Friday, January 30, 2009

Charbel Mhanna Appointed Phoenix Machinery Sales Manager

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As of 21 January 2009, Charbel Mhanna has been named Phoenix Machinery Sales Manager.

In his new position, Charbel will handle the local, regional and international sales and marketing activities of Phoenix Machinery, a Lebanon-based machinery and CNC parts manufacturer and member of INDEVCO Group.

Charbel joined Phoenix Machinery in 2003 as a Mechanical Design Engineer in the Hygiene Division. In 2007, he was appointed Marketing and Sales Engineer in the Sales Department and handled the sales activities of the CNC Part Division where he played a major role in improving CNC part sales and in enlarging Phoenix customer base.

During this period, Charbel has shown a high level of dedication and hard work.

Please join us in wishing Charbel success in his new position.

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Gladys Abi Saab Named Phoenix Machinery Financial Manager

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As of 21 January 2009, Gladys Abi Saab has been appointed Phoenix Machinery Financial Manager.

In 1993, Gladys joined INDEVCO Group as part of the start-up team of Unipak Tissue Mill. In 2001, she became Unipak Tissue Mill Chief Accountant. In 2002, she was transferred to Phoenix Machinery and became Accounting Manager after 8 months.

During this period, Gladys has shown a high level of dedication and professionalism. She easily adatpted to Phoenix engineering environment and demonstrated a high level of cooperation with the different divisions.

Please join us in wishing Gladys continued success in her new endeavor.

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Maya Harb Njeim Appointed Phoenix Machinery Procurement Manager

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As of 15 January 2009, Maya Harb Njeim has been named Phoenix Machinery Procurement Manager. In her new appointment, she will handle the local and international procurement activities.

In 2002, Maya joined Phoenix Machinery as Foreign Procurement Engineer. In 2004, she assumed the responsibilities of the Head of the Procurement Department.

Maya's professionalism and hard work coupled with the exemplary way of living INDEVCO Group's and Phoenix's values will ensure success in her new responsibilities.

Join us in wishing Maya continued success in her career.

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Elias Bachaalani Named Phoenix Machinery Automation & Drive Line Manager

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As of 15 January 2009, Elias Bachaalani has been appointed Phoenix Machinery Automation & Drive Line Manager. In his new assignment, Elias will lead the Automation & Drive design and production teams.

In 2003, he joined Phoenix Machinery as Electrical Design Engineer. In 2006, he was promoted to Chief Design Engineer of the Tissue and Paper Division.

Throughout his career at Phoenix, Elias has played a major role in the growth of the Tissue and Paper Division and has been a motivating member for the team by leading by example and spreading INDEVCO Group values in his daily actions.

Please join us in wishing Elias success in his new position.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

INDEVCO Companies to Match Employee Donations for Firefighting Campaign

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'Ta Yebka El Khadar Enna' corporate campaign reflects INDEVCO’s commitment to the community and the environment.

INDEVCO has launched Ta Yebka El Khadar Enna campaign to support the Lebanese Ministry of Interior’s initiative to upgrade the Civil Defense (Difaa El Madani) Fire Department with new equipment and materials.

Translated roughly as ‘So the Green Remains’, the campaign seeks, first, to collect 10,000LL (approximately $6.65) or more from each employee who would like to participate and, second, for each INDEVCO affiliate to match its employee donations, lira for lira.

Join us NOW!
Call your accounting manager with your contribution!

Forest fires consume an average of 1500 hectares of Lebanon's forests annually. However, with the rise in temperatures, the drying of forest soil and trees is leading to desertification, resulting in earlier and more fires.

According to NGO Association for Forests, Development & Conservation (AFDC),

…forests covered 35 percent of the country in 1965 compared to 13 percent in 2007. “If we witness fires like the ones that erupted last year [in 2007], Lebanon will lose its forests completely in 15 to 20 years.” 1

In 2007, ferocious forest fires destroyed 4000 hectares of forest. In one day alone, Lebanon lost "three times what we planted in 17 years," says Sawsan Bou Fakhreddine, AFDC Director General. 2

Reforestation of each hectare costs around $5000. To replant the forest lost in 2007 would take $20 million. 3

The devastation of 2007 prompted a turning point towards a proactive national strategy. In the aftermath, the government established the National Committee to Combat Forest Fires & Restoration of Lands, which involves major ministries and the AFDC.


