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MASTERPAK Supports Ethiopia's Horticultural Cultivation & Growth Plan

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For a one-stop source of agricultural and horticultural films, visit MASTERPAK's stand (# 1.135) at HortiFlora Ethiopia 2009 from 25-27 March at the Millenium Central Hall in Addis Ababa.

Since 2006, Lebanon-based PE film manufacturer MASTERPAK has played a role in Ethiopia's expanding agricultural sector. “With our quality films and customized services, growers have optimized their performance,” explains Jihad Rahme, MASTERPAK Sales Manager.

The company’s range of agricultural and horticultural films, suitable for flowers, fruits and vegetables, sustains Integrated Pest Management strategies.

In 2008, Ethiopia doubled flower exports over the previous year, shipping 800-900 million stems to mainly European markets and earning income of around $150 million USD. Flower farms across the country employ about 60,000 people.

The Ethiopian government is offering tax breaks to attract investment, in the hope that flower exports will reach $1 billion USD in five years.

“It is a remarkable production growth which currently won’t stop,” ensures Tsegaye Abebe, Chairman of the Ethiopian Horticulture Producers & Exporters Association (EHPEA).

Ethiopian roses and flowers, grown organically without pesticides, are popular in export destinations. To support growers in using Integrated Pest Protection methods,
"MASTERPAK offers its range of 3-year lifetime thermal greenhouse covers, with special additives for light diffusion, anti-fog, and reduction of blackening of rose petals,” says Rany Sfeir, MASTERPAK Agricultural Engineer.

Some of Ethiopia’s 106 local and foreign crop producers are diversifying into vegetables and fruits. "People's priority in a global crisis is not to buy flowers. Their priority is to provide food," Chairman Abebe said.

“MASTERPAK’s specialized agri-films meet Ethiopia’s specific growth applications”, says Sfeir. “With our advanced co-extrusion technology, we can combine different additives and filters to optimize film performances enhancing growth and harvest or different crops by using thermal foamed film, disease control film, silver/brown mulch film, and green solar fumigation film.

For higher yield and quality harvest – and increased farm revenues – growers should use MASTERPAK thermal low tunnel film and 20-micron black mulch film,” concludes Sfeir.

Sales Manager Rahme is interested to meet with growers from countries neighboring Ethiopia at the exhibition as well:

“We intend to extend our expertise to Kenya, a main flower exporting nation, as well as Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, which are also developing flower industries.”

Interested parties may request quotes and samples ahead of the exhibition.


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