and a gBREAK separator after delivery.

Bobst MASTERCUT2.1 Automatic Flat-Bed Die-Cutter

This full-line machine is equipped with a power register device on the feeder. The machine also has cutting, stripping and delivery sections.

Machine Weight
52,000 kg

Machine Dimensions
Length: 8.9 m
Width: 3.3 m
Height: 2.92 m

Sheet Size
Maximum: 2,100 x 1,300 mm
Minimum: 700 x 520 mm

Cutting Force

4.5 MN Production

Maximum 7,000 sheets / hour

Back row (L-R): Jean Claude Barakat, Boulos El Khoury, Antoine Douaiher, Tony Frem, Wadih Daccache, Tony Habib, Marwan Diab and Yves Burgin
Front row (L-R): Souhad Bou Chabki and Samir Daccache

Unipak Nile manufactures corrugated cartons, boxes, displays and other paper-based packaging for the European, Middle Eastern, and African agricultural, fast food, industrial and promotional industries.

For More Information

Unipak Nile Ltd.
Industrial Zone 5, Street 2, Plot 49
P.O. Box: 46 - Giza
6th of October City, Egypt

Tel: + 20-2-3816 4041 / 2 / 3 / 4
Fax: + 20-2-3816 4049

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Monday, October 13, 2008

On Its Own Power: United Corrstack Constructing Power Plant

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Article Source: By Tony Lucia, Reading Eagle, Pennsylvania

With energy costs on the upswing, it's no wonder that people are starting to look seriously at ways of providing at least some of their own energy.

That's true of businesses as well. At United Corrstack, with its plant and headquarters at 720 Laurel St., the issue was conveyed starkly by David F. Stauffer, vice president and general manager.

"We would go out of business without an energy solution," Stauffer said. Stauffer said the firm's costs for energy -- natural gas, oil and electricity -- have risen 250 percent since 2000.

Corrstack's solution? A power plant, taking shape on an adjacent tract, which Corrstack purchased from Cambridge-Lee Industries, to the south of its existing property.

Still under construction but set to begin operating early next year, the plant consists of what is called a fluidized bed boiler, which will burn only biomass -- organic materials, such as wood and agricultural waste -- and a steam turbine.

The steam will be used in Corrstack's production -- it is used to dry the product, in a process Stauffer compared to the way steam is used in a steam iron -- as well as to power the turbine and generate electricity.

The firm makes what is known as recycled corrugating medium, which is the paper that other firms corrugate and glue between two kraft liners to form brown paperboard boxes. The word immense hardly does justice to the scale of Corrstack's 192-foot-high project, which Stauffer said will be one of the tallest buildings in the city.

On the east side, which remains open so that supplies can be brought in by crane, workers appear minuscule on the 19 floors of the building as they labor to bring it to completion. The plant's stack towers above it at 220 feet.

Corrstack's owner, Interstate Resources of Arlington, Va., which is a division of the Lebanese conglomerate INDEVCO, created a separate entity, Evergreen Community Power, under which name the power plant will operate, Stauffer said.

Stauffer said the $115 million project is the most costly Interstate Resources has undertaken. In addition to positioning Corrstack as energy independent, Evergreen has other positives. Stauffer said it will create 25 jobs to add to the 75 at Corrstack. Also, it will produce more energy than Corrstack can use: about 25 megawatts total.

"We will be a net exporter of electricity," he said.

Because of differences in cost between wholesale and retail prices of electricity, the plan is to sell all of 25 megawatts into the grid, and then buy back the 9 megawatts it will take to operate the plant, Stauffer said.

The plant also will provide enough power to operate another plant which may be constructed on the Evergreen tract.

Called Cedarpak, it would produce kraft paper, which then could be combined with the corrugating medium by customers such as Interstate Container, a sister firm located not far away at Grace and Meade streets, to form boxes and containers. Stauffer said Interstate Container would be a large customer, but not the largest, for the products.

No final decision has been made on whether Cedarpak will be built, he said.

Corrstack and its parent had been exploring energy options for several years, and arrived at the biomass boiler after studying the success of that technology at a Georgia plant owned by Interstate Resources.

"The boiler is thermal- and emissions-efficient," Stauffer said. "For every ton of biomass, we're getting the most out of it thermally and with the lowest amount of emissions and the least amount of particulates."

