Wednesday, January 28, 2009

INDEVCO Companies to Match Employee Donations for Firefighting Campaign

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'Ta Yebka El Khadar Enna' corporate campaign reflects INDEVCO’s commitment to the community and the environment.

INDEVCO has launched Ta Yebka El Khadar Enna campaign to support the Lebanese Ministry of Interior’s initiative to upgrade the Civil Defense (Difaa El Madani) Fire Department with new equipment and materials.

Translated roughly as ‘So the Green Remains’, the campaign seeks, first, to collect 10,000LL (approximately $6.65) or more from each employee who would like to participate and, second, for each INDEVCO affiliate to match its employee donations, lira for lira.

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Forest fires consume an average of 1500 hectares of Lebanon's forests annually. However, with the rise in temperatures, the drying of forest soil and trees is leading to desertification, resulting in earlier and more fires.

According to NGO Association for Forests, Development & Conservation (AFDC),

…forests covered 35 percent of the country in 1965 compared to 13 percent in 2007. “If we witness fires like the ones that erupted last year [in 2007], Lebanon will lose its forests completely in 15 to 20 years.” 1

In 2007, ferocious forest fires destroyed 4000 hectares of forest. In one day alone, Lebanon lost "three times what we planted in 17 years," says Sawsan Bou Fakhreddine, AFDC Director General. 2

Reforestation of each hectare costs around $5000. To replant the forest lost in 2007 would take $20 million. 3

The devastation of 2007 prompted a turning point towards a proactive national strategy. In the aftermath, the government established the National Committee to Combat Forest Fires & Restoration of Lands, which involves major ministries and the AFDC.


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For More Information

Association for Forests, Development & Conservation (AFDC). (December 2008). For Nature, For Life Quarterly Newsletter.

In Arabic

Ministry of Environment, Service of Conservation of Nature, Service of Planning & Programmes. Preliminary database of fires in Lebanon (2004-2006) Ministry of Environment.

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