Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sanita National Campaign - "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" Gets Rerun

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Watch now the rerun Sanita's "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" TV commercial.

Sanita, leading consumer disposables manufacturer in Lebanon, carries for the second time its history and faith message in the remarkable "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" or "Take Pride in Lebanon" campaign running from 15 May till 7 June 2009 on national TV channels in Lebanon.

The campaign, which aired for the first time from 17 November till 4 December 2008 on national television and radio stations in Lebanon, conveys inspiring patriotic meanings and sentiments and anchors a sense of belonging for Lebanon.

The advertising campaign is broadcasted on main Lebanese TV channels as follows:

Watch "Shouf 7alak bi Lebnan" TV campaign

The campaign was conceptualized and executed in collaboration with Mediapak advertising and marketing agency, member of INDEVCO Group.

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  1. we wish that this episode will be available everyday and will be not limited .GREAT song ,wonderful voice.wawwwww

  2. A Brilliant and Powerful campaign, truly conveying its msg.