Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Napco Group Grants "Man of the Year" Award

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Napco Group honors a family member at the annual gathering tradition.

During its annual gathering, Napco Group, a leading Middle Eastern group of manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia, honored Mr. Abd El Rahman Mohammed Ibrahim Al Jindan by granting him "The Man of the Year Award" in recognition of his fruitful efforts throughout his years of service at Napco.

In 1997, Mr. Al Jindan joined the group as Director of Public and Governmental Relations in Dammam Head Office. Mr. Al Jindan established strong relations with governmental and private bodies and represented the group in local and regional congregations. Mr. Al Jindan's faith and perseverance allowed him to gain the trust of employees within the group and institutional bodies he had worked with.

(L-R): Mounir Frem awarding Abd El Rahman Al Mohammed Ibrahim Al Jindan as Man of the Year

In 2007, he was afflicted with a sudden sickness for which he is still being treated.

Mr. Jamal Al Moaibed, Partner in Napco Group, gave a speech in honor of Mr. Abd El Rahman Al Mohammed Ibrahim Al Jindan also known as Abu Hani,

Thank you, Abu Hani!

We appreciate your unlimited efforts and sincerity in your job.

Today, we share your sufferings and we shall always remember your faith, kind sprit, charming and charismatic smile.

We pray to Almighty God for your recovery.

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