Monday, October 27, 2008

Brand Campaign - Freshdays Pantyliners "Khalliki Fresh ma3 Freshdays"

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Television and radio ads featuring Freshdays panyliners are transmitted on major Middle East TV channels and radio stations.

As part of its launching advertising campaign for the new packaging design of Freshdays®, a top-selling feminine hygiene pantyliners in the Middle East, Sanita, leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, is running a radio and TV campaign entitled "Khalliki Fresh ma3 Freshdays" or "Stay Fresh with Freshdays".

The objective of this campaign is to create awareness for the new packaging, logo and product naming and enhance brand recall for this product.

The Freshdays line of sanitary pantyliners, with its new logo, packaging and product naming

The advertising campaign is currently running on the main TV channels and radio stations as follows:

TV Advertising

Launching Date
15 October - 12 November 2008

Spot Duration
22 seconds

TV Stations


Radio Advertising

Launching Date
17 October - 6 November 2008

Spot Duration
22 seconds (accompanied with the same jingle as the TV commercial)

Radio Stations

Radio One
Sawt El Ghad
Rotana Delta

Watch the Freshdays® "Khalliki Fresh ma3 Freshdays" TV commercial

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