Friday, May 15, 2009

Al Younbouh Family & Supporters Walk for "Khotwe Btersoum Basme"

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Community members, sponsors, donors, officials, humanitarian organizations, schools and clubs support Al Younbouh in the 2009 walk event.

For the sixth consecutive year, Al Younbouh family organizes "Al Younbouh Walk", an event that gathers officials, colleagues from INDEVCO Group companies, representatives of the event’s corporate sponsors, donors, well known personalities, associations, schools and clubs supported Al Younbouh deserving human cause on Sunday, 3 May 2009 in the old souk of Jounieh. This year, more than 3000 people participated in this event.

The Al Younbouh Walk features the slogan "Khotwe Btersoum Basme", which translates into "A Step that Draws a Smile". The walk is the annual main fundraising event to support the center.

In addition, students look forward eagerly to this event and love to participate and socialize with all their friends. Likewise, it offers the opportunity to the participants to meet the students and learn more about the center and its mission.

Al Younbouh walk festive ambience

Al Younbouh is a non-residential rehabilitation center for mentally challenged young adults in Lebanon, which emphasizes quality of life and a spirit of humanity to assist integration into society.

Like every year, the 5-kilometer walk is animated by Tony Baroud and this year's program featured fun and lively performances at different stops throughout the walk:

  • The main attraction was a dance performance from the Al Younbouh young adults at Jounieh Municipality
  • Al Forsan Al Arba3a, a Lebanese well-known band performed their famous songs.
    The blue, red and yellow balloons, which represent Al Younbouh logo colors
  • Planting an olive tree in the Jounieh municipality’s garden next to other 2 trees from the walk of previous years

Throughout all the walk, Underground Fiesta, a young music band accompanied the participants with its festive rhythms.

Toni Baroud animates the event

Al Younbouh students perform their dance

Underground Fiesta band plays festive rhythms

A pleasant community ambience of solidarity and entertainment throughout the stops overwhelmed the hearts and spirits of the young mentally disabled, the participants and Jounieh residents and inspired them for the next year's walk.

INDEVCO Group is proud to support Al Younbouh family in their mission “To improve students’ life and ensure their social integration”

For More Info

Nicole Naame, Director
Al Younbouh Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Disabled Young Adults
Ghadir Principal Road
PO Box 36
Jounieh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-835 612
Fax: +961-9-835 067
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