1-3 IRIN. (25 September 2008). LEBANON: Climate change, fuel prices cutting into forests

For More Information

Association for Forests, Development & Conservation (AFDC). (December 2008). For Nature, For Life Quarterly Newsletter.

In Arabic

Ministry of Environment, Service of Conservation of Nature, Service of Planning & Programmes. Preliminary database of fires in Lebanon (2004-2006) Ministry of Environment.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sanita Launches New Private Web Site

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Sanita introduces Private web site for women during major life changes.

Sanita sal, leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, has recently released the first phase of its Private web site for Private brand feminine sanitary napkins and Freshdays panty liners.

The site focuses on Private's commitment to the needs of women as they go through major life changes and provides downloadable brochures for frequently-asked questions related to hygiene, health and fitness:

Starting Your Period
booklet for teenage girls & school hygiene teachers

Living the Active Life
booklet for professional women

Enjoying Pregnancy
booklet for new mothers-to-be

Entering Menopause
booklet for women as they enter middle age

For schools, Private web site features an Education Resources section,
in which school teachers or administrators can request a presentation at the school, including an educational film, for 5th and 6th grade girls (Classes 6eme & 5eme). The goal is to educate teenage girls about puberty and the physical and emotional changes they will experience.

Further, the site showcases Private's latest marketing and advertising campaigns: TV commercials, radio ads, press ads, news, designs of portable display stands and shelf dressings, and more.

Upcoming phases of Private web site promise additional information, resources and tools for each life change.

web site was conceptualized and designed by INDEVCO Online Communications Unit.

For More Information

Hiba Darazi, Regional Brand Manager
Sanita sal
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001 Ext. 412
Fax: +961-9-477 476
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Photoblog - Micro Epsilon Participates in ArabPlast 2009

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Micro Epsilon team meets plastic converters at ArabPlast 2009.

Micro Epsilon, Lebanese manufacturer of plastic additives and stabilizers in Zouk, participated in ArabPlast 2009, the 9th Arab International Plastic & Rubber Industry Trade show in Dubai, UAE from 10 - 13 January 2009.

(L-R): Tony El Cheyeb, Micro Epsilon Operations Manager with visitor

Tony El Cheyeb, Micro Epsilon Operations Manager (R) with visitor

(L-R): Tony El Cheyeb, Micro Epsilon Operations Manager with Fares Sfeir, Micro Epsilon Regional Sales

Fouad Moughabghab, Micro Epsilon Technical Sales

Company Background

Micro Epsilon manufactures color and white masterbatches, anti-block additives, anti-oxidant additives, UV stabilisers and processing aids. Micro Epsilon, an ISO 9001:2000 certified division of MASTERPAK sal, serves the plastics converting industries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Established in 2003 in Zouk, we are member of
INDEVCO Flexible Division, a division of the multinational INDEVCO Group.


Micro Epsilon
Division of MASTERPAK sal
Zouk Industrial Complex
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
PO Box 11-2354, Beirut, Lebanon

Telephone: +961-9-209-001 Ext. 3675

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Unipak Nile Launches a New Corporate Identity

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Unipak Nile's new corporate identity emphasizes its core business activity: corrugated packaging.

Unipak Nile Ltd., Egyptian manufacturer of corrugated cartons, displays and stands, announces its new corporate identity, which features a redesigned logo:

After consultation with key administration and personnel, the Center of Technical Excellence of INDEVCO Paper Containers Division contracted Mediapak for the redesign. Mediapak retained the red pyramid as a key identity element from the original logo and transformed the surrounding corrugated box shape into a modern corrugated box image.

While preserving the unique concept of Unipak Nile, this logo synchronizes with the logos of sister companies,
Easternpak and Unipak, to leverage the image of INDEVCO’s container operations in the Middle East.

General Manager Emile Boustany explains: “The logo embraces the new corporate identity, which is consistent with the objective of undertaking a modern vision by adopting advanced techniques and sophisticated materials in corrugated packaging.”

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Friday, January 16, 2009

INDEVCO CEO Listed as Influential Industrialist in Lebanon

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Lebanon Opportunities monthly business magazine names Neemat Frem among top 50 influencers in the country.

"Neemat Frem was the heir to an industrial empire that was founded by his late father and industrial pioneer and philanthropist Georges N. Frem, which he now manages with his uncles. While fresh as chairman of INDEVCO Group, the younger Frem has spent his adulthood in his father's footsteps.

