Monday, March 9, 2009

Evergreen Community Power Project Wins 2008 BE Award of Excellence

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Bentley Systems is a worldwide provider of project design and management software solutions supporting the engineering and construction industry. Bentley Systems issues an annual summary of worldwide “inspiring infrastructure projects” that employ its software solutions.

The 2008 summary was recently issued and ESI Inc. of Tennessee was awarded the 2008 BE Award of Excellence for its work at Evergreen Community Power (ECP) in Reading, Pennsylvania, member of Interstate Resources Inc. Additionally, under the section of “Innovation in Power Generation,” ECP has been nominated in the special category of “Sustaining Our Environment.”

ESI Inc. of Tennessee submitted the ECP project for consideration of the award of excellence. ESI employed the Bentley 3-D modeling software when it was commissioned to engineer and design a renewable-energy circulating fluidized bed boiler with a 33-megawatt turbine to replace the existing fossil fuel-fired boiler at ECP.
The ECP facility will convert biomass-derived material into electricity for United Corrstack, a host paper mill based in Reading, Pennsylvania. ESI designed the system with leading-edge air pollution control equipment to ensure that all emissions are as low as possible for a facility the size of ECP.

Evergreen Community Power (ECP) in Reading, Pennsylvania

Congratulations to ESI Inc. of Tennessee for winning the 2008 Be Award of Excellence for its work at ECP and to ECP for its nomination in the category of “Sustaining Our Environment.

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