Monday, May 25, 2009

INDEVCO Group President Featured in Al-Iktissad Wal Aamal Alloubnaniah Magazine

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Neemat Frem shares insights into the Lebanese industrial sector.

Al-Iktissad Wal Aamal, a monthly magazine devoted to industry in the Middle East, featured INDEVCO Group's President and CEO in its April 2009 issue.

Neemat G. Frem, INDEVCO Group President and CEO

In the article "Economic Lobby Required" in the Young Leaders section, Frem discusses major trends and concerns which affect the industrial sector in Lebanon and proposes solutions. Frem also emphasizes the importance of human capital to the Lebanese economy.

Regarding the global economic crisis, Frem states that Lebanon survived this crisis; however, we should not rest on our laurels.

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MASTERPAK Wins Bid to Supply Agri Films in Ethiopia

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MASTERPAK wins bid for agricultural films over international manufacturers from Europe and the Middle East.

MASTERPAK, Lebanese manufacturer of polyethylene agricultural films, has been awarded a bid to supply Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC with high quality agricultural films. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a member of MIDROC Group Companies, Ethio Agri-CEFT operates two farms that produce coffee and tea.

MASTERPAK will supply 3-season thermal greenhouse covers with anti-fog for multi spans in Baher Dar, Ethiopia. The technical committee selected MASTERPAK, based on high quality and competitive price.

“We're delighted to introduce 3-season covers in Baher Dar, Ethiopia. Our films will offer added value to growers for a longer period.", said Jihad Rahme, MASTERPAK Export Sales Manager.

Greenhouse film covers

Baher Dar, located 900 kilometers from Addis Ababa, has promising cultivation conditions. Further, the local government is developing the agricultural industry through such infrastructure improvements as water, roads, power, land rental, and logistics systems.

Parties interested in MASTERPAK's agricultural and horticultural films may request quotes and samples online for greenhouse covers, ground cover film, hale bale plastic, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, protective bags for banana cultivation, silage film, soil disinfection film and water membrane.

Company Background

Established in 1979 in Lebanon, MASTERPAK sal co-extrudes and cuts PE films and flexible packaging products for the agricultural, construction, consumer, food and beverage, and industrial sectors. Products are destined for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.

For More Information

Amal Merhi, Marketing Manager
Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 001 Ext. 3615
Fax: +961-9-209 002

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SME Expands Showroom Network in Lebanon

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SME collaborates with Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab to showcase its furniture lines.

SME, member of INDEVCO Group, has recently signed a distribution agreement with Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab to display Snaidero and Medline kitchens in its showroom in Verdun, Lebanon, which is scheduled to open in July 2009. Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab will also showcase SME products in its Dekwaneh and Jdeideh showrooms.

SME has manufactured kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, walk-in closets and bathroom vanities since 1996. SME also cooperates with international manufacturers to distribute Snaidero kitchens, Wery industrial kitchens, Move wardrobes and walk-in closets, and Novello bathroom vanities.

Move walk-in closets from SME

Over the years, SME has developed a solid distribution network in the Middle East with 12 showrooms in Bahrain, Cyprus, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Snaidero kitchen cabinets from SME

Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab, established in 1920, specializes in the distribution of home appliances, sanitary ware and heating and plumbing equipment.

This new cooperation allows SME to increase points of sales across Beirut, Lebanon and Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab to expand its product offerings.

For More Information

Christ Le Roi Highway
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
PO Box 2616
Jounieh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 007
Fax: +961-9-209 008

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Friday, May 22, 2009

INDEVCO President Thanks Employees & Companies for Contributing to Firefighting Campaign

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Neemat Frem thanks INDEVCO and Napco companies and employees for donating nearly $36,000 to 'Ta Yebka El Khadar Enna' campaign; the funds will be used to purchase firefighting equipment and materials in Lebanon.

Launched in January 2009, the campaign generated nearly $24,000 USD from the group's manufacturing plants and companies in Lebanon and $12,000 USD from Napco plants in Saudi Arabia. Donations will support the Lebanese Ministry of Interior's initiative to upgrade the Civil Defense (Difaa El Madani) Fire Department with new equipment and materials.

INDEVCO Group Firefighting Campaign Contributions

Translated roughly as ‘So the Green Remains’, the fundraising campaign sought, first, to collect 10,000LL (approximately $6.65) or more from each employee who would like to participate and, second, for each INDEVCO affiliate to match its employee donations, lira for lira.

Many thanks to all who participated in the campaign!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sanita National Campaign - "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" Gets Rerun

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Watch now the rerun Sanita's "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" TV commercial.

