Monday, January 19, 2009

Unipak Nile Launches a New Corporate Identity

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Unipak Nile's new corporate identity emphasizes its core business activity: corrugated packaging.

Unipak Nile Ltd., Egyptian manufacturer of corrugated cartons, displays and stands, announces its new corporate identity, which features a redesigned logo:

After consultation with key administration and personnel, the Center of Technical Excellence of INDEVCO Paper Containers Division contracted Mediapak for the redesign. Mediapak retained the red pyramid as a key identity element from the original logo and transformed the surrounding corrugated box shape into a modern corrugated box image.

While preserving the unique concept of Unipak Nile, this logo synchronizes with the logos of sister companies,
Easternpak and Unipak, to leverage the image of INDEVCO’s container operations in the Middle East.

General Manager Emile Boustany explains: “The logo embraces the new corporate identity, which is consistent with the objective of undertaking a modern vision by adopting advanced techniques and sophisticated materials in corrugated packaging.”

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  1. MABROUK! Nice Logo, i liked the pyramid replacing the "A", and the corrugated carton symbols. Good Luck guys.