Thursday, October 2, 2008

Photoblog - Napco Companies' Members Share Annual Iftar

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Napco Group family members gather for the yearly Iftar tradition.

As part of the more than a half-a-century of tradition in the Holy month of Ramadan, Napco Group organized an Iftar gathering on the 10th of September at the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Iftar gathered members from the Administration, Sales & Marketing, Production, Safety & Security, Maintenance as well as other departments from the Napco Group Head Office,
Napco Modern Plastics Products, Napco Composite Packaging Technology COMPACT, National Paper Products Company, Napco Consumer Products Company, Easternpak, the Regional Unit & Matco Group.

The celebration began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Mr. Jamal Al-Moaibed, Partner in Napco Group, gave then a speech to the invitees,

"Quality and productivity are a common responsibility for all of us. It is a culture and a genuine belief system we all adhere to. We have to compete quality wise with suppliers in Europe, Africa and the GCC countries... On the other hand, globalization is allowing us to sell to multinational companies requiring top quality products. We are implementing Quality Assurance Systems that will generate sustainable growth Inchallah as long as your strong commitment, team spirit and mutual respect, which we deeply value, are unshakable. Congratulations and God bless you".

Afterwards, Jamal Al-Moaibed and Mounir Frem granted awards for long-term service employee and Man of the year.

Jamal Al-Moaibed giving a speech

Napco seniority awards

(L-R): Mounir Frem awarding Abd El Rahman Al Jindan, who is recovering from sickness, as Man of the Year

(L-R): Abd El Rahman Al Jindan, Khalil Khadij, Jamal Al-Moaibed, Hanna Saad and Issam Chaaya

(L-R): Al-Moaibed family members and Mounir Frem awarding Jean Radi

(L-R): Bader Al-Mutlaq and Jamal Al-Moaibed with Fayssal Frem

(L-R): Rafic Moussalli, Hanna Saad, Fadi Seif, Sami Kazan and Khalil Khadij

(L-R): Gaby Kaddissi and Maher Dabbous mingling

The Iftar dinner reception

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