Sanita, leading consumer disposables manufacturer in Lebanon, carries for the second time its history and faith message in the remarkable "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" or "Take Pride in Lebanon" campaign running from 15 May till 7 June 2009 on national TV channels in Lebanon.

The campaign, which aired for the first time from 17 November till 4 December 2008 on national television and radio stations in Lebanon, conveys inspiring patriotic meanings and sentiments and anchors a sense of belonging for Lebanon.

The advertising campaign is broadcasted on main Lebanese TV channels as follows:

Watch "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" TV campaign

The campaign was conceptualized and executed in collaboration with Mediapak advertising and marketing agency, member of INDEVCO Group.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Chadi Radi Appointed Center of Technical Excellence Manager for INDEVCO Group Flexible Packaging Division

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As of 12 May 2009, Chadi Radi has been named Center of Technical Excellence Manager for INDEVCO Group Flexible Packaging Division.

In his new assignment, Chadi will be responsible for introducing, auditing and improving different international quality standards related to ISO, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Lean Manufacturing and other standards, practices and regulations.

Moreover, Chadi will be in charge of setting up the facility management department which will be focused on asset protection, infrastructure updates and improvements, while supporting the business units with infrastructural project conception and management.

In 1996, Chadi joined Napco Composite Technology (COMPACT) where he successfully assumed various responsibilities starting as Site Project Manager and evolving to Production Manager. He was then promoted to Plant Manager and reponsible for Technical & Quality Assurance. Chadi had impact on all over COMPACT especially in the development of most of the company's wide product portfolio.

Chadi is another example of attaining accomplishment in business by practicing and spreading INDEVCO philosophy and values.

Please join us in wishing Chadi continuous success in his new endeavor.

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MASTERPAK Hosts Agricultural Seminars in North Lebanon

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Growers in North Lebanon learn best techniques of agricultural and horticultural films to improve harvests.

In an effort to reinforce relationships with farmers, growers and agricultural supply traders in Lebanon, MASTERPAK, Lebanon-based PE film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh hosts agricultural film applications' seminars in the North of Lebanon.

The main objectives of the seminars, which take place from end of April till July 2009 in North Lebanon, Lebanon, are to build close relationships with growers, share ideas and their concerns and assess their level of satisfaction.

MASTERPAK team focuses on techniques for applying the range of agricultural and horticultural films in order to optimize film performance and improve future harvests. The team also shares with the attendees the latest film development through field trials and communicates the company's warranty facilities.

Râny Sfeir presents technical specifications of agricultural PE films

MASTERPAK Seminars Topics

MASTERPAK Corporate Profile, Product Portfolio & Global Presence” Fares Fares, Sales Manager

"MASTERPAK Agricultural Warranty" Fares Fares, Sales Manager

“MASTERPAK’s Technical Product Specifications, Uses & Quality Standards” Râny Sfeir, Agricultural Engineer

"MASTERPAK Satisfaction Questionnaire" Madonna Abou Jaoudeh, Relationship Marketer

The presentations are followed by a lunch.

MASTERPAK team gathers ideas & concerns from growers

MASTERPAK seminars lunch

Interested parties may request quotes and samples for our wide range of agricultural & horticultural films: greenhouse covers, ground cover film, hale bale plastic, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, protective bags for banana cultivation, silage film, soil disinfection film and water membrane.

Company Background
Established in 1979 in Lebanon, MASTERPAK sal co-extrudes and cuts PE films and flexible packaging products for the agricultural, construction, consumer, food and beverage, and industrial sectors. Products are destined for the local market, as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.

For More Information
Amal Merhi, Marketing Manager

Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 001 Ext. 3615
Fax: +961-9-209 002

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Freshdays Co-Sponsors Radio One's Afternoon Drive Show

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Freshdays runs radio ads and offers prizes on Lebanon's Radio One station.

Freshdays, leading brand of feminine pantyliners produced by Sanita sal in Halat, Lebanon co-sponsors the Afternoon Drive show for the summer season.

Freshdays radio ads run on the Afternoon Drive of Radio One from 11 May till 5 June with Maximus, one of the most popular radio personalities.

During the show, Maximus proposes an interactive and funky quiz to the audience. Participants can win daily gifts of Freshdays® products delivered to their doorstep and enter a draw for a weekly prize, a full day of spa and relaxation to release daily stress.

Maximus promotes Freshdays and the spa location several times during the show.

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Al Younbouh Family & Supporters Walk for "Khotwe Btersoum Basme"

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Community members, sponsors, donors, officials, humanitarian organizations, schools and clubs support Al Younbouh in the 2009 walk event.

For the sixth consecutive year, Al Younbouh family organizes "Al Younbouh Walk", an event that gathers officials, colleagues from INDEVCO Group companies, representatives of the event’s corporate sponsors, donors, well known personalities, associations, schools and clubs supported Al Younbouh deserving human cause on Sunday, 3 May 2009 in the old souk of Jounieh. This year, more than 3000 people participated in this event.