The issue of whether it could fi nd suffi cient fuel was solved when it found Processing and Recycling Inc., a Maidencreek Township division of W.D. Zwicky & Son Inc., North Heidelberg Township. The firm had the capability to supply the approximate 900 tons of biomass that will be required daily. About 60 trucks a day, operating between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., will deliver the fuel to Evergreen.

Corrstack did community outreach on Evergreen, making certain that neighborhood residents were kept in the loop, and worked closely with the city. It also worked with the state Department of Environmental Protection to ensure that it would produce the lowest amount of allowable emissions.

Stauffer said the expansion plans demonstrate Corrstack's commitment to Reading. "They know we're here," he said. "We're not going to build this and leave."

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Gilbert Hobeika Appointed Unipak Nile Operations Manager

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As of 15 September 2008, Gilbert Hobeika has become Unipak Nile Operations Manager. In his new position, Gilbert will be in charge of all the plant activities (production, material handling and maintenance) as well as the Customer Service Department.

Gilbert began his career at Averda Group in 1996 where he handled several positions from Project Manager to Director of Operations in Sukleen, Servicorp and Leeds International.

In March 2005, Gilbert joined INDEVCO Group as a Unipak Plant Manager. He mastered the knowledge and technicalities of the corrugated packaging industry.

He has successfully built a team of highly dedicated people who brought Unipak to a higher level of performance and efficiency. He also succeeded in developing and implementing new processes to further strengthen the plant management platform, using modern management techniques combined with an advanced analytical approach and high sense of leadership.

Gilbert is known for his gentle and firm way of handling issues as well as his good spirit in line with INDEVCO values and principles. His hard work, successful achievements as well as his ambition and ability to handle more responsibilities allowed him to advance within the organization.

Please join us in wishing Gilbert all the success in his new responsibilities!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photoblog - Sanita Exhibited at the Mother & Baby Show 2008

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Sanita met with mothers and kids at the Mother & Baby Show 2008.

Leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, Sanita sal, participated in the Mother & Baby Show 2008, an exhibition showcasing mother and baby products at Beirut International Exhibitions & Leisure Center (BIEL) from 2-5 October.

Sanita promoted Happies® baby nappies and Dreams Kids® facial tissues.

Sanita's team, in collaboration with Funky Town animation team, organized several activities to entertain mothers and their babies, such as Happies® baby nappies change competition, tree planting, as well as other interactive games for kids.

The Happies baby nappies change competition

Sanita team member explaining to one of the mothers about Dreams Kids® facial tissues

Sanita and Funky Town animation

The tree planting activity

Mothers mingling with Sanita team member

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Monday, October 6, 2008

INDEVCO Member Designs First Formula 1 Style Car in Lebanon

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The Frem F1 super car will go on display next year at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Between studying at the American University of Science and Technology and working as an architect at Phoenix Machinery, David Frem made one dream come true. He designed the Arab region's first Formula 1 type car, the Frem F1.

25 year-old David studied the project for three years, then supervised a team of engineers from Phoenix Machinery to execute his design. INDEVCO Group financed the project. Frem explains, "We had just one dream; to design a car with one identity - Lebanon."

The Frem F1 paving the path

Frem F1 Features & Capabilities

The Frem F1 has a 16v, 2.00 cc powerful VW engine and an independent suspension. It features strong xenon lights, camera for eased reverse parking, a convenient navigation system and a glass roof to offer panoramic view of the sky. The car is 10 cm high from the ground for better stability and traction. Its aluminum steering is designed and made by David. The interior is accessorised with Bose audio system and Audi gear box.

David with the Frem F1

(L-R): Mohammad Bannout, host Marcel Ghanem and David Frem in a special episode of Kalam El Nas entitled "Sawa3ed Men Lubnan", an LBCI talk show, on 31 August 2008

Michelin Challenge Design & North American International Auto Show

On 1 August 2008, David received an e-mail confirming his participation in Michelin Challenge Design. In January 2009, the Frem prototype will be exhibited at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. David looks forward to participating in the motor show in Detroit.

The Frem prototype

Coming Next: The Frem F2

David is planning to develop the next car: the Frem F2. He explains excitedly “I am preparing to begin the process of execution. Its design is amazing. I am also looking to establish a factory that will manufacture limited editions of hi-tech and exotic sports car like the Pagani Zonda."

