Monday, March 9, 2009

Napco Group Co-Sponsors Star Academy 6

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Television ads of Private Flex 'n Fly brand are aired during Star Academy 6 commercial breaks.

Private, feminine sanitary napkin brand produced by Napco Group, is co-sponsoring Star Academy 6. Given the continuous success of LBCI's Star Academy program in the Middle East, Napco Group Consumer Products Division is featuring its Private Flex 'n Fly feminine sanitary napkin brand during commercial breaks.

Private co-sponsored Star Academy 5 and is currently co-sponsoring Star Academy 6 throughout the full season for the first time.

The Private ad will be shown over a period of 3.5 months during prime-time shows on Friday evenings, during prime-time re-runs, every evening during the 7 pm show, and on the 24-hour Star Academy satellite channel, Nagham 24 channels and the program promotion.

The popular reality TV show gathers singer-musicians from across the Arab countries.

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