The Al Younbouh Walk features the slogan "Khotwe Btersoum Basme", which translates into "A Step that Draws a Smile". The walk is the annual main fundraising event to support the center.

In addition, students look forward eagerly to this event and love to participate and socialize with all their friends. Likewise, it offers the opportunity to the participants to meet the students and learn more about the center and its mission.

Al Younbouh walk festive ambience

Al Younbouh is a non-residential rehabilitation center for mentally challenged young adults in Lebanon, which emphasizes quality of life and a spirit of humanity to assist integration into society.

Like every year, the 5-kilometer walk is animated by Tony Baroud and this year's program featured fun and lively performances at different stops throughout the walk:

  • The main attraction was a dance performance from the Al Younbouh young adults at Jounieh Municipality
  • Al Forsan Al Arba3a, a Lebanese well-known band performed their famous songs.
    The blue, red and yellow balloons, which represent Al Younbouh logo colors
  • Planting an olive tree in the Jounieh municipality’s garden next to other 2 trees from the walk of previous years

Throughout all the walk, Underground Fiesta, a young music band accompanied the participants with its festive rhythms.

Toni Baroud animates the event

Al Younbouh students perform their dance

Underground Fiesta band plays festive rhythms

A pleasant community ambience of solidarity and entertainment throughout the stops overwhelmed the hearts and spirits of the young mentally disabled, the participants and Jounieh residents and inspired them for the next year's walk.

INDEVCO Group is proud to support Al Younbouh family in their mission “To improve students’ life and ensure their social integration”

For More Info

Nicole Naame, Director
Al Younbouh Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Disabled Young Adults
Ghadir Principal Road
PO Box 36
Jounieh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-835 612
Fax: +961-9-835 067
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Notre Dame University Honors INDEVCO Group Founder Georges Frem

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Family and friends celebrate the third memorial of INDEVCO Group founder, Georges N. Frem at Notre Dame University.

For the 3rd year memory of Georges N. Frem, Notre Dame University (NDU) in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon oragnized an honoring ceremony for one of the leading industrialists in the Middle East.

Family and friends of Georges N. Frem gathered on Tuesday afternoon, 5 May 2009 at Issam Fares Hall to pay tribute to Frem.

The event's program features:

The Lebanese National Anthem

A documentary of Georges Frem's life

NDU President, Father Walid Moussa's word

Public Relations Director, Souheil Matar's word

Former Minister, Jean Obeid's word

Minister of Interior, Ziad Baroud's word

INDEVCO Group President & CEO, Neemat G. Frem's word on behalf of the Frem family

(L-R): Mrs. Hayat Georges Frem, Monseigneur Roland Abou Jaoude, Deputy Naamtallah Abi Nasr, Minister Ziad Baroud, Minister Joe Takla, Superior of the Maronite Order of the Holy Virgin Mary Father Semaan Abou Abdo, as well as INDEVCO Group Chairman Mr. Chafic Frem

Georges N. Frem Statue

في الذكرى السنوية الثالثة على رحيله، وفي احتفال معبر في زمن ثمة أنصاف رجال فيه يخشون الأموات حتى في ذكراهم،وفي وقفة وفاء وتكريم لرجل الصناعة والسياسة والثقافة الذي ترك كمّاً هائلاً من وزنات الأعمال الإنمائية والإنسانية والمؤسساتية، وتخليداً لذكراه، أزاحت جامــعة سيدة اللويزة ـ ذوق مصبح الستار عن نصب تذكاري لمؤسس مجموعة اندفكو الصناعية الوزير جورج افرام، نحته الفنان المبدع بيار كرم وارتــفع عند المدخل الرئيسي للجامعة