Congratulations to David, Phoenix Machinery, INDEVCO Group and Lebanon!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brand Campaign - Sanita Aluminium Foil

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Now showing on Lebanese television: the latest promotion for Sanita Aluminium Foil.

The latest TV commercial for Sanita® aluminum foil, currently running on Lebanese television, promotes one free pack of Sanita sandwich wrap with the purchase of one Sanita Classic aluminium foil and one Sanita Fire Ice aluminium foil.

The 37-second commercial can be viewed on the following satellite television stations:

New TV
Future TV

The campaign runs from 22 September through 19 October 2008.

Watch the "Sanita® aluminium foil" TV commercial

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Sanita Extends Gipsy Brand with Paper Table Napkins

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Sanita Gipsy paper table napkins are now available in the Lebanese market.

Given the popularity of its household tissue brand, Gipsy, Lebanon-based Sanita sal has introduced Sanita Gipsy paper table napkins in mid September 2008.

The table napkin product line joins facial tissue, toilet tissue, pocket tissue, household paper towel products and wet wipes.

Gipsy white table napkins come in Classic 50, Luncheon Jumbo 150 and Giant 250 and feature extra absorbency and a unique design.

Sanita Gipsy® packaging were conceptualized by Sanita Marketing Department and designed by Mediapak advertising and marketing agency, member of INDEVCO Group.

For More Information
Georges Khoury, Product Specialist
Sanita sal
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001
Fax: +961-9-477 476

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Photoblog - Napco Companies' Members Share Annual Iftar

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Napco Group family members gather for the yearly Iftar tradition.

As part of the more than a half-a-century of tradition in the Holy month of Ramadan, Napco Group organized an Iftar gathering on the 10th of September at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Iftar gathered members from the Administration, Sales & Marketing, Production, Safety & Security, Maintenance as well as other departments from the Napco Group Head Office,
Napco Modern Plastics Products, Napco Composite Packaging Technology COMPACT, National Paper Products Company, Napco Consumer Products Company, Easternpak, the Regional Unit & Matco Group.

The celebration began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Mr. Jamal Al-Moaibed, Partner in Napco Group, gave then a speech to the invitees,

"Quality and productivity are a common responsibility for all of us. It is a culture and a genuine belief system we all adhere to. We have to compete quality wise with suppliers in Europe, Africa and the GCC countries... On the other hand, globalization is allowing us to sell to multinational companies requiring top quality products. We are implementing Quality Assurance Systems that will generate sustainable growth Inchallah as long as your strong commitment, team spirit and mutual respect, which we deeply value, are unshakable. Congratulations and God bless you".

Afterwards, Jamal Al-Moaibed and Mounir Frem granted awards for long-term service employee and Man of the year.

Jamal Al-Moaibed giving a speech

Napco seniority awards

(L-R): Mounir Frem awarding Abd El Rahman Al Jindan, who is recovering from sickness, as Man of the Year

(L-R): Abd El Rahman Al Jindan, Khalil Khadij, Jamal Al-Moaibed, Hanna Saad and Issam Chaaya

(L-R): Al-Moaibed family members and Mounir Frem awarding Jean Radi

(L-R): Bader Al-Mutlaq and Jamal Al-Moaibed with Fayssal Frem

(L-R): Rafic Moussalli, Hanna Saad, Fadi Seif, Sami Kazan and Khalil Khadij

(L-R): Gaby Kaddissi and Maher Dabbous mingling

The Iftar dinner reception

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Unipak's Corporate Identity Respects the Past While Changing to the Better

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Unipak unveils a redesigned logo which reflects the company's culture of "Change to the Better".

Unipak sal, corrugated manufacturing plant based in Halat, Lebanon, announces a new corporate identity update, which preserves the company's uniqueness, while synchronizing with the identities of Middle Eastern sister companies producing corrugated packaging within INDEVCO Group.

“The initiative to embrace a corporate identity, especially a new logo inspired from the 1967 original," says Fayssal Frem, General Manager, "provides a new momentum to gain speed and leadership in what we do. We felt that adopting a well communicated corporate identity will further strengthen our commitment to change.”

The division's Center of Technical Excellence spearheaded the project. After consultation with key administration and personnel, the carton in the original logo was transformed into a modern corrugated box image and the traditional horseshoe into a strikingly modern visual. The corporate identity update complements the recent makeover of the company premises.

Unipak's logo was designed by Mediapak advertising & marketing agency, member of INDEVCO Group.

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