Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Les Clients Francophones Peuvent Visiter Le Nouveau Catalogue en Français INDEVCO Export

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Les clients francophones peuvent maintenant demander des devis pour les produits d’emballage et les matières premières à travers le nouveau catalogue électronique de produits INDEVCO Export en langue française.

Le nouveau INDEVCO Export en langue française fraîchement conçu et développé et mis en ligne le 20 Août 2009, permet aux communautés francophones d’accéder facilement aux informations de produits fabriqués par les entreprises d’INDEVCO Group.

Avec plus de 32 catégories et 300 produits spécifiques à différentes industries, ce catalogue électronique aide les responsables d’achats à choisir et à se procurer leurs produits rapidement et aisément.

Maya Khalifeh, Directrice du Service Clientèle en Ligne, explique ci-dessous,

«L’objectif principal d’INDEVCO Export Français est de faciliter la communication en ligne avec les communautés francophones en Europe, au Canada et en Afrique. Ainsi, les visiteurs de ce catalogue électronique de produits pourront remplir les formulaires simples de demande de devis ou de demande de plus d’infos et recevoir notre réponse rapide en moins de 24 heures.»

Ce catalogue en langue française utilise le logiciel WebShaper e-catalog développé par Neowave.

Les visiteurs de ce site peuvent sélectionner l'industrie et localiser les produits d'emballage et matières premières dont ils ont besoin: les films PE, produits d’emballage papier, produits d’emballage flexible, boîtes et présentoirs lieux de vente (PLV) en carton ondulé, bobines mères en ouate pure ou recyclée pour la fabrication des produits hygiéniques, ainsi que des produits ménagers jetables et produits hygiéniques jetables.

Nous vous invitons à visiter ce nouveau site d’exportation, envoyez-nous vos commentaires et demandez des devis.

Ce site est conçu et développé conjointement par l’Unité de Communications en Ligne (Online Communication Unit) et le Service Clientèle en Ligne (Lead Generation Unit) d’INDEVCO Group.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

CEDEX Plastics Invests in W&H Coex-Film Line

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Source: Converting Magazine, August 3, 8 2009

Exopack-INDEVCO's Lebanese joint venture to install 3-layer VAREX to make coextruded-PE film for export to North American markets.

CEDEX Plastics, the new Lebanese-based joint venture between Exopack and INDEVCO Group of Lebanon, has made its first investment in equipment: a 3-layer VAREX® co-extrusion line from
Windmoeller & Hoelscher. CEDEX will use the VAREX® to manufacture co-extruded polyethylene film for export to North America, enabling Exopack to provide its customers with cost-effective films of the highest quality.

Exopack's President, Jack Knott, says, “CEDEX will offer valuable materials solutions to our customers. We chose W&H as our equipment supplier to ensure the quality and consistency of our products on a global basis. ”

“Being a part of CEDEX is an incredible opportunity for W&H to form a relationship with INDEVCO, demonstrate the quality and dependability of our machinery, as well as gain a stronger foothold in the region,” adds Andrew Wheeler, Vice President of W&H.

Exopack has a long history of using W&H equipment for many aspects of its business, including printing, extrusion and multiwall. This summer, a W&H co-extrusion line,similar to the one purchased by CEDEX, was installed at Exopack's Griffin, GA, plant.

About Exopack
With 18 production facilities strategically positioned across North America and the United Kingdom, as well as a global network of alliance partners, Exopack is an established leader in the development, manufacture and sourcing of paper and
plastic flexible packaging solutions and coated films for a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Exopack is an affiliated portfolio company of Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Founded in 1955 by Georges N. Frem, INDEVCO Group is a privately-owned multinational group comprised of 31 manufacturing plants, industrial and commercial enterprises. The oldest and largest flexible packaging company in the Middle East, INDEVCO has a global production and distribution platform for its products and services, including nine manufacturing sites in North America.