حضرالحفل الوزير زياد بارود ممثلا رئيس الجمهورية ميشال سليمان، والنائب نعمة الله ابي نصر ممثلا رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري، والوزير جو تقلا ممثلا رئيس مجلس الوزراء فؤاد السنيورة، المطران رولان ابو جوده ممثلا البطريرك الماروني الكاردينال مار نصرالله بطرس صفير. اضافة إلى النواب جيلبرت زوين، وليد خوري، فريد الياس الخازن، شامل موزايا، وعباس هاشم والنائب السابق منصور غانم البون والوزراء السابقون: ميشال اده، وديع الخازن، روجيه ديب،عصام كرم،جان عبيد ، سليمان طرابلسي وفريد هيكل الخازن، والعقيد طوني لحود ممثلا قائد الجيش العماد جان قهوجي، رئيس مخابرات جبل لبنان العقيد ريشار الحلو، ورئيس مكتب مخابرات كسروان - الفتوح العقيد جوزف قرعه، ورئيس مكتب الامن العام في جونيه بريان عاد، المطرانان سمير مظلوم وانطوان نبيل العنداري، والعميد درويش حبيقة ، والقائم بأعمال السفارة البابوية في لبنان، وقنصل مولدوفا في لبنان ايلي نصار،وقائممقام كسروان ريمون حتي ورئيس اتحاد البلديات فيها نهاد نوفل ، ورئيس جمعية الصناعيين السابق جاك صراف. والعديد من رؤساء البلديات ورؤساء الجامعات والمعاهد ووجوه روحية وفاعليات سياسية وحزبية واجتماعية ونقابية وصناعية وتربوية وثقافية ، وحشد من الإعلاميين إلى جانب عقيلة المكرم السيدة حياة افرام وعميد مجموعة اندفكو السيد شفيق افرام وعائلة افرام وأسرة شركات اندفكو وأصدقاء كثر


بداية النشيد الوطني اللبناني ومن ثم عرض لفيلم وثائقي عن افرام الإنسان والسياسي في عقوده السبع

صلاة الأب موسى

ثم تلا رئيس الجامعة الأب وليد موسى صلاة جاء فيها:"... كان مؤمنا يا يسوع الى حد الطفولة ...وكان جسر تواصل بين الناس وعلامة محبة وسلام. هو واحد من هؤلاء القلائل الذين أشرت إليهم عندما قلت: كنت جائعا فأطعمتموني وعريانا فألبستموني ومريضا فداويتموني

ونستطيع اليوم ان نضيف: كنت عاطلا عن العمل فأمنتم لي الوظيفة ، وكنت عاجزا عن الدراسة فأمنتم لي المدرسة والجامعة ، وكنت يائسا وكافرا بالدولة وأهل السياسة فأعدتم لي رجاء الايمان بلبنان ومستقبله وبناء دولته على أسس الحق والعدالة والخيروختم رئيس الجامعة ابتهاله قائلا :" اشفع به وبنا وبلبنان ،لا سيما في هذه الظروف الصعبة. كان هو رجل سلام ،فاجعل السلام يا الله يسود على أرضنا ،وفي هذه المنطقة العزيزة، فيستمر الناس وان اختلفوا في الرأي ،أصدقاء وأحباء ،من الآن والى دهر الداهرين


مطر: حوار لم يكتمل

ثم تحدث المدير العام للعلاقات العامة في الجامعة سهيل مطر فقال :" في مثل هذه الليلة منذ ثلاث سنوات ،وفي حارة صخر ،وقفت على الشرفة المطلة على غرفة نوم،يرقد فيها رجل يعاني سكرات الرحيل الأخير. كان صمت رهيب ، وكان عجز كبير، وكانت آهات ودموع. ارتسمت أمام عيني مجموعة أسئلة قلقة: لماذا هو ؟ الله كم كان هذا السؤال جارحا. وكان عتاب مع الله...عتاب لا يزال يتفاعل . وكان حوار صامت مع الرجل الذي رحل وحتى اليوم لم يكتمل الحوار

ثم ألقى مطر، قصيدة شعرية تكريمية

عبيد وموارنة التراث

أما الوزير السابق جان عبيد فلفت في كلمته إلى أن " ما ذكر جورج افرام مرة الا وارتسمت في البال صورة الرجل العصامي الكفي التقي الوفي السخي...وكان صديقا صادقا،وإذا كان الأخ نسيب الجسد فالصديق هو نسيب الروح. وكان جورج افرام حكيما وحليما ،أتاه الله الحكمة أما الحلم فعن طباع وشجاعة واقتدار لا عن جبن أو انكسار

وأضاف قائلا:" لقد كان جورج افرام من المسيحيين الموارنة المؤمنين بالصلوات وبالأعمال ،لا بالهوية والوراثة فقط

وهو في السياسة كما في الحياة من نوع موارنة التراث لا الميراث فحسب. وختم :"من هنا في ذكراه نقول للقادة الموارنة ومن خلالهم للمسيحيين ولسائر اللبنانيين :تباروا ولا تتناحروا،اسقطوا العنف والتشاكس وأقيموا الديمقراطية والتنافس ،بذلك تليقون بالاباء المؤسسين وبمن اهتدى واقتدى جورج افرام بهم كبشارة الخوري ورياض الصلح وفؤاد شهاب وريمون اده وسواهم