INDEVCO has set standards in manufacturing, human resource management, export, and community service. This means that years of service at INDEVCO on a CV is sure to secure any executive an interview appointment with any other company. He is an active member of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, where the weight of his enterprise is well felt in its activities and decisions.

If Neemat Frem succeeds in emulating just part of his father's performance, his sway over the manufacturing sector will be tough to avoid."

Source: Top 50 Influentials in Business & the Economy. (December 2008). Lebanon Opportunities, p. 51.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tony Gabriel Announced INDEVCO Administration Manager

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As of 13 January 2009, Tony Gabriel has been named Administration Manager at INDEVCO sal.

During the period of 1992 - 1995, Tony handled several key and administrative positions at Unipak, Unipak Tissue Mill and Sanita.

In January 1996, Tony was promoted to Administrative Manager for Zouk Mosbeh Industrial Complex serving MASTERPAK, France Portes and Snaidero Middle East.

In 1999, he was appointed Sanita Plant Manager for the Tissue & Disposables until 2003 and since then Tony was handling the position of Administrative and Personnel Manager.

Join us in wishing Tony continued success in his new endeavor.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

INDEVCO President Hosts General Executive Meeting

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Executives from INDEVCO's Middle East and European affiliates meet for organization building.

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO President, opened the General Executive Meeting (GEM)2 on Tuesday, 30 December 2008 at Beit Anya Conference Center, Harissa, Lebanon.

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO President

Executives from across the group's corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, consumer products, and paper making divisions and plants in Egypt, England, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

During his presentation, Frem emphasized the importance of strong commitment to the group's core values and highlighted INDEVCO's unique key success factors:
  • Unified home-grown values
  • Competitive manufacturing
  • Multiculturalism: serving diverse communities & markets
  • Integrated management services & demand-supply chain
  • Relevant & proactive management resources
  • Synergistic relations with our communities, educational & recruitment organizations, consulting and research
  • Sustainability: Over 50 years of nurturing the group's human capital
Frem showcased major figures and accomplishments of the group's business divisions, outlined objectives and strategies to build a stronger organization, despite the unprecedented events occuring in the the global marketplace.

GEM2 was followed by a reception at Beit Anya.

L - R: Akram Bikhazi, Kamal Comair, Antoine Awit, Neemat Frem, Rabih Frem,
Roger Tanios, Francois Moubarak & Nabil Honeini

L - R: Fadi Seif, Chadi Radi, George Armache, Emile Koyess & Dr. Hanna Saad

L - R: Hiba Darazi, Waleed Said, Imad Taok, Ziad Daccache,
Gilbert Kasdano & Josianne Daccache

General Executive Meeting (GEM)2 Reception

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

MASTERPAK Contributes to the Needy During the Holidays

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MASTERPAK family helps needy children during the holidays.

For the second consecutive year, MASTERPAK, Lebanese PE film manufacturer, shared the holiday spirit with needy Lebanese families on 25 December 2008.

MASTERPAK employees raised funds and gifts for 35 families. A team of eight members, dressed in Santa Claus outfits, visited visited the families and offered gifts to the children. This event emphasizes MASTERPAK's commitment to community service inspired by the mission of mother company INDEVCO Group.

MASTERPAK family members visiting children


MASTERPAK team distributes gifts to children

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Marwan Diab Named Unipak General Manager

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As of 8 January 2009, Marwan Diab has been appointed General Manager of Unipak, corrugated packaging plant in Halat, Lebanon.

Marwan joined Unipak in Lebanon in 1998 as Production Engineer. In 1999, he was transferred to Unipak Nile in 6th of October City, Egypt as Plant Manager; he later became Operations Manager in 2006.

In August 2008, Marwan rejoined Unipak as Operations Manager, where he successfully carried out functional changes across the plant and with customer service.

Throughout his career, Marwan demonstrated a deep conviction of INDEVCO values and lived up to these values.

Marwan’s technical experience and confident leadership will instill a higher level of professionalism in the organization and will further develop our modern systems and procedures to achieve the growth plan foreseen for Unipak.

Marwan will continue nurturing the family spirit long-cherished at Unipak and support the commitment of every team member to the ultimate success of the organization.

Please join us in wishing Marwan all the success in his new position.

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