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INDEVCO President Hosts General Executive Meeting

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Executives from INDEVCO's Middle East and European affiliates meet for organization building.

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO President, opened the General Executive Meeting (GEM)2 on Tuesday, 30 December 2008 at Beit Anya Conference Center, Harissa, Lebanon.

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO President

Executives from across the group's corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, consumer products, and paper making divisions and plants in Egypt, England, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

During his presentation, Frem emphasized the importance of strong commitment to the group's core values and highlighted INDEVCO's unique key success factors:
  • Unified home-grown values
  • Competitive manufacturing
  • Multiculturalism: serving diverse communities & markets
  • Integrated management services & demand-supply chain
  • Relevant & proactive management resources
  • Synergistic relations with our communities, educational & recruitment organizations, consulting and research
  • Sustainability: Over 50 years of nurturing the group's human capital
Frem showcased major figures and accomplishments of the group's business divisions, outlined objectives and strategies to build a stronger organization, despite the unprecedented events occuring in the the global marketplace.

GEM2 was followed by a reception at Beit Anya.

L - R: Akram Bikhazi, Kamal Comair, Antoine Awit, Neemat Frem, Rabih Frem,
Roger Tanios, Francois Moubarak & Nabil Honeini

L - R: Fadi Seif, Chadi Radi, George Armache, Emile Koyess & Dr. Hanna Saad

L - R: Hiba Darazi, Waleed Said, Imad Taok, Ziad Daccache,
Gilbert Kasdano & Josianne Daccache

General Executive Meeting (GEM)2 Reception

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