بارود:النموذج والمثال

أما وزير الداخلية والبلديات زياد بارود الذي حضر ممثلاً رئيس الجمهورية العماد ميشال سليمان، فقد حيّا عدل جامعة اللويزة وميزانها، في زمن ندر فيه إنصاف الرجال،" لأن ثمة أنصاف رجال يخشون الأموات حتى في ذكراهم

أضاف: " لن اقول في جورج افرام كلام إطراء ولا مديحا ولا تعظيما ولا إكبار.فالرجل رحل وهو في سكينته يبحث عن ظلال الرب لا أكثر. رحل كشافا يحمل حقيبة ويمشي وفي جعبته كلام الرب ووصاياه،وفي قلبه ان المشوار هو الغاية والرحلة مسار

وأكمل بارود قائلا:" خسارة جورج افرام نموذج في العمل العام . يأتيك الرجل مثقلا بأفكار التطوير والإصلاح والحداثة، يطلق خلية نحل، بل خلايا، يبادر ويدعم ويناصر ثم يجعلك تتيقن أن مؤسسة ما قد انطلقت ولا هم بعد ذلك من تحمله الأيام لقيادتها. المهم ان المسار انطلق ،المهم ان الغاية أهم من الرجال ،أي رجل وختم قائلا:"لهذا الرجل عندي مكانة النموذج والمثال وفي زمن الانتخابات لاقترع علنا لمشروع بناء الدولة الذي لم يكتمل. اقترع للمؤسسات التي يبنيها رجال رؤيويون وتستمر المؤسسة ولو هم رحلوا. اقترع لزمن تصبح فيه السياسة مجالا للخدمة لا مرتعا لتجار الهيكل..اقترع لعيون الأطفال،عل المستقبل يشبه تطلعاتهم ، كما كنت تحلم...عل السماء تقدر أعمالك بغير ما قصرنا نحن

نعمة افرام وحصاد الروح

وباسم العائلة حيا الرئيس التنفيذي لمجموعة اندفكو الصناعية المهندس نعمة افرام المرجَعياتَ الرسمية والروحية والعسكرية من خلالِ من يُمثِلُهُم ، كما كل الشخصياتِ العامة من رجالِ دينٍ ودنيا والأصدقاء الحاضرين

ووجه الشُكرَ والامتنان إلى صَرحَ جامعة اللويزة الرائد في رئاستِِهِ العامة ورئاسةِ الجامعة، والى الأبِ الرئيس وليد موسى والأستاذ سهيل مطر ومعالي الأستاذين جان عبيد وزياد بارود على المبادرةِ الكريمةِ في الدعوةِ إلى هذا الاحتفالِ والمشارَكَةِ فيه وعلى المحبة والوفاء الذي ظهرّتهُ كلماتُهُم

وتابع افرام قائلا:"كنا قد اعتدنا أن نلتقيَ في مثلِ هذا اليوم والغَصَّة تَحجُبُ الكلام َ. لكننا رَغَبنا هذا العام ،وبعد سنوات ثلاث على غيابه ،أن نجتمعَ بفرحِ في ذِكرى جورج افرام. فمعِ الفرح تتجلى بوضوحٍ أكبرَ صورَتُه، كالنبيذِ المعتّق الذي يحلّو مع الزمن

أضاف :"من يزرع بالجَسَدِ يَحصُد بالجَسَدِ. ومن يَزرَع بالروحِ يحصُد بالرِوحِ. وعندَ كلِ مفترقِ طرقٍ، تأكدنا أكثرَ فأكثر كيفَ أن الروحَ عَمَلت في هذا الرجلِ، فتحولت خِصَالُهُ وطريقَةُ عَمَلُهُ إلى نهجٍ ومدرسةٍ وفلسَفَةَ حياة. وشرح كيف توأَمَ جورج افرام الروحََ بالعلمِ والعملِ . فأتى أسلوبُهُ مزيجاً من الالتزامِ العميقِ والاحترافِ المبدع. تَحولَت رسالتُهُ إلى فلسفة تقطّرت وأصبحت أكثرَ نقاءً بعدَ غيابِهِ ... منارةً في الليالي الحالِكَةِ وتوقاً نحوَ الأفضلِ في زمنِ الآفاقِ المفتوحة

وتحدث مفصلا ترجمات فلسفته قائلا :" تمثَلَت ترجَمَتُهُ الأولى لتوأمَةِ الروح بالعِلمِ والعَمَلِ، في شعارِ شركتِه اندفكـو: كُلُ ما هو خير للمجتمع هو خيرٌ لمؤسستِنا". لقد استخدَمَ هذه الحِكمَةَ البسيطة، هذه الطيبة الكاملة، بمثَابةِ قاعدة للنجاح في العملِ الخاص. ويعودُ الفضلُ لنمُو مجموعتَنا الصناعية وانجازاتِها اليوم ،إلى صوابِيةِ هذه الحِكمةِ و نقاءِ هذه الفلسفَة

