Friday, November 28, 2008

Interstate Container Fitchburg Moves to Become Interstate Container Westminster

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From Fitchburg to Westminster – 110 days to go...

Source: 2008, by Richard A. (Dick) Monteiro, Director - INDEVCO Paper Containers Division

As an integral part of restructuring the theme of the northeast Interstate Container plants (members of INDEVCO Group) to establish regional service to customers under one umbrella with two efficient manufacturing and distribution locations, the Fitchburg, MA plant was relocated in its entirety from a 200 year-old textile mill building into a very new industrial campus building Interstate Container Westminster in Westminster, MA.

In order to facilitate the maximum completion of tasks in the minimum amount of time, a very aggressive of schedule was developed – carving out 110 days from the “OK” to proceed – to the final commissioning of all equipment and operations.

Any movement or displacement of manufacturing equipment can have an adverse affect on customers and plant personnel. Moving an entire plant and inflicting little ‘pain’ to our customers and employees was a mandate that underwrote the project planning. Countless meetings and hours were spent on planning and interaction with every level and every employee that would be affected by the relocation. All input and comments were carefully weighed and considered in the development of the final schedule and plan.

In order to be cost-effective and to maintain the participation of employees, each and every employee participated to one extent or another in the process.

A tremendous amount of effort by all of the sales team and the customer service group at both Lowell and Fitchburg made possible the fact that all customers were kept supplied with products as they needed them. Reaction to arising circumstances and finding ways to work-around issues was a key element in not losing any business. Hat’s off to these two sales/service personnel.

Not to mention the contributions by each and every manufacturing and support personnel at Fitchburg – including shipping and transportation departments would be a travesty, since they had to bear the inconvenience of disruption and yet still find a way to run orders and make deliveries.

Because the new building had previously been used as an inventory storage facility, all new utility infrastructure had to be constructed for compressed air, sanitary and non-potable water, electrical, wastewater, and foundations. No small task considering the timeline of 110-days, which included the final design layout, negotiation of contractors, and issuance of construction permits.

The corrugated plant infrastructure

In order to meet the 110-day commitment, a 14hour/7-day a week schedule was adopted. The key to achieving the results was through working closely with local management, customer service and sales, and with the unrelenting effort of Fitchburg’s single maintenance man Austin Fisher.

The corrugated plant in operation

The results should speak for themselves… the former Fitchburg team has a “new” home in Westminster which they can be proud of, and which they can all say ‘they built’!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Sanita National Campaign - "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan"

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Download the touching "Take Pride in Lebanon" television commercial from Sanita's home page.

Consumer disposables manufacturer, Sanita, conveys its history and faith in Lebanon in a stunning Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan campaign running from 17 November to 4 December 2008 on national television and radio stations in Lebanon.

The refrain, "Take pride in Lebanon", emphasizes attachment to Lebanese identity and roots, a recurring nationalist theme of the company. The lyrics of the campaign, Taydal el 7ala 3a toul el zaman or "Keep Lebanon beautiful throughout time", a

ligns with Sanita’s corporate spirit and does the strong message about commitment:
We grew with Lebanon and together we faced all situations. We planted love seeds and beauty with deep faith. Together our dreams reached high. Throughout the years, we carried Lebanon's name.

TV Channels Al Jadeed ANB Future TV LBC OTV Radio Stations Al-Nour Light FM Melody FM Nostalgie Radio One Radio Orient Radio Strike RLL Rotana Delta Sawt El Ghad VDL The campaign was conceptualized and executed in collaboration with Mediapak advertising and marketing agency, member of INDEVCO Group.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photoblog - Unipak at Erbil Agro Food Expo 2008

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From 4 - 7 November 2008, Lebanese corrugated packaging manufacturer Unipak, promoted agricultural boxes and trays at
Erbil Agro Food Expo 2008, the international exhibition for agriculture, food, food processing and packaging in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Have a look...

(L-R): Joseph Ibrahim & Robert Abou Gibrael

(L-R): Joseph Ibrahim & Edgard Bou Kheir

Agricultural corrugated trays from Unipak

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Easternpak Enhances Food Safety Management System As per Yum! Audit

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Easternpak is committed to improve the processes of the food safety management system based on Yum! STAR Packaging Supplier Facility Audit.

Easternpak, Saudi Arabian-based corrugated manufacturer, which completed Yum!’s STAR Packaging Supplier Facility Audit in December 2006, has recompleted this audit in August 2008.

The corrugated manufacturer, formally approved as a supplier of carton and fast food packaging to Yum! Restaurants International since February 2007, has once more demonstrated strong adherence to Food Safety Management System.

Yum! is the world leader in system restaurants with over 34,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and territories. Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, and Long John Silver’s are well-known global brands.

YUM! adopts a set of guidelines and a scorecard system, whereby it allocates scores during its audit. In order to pass the audit, a company has to score 80% without any automatic failure. Easternpak scored 94.3% given stringent requirements and scoring patterns knowing that it scored 87% during the audit accomplished in December 2006.

This new achievement is a result of the dedication of Easternpak management as well as all its employees to continuous improvement towards excellence.

Easternpak’s ISO 9001:2000 quality management system is accredited by CERT/TUV in Germany. The plant attained HACCP certification in 2006 and BRC / IOP and Good Manufacturing Practices in November 2007.

Company Background
Established in 1994, Easternpak Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturer of recyclable corrugated packaging solutions and the only HACCP-certified corrugated manufacturer in the GCC and Middle East North Africa (MENA) regions. Mother company, INDEVCO Group, is the sole licensee in the Middle East of OTOR packaging systems. Easternpak offers a range of corrugated box and POP display shapes, sizes, board types and strengths produced from biodegradable raw materials.

Easternpak Ltd.
2nd Industrial City,
Street #135
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-3-812 13 41
Fax: +966-3-812 13 05

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