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Napco Modern Technical Division Honors Dates Manufacturers

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Special Submission by Antoine Samih Saade, Product Manager of Thermoforming Films
Napco Modern Plastic Products Company - Technical Division

As the market leader for dates vacuum packaging, NAPCO Modern Plastic Products Company – Technical Division organized an event at Intercontinental Hotel in Al Ihsa, Saudi Arabia on 17 March 2009 to honor date packers in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

All packers without exception were represented by their direct owners and top management. This event demonstrates Napco Modern Technical's success and leadership in the food packaging sector.

The magnitude of the event was obvious not only in presence but in market coverage, where Napco's winning team has been able to gain market share of approximately 85% in Saudi's Eastern Province in 2008, as well as in reflecting the Napco / INDEVCO culture to valued and strategic customers.

This has come as the result of outstanding marketing and sales efforts, combined with close technical and sales service. Continuous product development and improvement in production processes have led to better quality, to higher consistency and, consequently, to an excellent value proposition to our customers.

Date manufacturers & packers with Napco Modern Technical team

(L-R): Paul Bafitos, Napco Modern Technical Sales Manager & Hisham Quraish, Napco Modern Technical Human Resource Manager

Napco Modern Technical developed the dates packaging market in 2005 with all stakeholders, earning packers' trust and business to evolve as the market leader in dates packaging within three years.

Napco Modern Technical now has an estimated 65% national market share in Saudi Arabia and is the dominant supplier in the MENA region. The company will capitalize on this success model and build around it to become its comparative advantage.

Antoine Samih Saade presents corporate & date industry information

Napco Modern Technical's challenge was and will always be to deploy all resources to proactively adopt product development innovations, knowledge, and technology transfer, in order to perfect its products to the specific needs of its customers and consistently meet their full satisfaction.

Date manufacturers & packers dine with Napco Modern Technical members

Success is driven from the strong team spirit where the contribution and outcome clearly reflect harmony and synergy among all team members.

The event included the following program:

Welcome & Introduction
Paul Bafitos, Sales Manager

NAPCO Mission & Principles
Hisham Quraish, Napco Human Resources Manager

Presentation of NAPCO / INDEVCO Group of Companies
Date Production, Consumption & Worldwide Trade
Antoine Samih Saade, Product Manager for Thermoforming Films


Napco Modern Technical was represented by: Mark Wanna, General Manager; Paul Bafitos; Hisham Quraish; Rabih Choumar, Production; Jamil Al Ghorairy, Personnel; Abdullah Al Moshawer, Accounting; Mohamad Al Marzouk, Accounting; and Antoine Samih Saade.

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Antoine Samih Saade
Product Manager of Thermoforming Films
Napco Modern Plastics Products Company - Technical Division
2nd Industrial City, Makkah Street, COMPACT Complex
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966–3–812-1244
Fax: +966–3–812-3003

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