وعلى الروحيةِ ذاتِها، فَعّلَت "مؤسسة جورج افرام" رسالَتَها في المجتمعِ المدني . فوضعَت في سُلَّمِ أهدافِها التنميةَ الشاملة للإنسانِ الفرد وتحصينَ كرامتِهِ ومضاعَفَةَ قُدُراتِه، من خلالِ دعمِ المؤسساتِ التربوية ونشرِ مبادئَ الشفافيةِ والانفتاح.
أما ثاني الترجمات لتوأَمَةِ الروح بالعِلمِ والعَمَلِ فتجّلى في أسلوبِِ قيادةِ جورج افرام. فهو كان يؤمِنٌ بالقيادةِ الخادِمةِ. الكبيرُ فينا هو خادمٌ للمجموعة

وتجّسَدَ هذا المفهوم بنوعٍ من المثاليةِ العملية، في توازنٍ دقيقٍ، رهيفٍ لا بل أنيق، بين المعرِفةِ والبساطة، بين الهَيبةِ والتواضع، بين العنفوان والطيبة، بين الحِكمَةِ والرَحمَةِ ، وأساسُها كُلُها، لا بل أعظَمُها، المحبـة. واكتمَلَ أسلوبُ القيادَةِ الخادِمَةِ لديهِ من خلالِ مقارَبَةٍ مختلفةٍ لإدارةِ الشأن العام. كُن وَطنيـاً كان يقول، لا سياسيـا. وكان يعني بذلك :لا تبحث عَمَّن معه الحق، بل إبحَث عن الحق وإفعَلْ حصراً ما هو حقاً

وختم افرام قائلا:"أَرى اليومَ تكامُلاً وثيقاً بين ما يجمَعُ فلسفَةَ جورج افرام وهذا الصَرحَ الكريم والحضورَ المُمّيز

جامعةُ سيدة اللويزة نفخَت في قلبِ طلابها الروحَ المسيحيةَ الحق، وزَرَعَت في ِفكرِهم بذورَ لبنـان الرسالة: وطنُ الحوار والتلاقيِ . فَصَهَرَتهُم في عائلةِ الجامعة يتنافسونَ على التحصيلِ العلمي، يترافعونَ ولا يتخاصمونَ في السياسة. إلى جانبِ ذلك، برعَت في تطويرِ مناهِجِها في شتى المجالات. فكانت أمينةٌ على رسالتِها في تأهيلِ الطالبِ ودعوتِهِ إلى الإبداع

وعاهد افرام الحضور بالسير على الدرب ومتابعة المسيرة قائلا:" سوية ً، وبروحيةِ جورج
افرام، سنتابِعُ المسيرة لبناء الإنسان اللبناني المختلف ولقلبِ المعادلات الفاسدة ولقيامِ المجتمع الذي نطمحُ إليه وسوية، تعالوا نقولُ مع جورج افرام "لا تتوقعوا أن يُقَدِمَ لكم أحَد الوطنَ الذي تحلُمُونَ به. أبنوهُ أنتُم على صورةِ قِيَمِكُم ومثالِ طُمُوحَاتِكم

First Row (L-R): Mr. & Mrs. Neemat Frem, NDU President Walid Moussa
Second Row: Dr. & Mrs. Fouad Mrad, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Mounir Frem

(L-R): Mrs. Maya Antoine Frem, Deputy Gilberte Zouein, Mrs. Rania Frem El-Khoury, Deputies Dr. Walid El-Khoury, Abbas El Hachem, Chemil Mouzaya, Dr. Farid El-Khazen

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Exopack and INDEVCO Sign Joint Venture Agreement

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. - (Business Wire) Exopack, an established leader in the development and manufacture of a variety of paper and plastic flexible packaging solutions, signed a joint venture agreement this week with Lebanon-based packaging manufacturer INDEVCO Group (INDEVCO) to manufacture co-extruded polyethylene film in the Middle East.

Initially, this joint venture will include the installation of film production equipment in INDEVCO’s MASTERPAK sal flexible packaging facility in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon. This new extrusion capacity will be used for the manufacture of various coextruded film products for uses in flexible packaging. The film will be distributed by Exopack as part of the company’s family of film products.

Exopack and INDEVCO have shared a long-term relationship through Exopack’s Global Packaging Linx (GPL) group. These two companies share common competencies in film production and flexible packaging manufacture to support customers from a global sourcing and innovation perspective. This joint venture represents the strengthening of this relationship and brings the first cost-effective films from the Middle East to customers in North America.

This joint venture is the initial phase of a longer-term strategy to continue to build multiple film production sites in the Middle East. This will allow Exopack and INDEVCO to take advantage of the new polymer manufacturing capacity coming on stream in the Middle East in light of the increased economic advantage of ethylene production in this region of the world.

About INDEVCO Group
Founded in 1955 by Georges N. Frem, INDEVCO Group is a privately-owned multinational group comprised of 50 manufacturing plants, industrial & commercial enterprises. The oldest and largest flexible packaging company in the Middle East, INDEVCO has a global production and distribution platform for its products and services, including nine manufacturing sites in North America.

About Exopack
With 18 production facilities strategically positioned across North America and the United Kingdom, as well as a global network of alliance partners, Exopack is an established leader in the development, manufacture and sourcing of paper and plastic flexible packaging solutions and film coatings for a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Exopack is an affiliated portfolio company of Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Chris Swalm
Tel: 864-596-7116
Fax: 864-596-7157

CEDEX Plastics sal is an Exopack - INDEVCO Joint Venture

Zouk Industrial Complex
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
PO Box 11-2354 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel:+961-9-209 001
Fax:+961-9-209 002

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Brand Campaign - Fam Feminine Napkins 25 Year Celebration!

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Fam, leading feminine sanitary napkin brand in the Middle East, celebrates its 25 year anniversary and launches a TV campaign on major Middle Eastern channels. Fam sanitary towels are manufactured in National Paper Company Ltd., Napco Consumer Products Company, Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as well as in Sanita sal, in Halat, Lebanon.

The objective of Fam TV campaign "An3am Ref2it 3omr", which translates into "Softest life Companionship", is to celebrate the Fam's 25 year anniversary and to highlight Fam’s 25 years of cotton and comfort transmitted from generation to generation.

The 48-second TV spot will be broadcasted in regular spots from 9 May till 5 June 2009 on some main TV channels in the Middle East as follows:

Dubai TV
Sponsorship of “Anti Ajmal” program
Period: From 13 May - 17 June 2009 each Wednesday at 21:30 KSA timing

Regular spots
Period: From 9 - 28 May 2009
Number of spots: 22 spots

Sponsorship of Love Mansion or Kasr El Hobb Program
Period: From 30 May - 20 June 2009 at 18:00 GMT

Sponsorship of Love Mansion or Kasr El Hobb Program
Period: From 30 May - 20 June 2009 at 18:00 GMT

Rotana Khaleejiyah
Sponsorship of “Sayidaty” program
Period: From 10 - 31 May 2009 each Sunday at 21:30 KSA timing

Saudi TV
Regular spots
Period: From 15 May - 2 June 2009
Number of spots: 33 spots

The TV commercial consists the first stage of the celebration campaign and it will be followed by more events throughout the year.

Watch the Fam® "25 Year Old" TV commercial

Napco Consumer manufacturing plants in Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Sanita in Halat, Lebanon; the plants produce a range of personal care hygiene disposables, household tissue and plastics products, and away-from-home catering and janitorial disposables.

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United Corrstack Lauded for ‘Green’ Achievements

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Source: United Corrstack Lauded for ‘Green’ Achievements, Board Converting News, p. 27, April 20, 2009.

Reading, Pennsylvania based United Corrstack LLC (UCI) has been saluted by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania as the winner of its 2009 Northeastern Pennsylvania Innovation Awards in the category of manufacturing achievement.

Awards went to companies or individuals that have achieved business success through the business development group’s funding and assistance, have helped others to achieve success, or have improved their business through innovation.

United Corrstack, member of US based Interstate Resources, Inc., was saluted for its ‘green’ efforts, which include the production of recycled medium and its soon-to-be-completed Evergreen Community Power plant, which will use biomass organic waste for fuel.

Dave Stauffer (General Manager, United Corrstack) receives the Manufacturing Achievement Award from Chad Brown (CEO, Ben Franklin Technology Partners)

United Corrstack Team (L-R): Chris Fell (Engineering Manager), Dave Stauffer (General Manager), Larry Haraschak (Controller), and Rick Faust (Fulfillment Manager) at the Ben Franklin Technology Partners Ceremony

United Corrstack worked with Ben Franklin and Northampton Community College’s Electrotechnology Applications Center (ETAC), first to evaluate options to allow higher throughput at the facility and later to assess boiler fuel alternatives for UCI. Because of rising energy costs, United Corrstack is creating its own cogeneration plant, generated by materials such as wood and agricultural waste, to provide steam and electricity.

United Corrstack, LLC, Reading, David F. Stauffer, General Manager states,

At a time when recycling, renewable fuel, and energy independence are at the forefront of national consciousness, United Corrstack (UCI) is a model of green efforts. The company produces recycled corrugated fluting paper which is a component of cardboard boxes, and is in the process of developing its own power plant that burns biomass organic waste. UCI worked with Ben Franklin and Northampton Community College’s Electrotechnology Applications Center (ETAC), first to evaluate options to allow higher throughput at the facility, and later to assess boiler fuel alternatives for UCI.

Because of rising energy costs, UCI is creating its own cogeneration plant, generated by materials, such as wood and agricultural waste, to provide steam and electricity. UCI currently employs 80, and through the energy plant, has created 25 new positions. UCI’s work with Ben Franklin and ETAC helped the company to significantly improve its competitive position, and will increase employment and reduce landfill waste in
the region.


The winners will be honored on 12 May 2009 at the Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

United Corrstack produces recycled corrugated fluting paper, which is a component of cardboard boxes, and is in the process of developing its own power plant that burns biomass organic waste. The US manufacturer employs 80 people and, through the energy plant, expects to create 25 new positions.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Phoenixia Newsletter from Phoenix Machinery - April 2009 Issue Now Available

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Phoenix Machinery, Safra, Lebanon-based manufacturer of machinery and CNC parts, announces that customers and prospects can now download the second issue of its quarterly e-newsletter, Phoenixia.

This issue of the newsletter includes the latest news and activities of Phoenix Machinery and its divisions as follows:

General Manager Perspective
Turning the global financial crisis into opportunity

Hygiene Division
Feminine napkin production line & technical specs of the machines

Tissue & Paper Division
Slat conveyors

Automation & Drive (A&D) Division
Power management service, design & engineering services
Power case of Interstate Paper Industries in Sadat City, Egypt
Distributed Control System (DCS)
Distributed Control System case of Interstate Paper Industries

CNC Division
Injection molds, hardening, software, runners & mold materials

Service Division

Training sessions

Phoenix Energy
Weather stations data loggers
Energy facts

Tissue World 2009

For more info about Phoenix Machinery, its latest technologies, products, services and events, you may download the April 2009 issue of Phoenixia.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

AUB Names Manufacturing Technologies Hub After Late Georges Frem

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Source: AUB Press release, May 2009

The American University of Beirut announced the establishment of the Georges N. Frem Manufacturing Technologies Hub in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture on 21 April 2009.

This cluster of engineering laboratories and meeting spaces will be located on the third floor of the Ray R. Irani Oxy Engineering Complex, which is being built on AUB's lower campus.

The Georges N. Frem Manufacturing Technologies Hub will include: a meeting and projects room; mobile robotics and computer vision laboratory; a mechanical design laboratory; a mechatronics laboratory; a design for manufacturing laboratory; a control and robotics Laboratory; an instrumentation laboratory; and an intelligent systems laboratory.

(L-R): Dr. Imad Baalbaki (Ast. VP for Development), Ms. Hala Frem (Sanita Persona General Manager), Mr. Walid Katergi (Director of Development for Engineering& Medical School, Mr. Neemat Frem (INDEVCO Group President & CEO), Mr. Peter Dorman (AUB President), Hayat Frem, Mrs. Rania Frem El-Khoury (Director of Georges N. Frem Foundation), Mr. Tony Frem (Vice Chairman), Dr. Ibrahim El Hajj (Dean of Faculty of Engineering & Architecture), Mr. Rabih Frem (Executive Vice Chairman), Dr. Fouad Mrad (Professor Electrical & Engineering Dept.)

To commemorate the event, members of the family of the late Georges Frem recently visited AUB, meeting with President Peter Dorman, Dean Ibrahim Hajj, and other University officials.

President Dorman praised the late visionary minister and businessman, and thanked the Frem family for continuing their father's legacy of supporting education and the community. Mr. Neemat Frem spoke on behalf of the family, thanking the university for 'linking Georges Frem's name with AUB forever'.

Georges Neemat Frem was born in Lebanon on 1934. He passed away in May 2006.

Georges Frem believed in building a productive society where citizens live in dignity and respect. In 1955, he founded INDEVCO (Industrial Development Company). INDEVCO Group now has over 50 affiliates with more than 7,500 employees in the Middle East, North America and Europe. INDEVCO focuses mainly on the manufacturing of Consumer Products, Flexible Packaging, Paper Containers and Paper Making.

Georges Frem was also known as 'the industrialist with a heart'. In 2002, he founded the INDEVCO Foundation to focus on launching economic development programs that stimulate sustainable job creation for specific sectors in Lebanon. In honor of its founder, the name of the foundation was changed to the 'Georges N. Frem Foundation' in May 2006.

Georges Frem held several public office positions, including Lebanese Minister of Industry, and Minister of Electricity and Petroleum. He was member of the Lebanese Parliament for 5 years.

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