Zouk Industrial Complex
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
PO Box 11-2354 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel:+961-9-209 001
Fax:+961-9-209 002

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Napco Flexible Packaging Plants Introduce 5S Process

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Napco manufacturing plants organize their workplace in accordance with the 5S process.

Saudi-based Napco Flexible Packaging Division plants are undertaking the 5S methodology
for organizing their offices, premises, shop floors, warehouses and cafeterias.

The 5S methodology, also known as housekeeping methodology, stands for Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain and provides instructions on the 5S principles, as well as practical application in operations. The plants' area features colored floor signs, as well as wall and columns' indications made according to the 5S standards.

Center of Technical Excellence Manager at Napco Flexible Packaging Division, Chadi Radi explains,

"The management team at the flexible packaging manufacturing plants is committed to foster a safer, clutter-free, cleaner, more organized and pleasant environment, as well as improve staff morale and retention. World-class operation is our goal.

Radi adds, team members at the affiliates, who had no previous experience in 5S housekeeping, are successfully implementing this method and such an accomplishment highlights the strong teamwork spirit and effective effort.

Napco floor areas feature floor signs & machines' names

Napco Flexible Packaging Division facilities in accordance with 5S principles

Napco's organized, sorted & clean workplace

About 5S Training

5S is a method for organizing a workplace, especially a shared workplace (like a shop floor or an office space), and keeping it organized. It's sometimes referred to as a housekeeping methodology, however this characterization can be misleading, as workplace organization goes beyond housekeeping. The key targets of 5S are improved workplace morale, safety and efficiency. [1]

Flexible packaging manufacturing plants include: United Plastic Products Co., Multipak, Napco Modern Plastic Products - Sack Division, Napco Modern Plastic Products - Technical Division, Napco Composite Packaging Technology COMPACT, National Paper Products Company and Uniplast.

Reference [1] Wikipedia:

For More Information

Chadi Radi
Center of Technical Excellence Manager
Flexible Packaging Division

Tel: +966-3-812-1244

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MEPI Students Visit INDEVCO Group Headquarters

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INDEVCO hosts scholarship recipients from across the Middle East region.

Students from MEPI Tomorrow's Leaders Scholarship Program visited INDEVCO headquarters to learn about the workings of a multinational manufacturing group. The visit began with a brief introduction of Tomorrow’s Leaders by Dr. Walid Touma of Lebanese American University (LAU). The students from diverse academic specializations originate from across the Arab world.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Program is funded by the U.S. State Department Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and coordinated by LAU Enterprise Office.

The program seeks to develop capable and highly-motivated high school graduates in the Middle East as rounded characters ready to take on the challenges facing their countries when they return. The scholarship provides a four-year, university-level scholarship and internship opportunities at select institutions of higher learning in the Middle East.

MEPI Students on their visit to INDEVCO

Tony Frem welcomed students and emphasized INDEVCO’s commitment to people and human capital development and growth, as well as to the support of academic institutions in Lebanon.

Nicole Jabre presented INDEVCO Group, "The Local Multinational of the Middle East", with comprehensive information about the group's founder, Georges N. Frem, corporate values and mission, history, core business divisions, facts and figures, as well as the Georges N. Frem Foundation.

A luncheon followed the meeting.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elie Farhat Named Operations Manager for all UTM Duties.

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As of 1 August 2009, Elie Farhat has been appointed Operations Manager at Unipak Tissue Mill (UTM). In his new position, he will be in charge of all UTM duties excluding export sales.

In July 1999, Elie joined INDEVCO Group at the Auditing Department, where he performed various audit assignments for affiliates in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. In November 2002, he became UTM Chief Accountant. In 2007, he was named Financial and Administrative Manager.

During his career at UTM, Elie has demonstrated dedication and professionalism in every assignment. Moreover, Elie has truly leveraged on his solid analytical and numerical skills to positively impact the key drivers of the business while learning and becoming well rounded and knowledgeable business executive in the paper making industry.

Please join us in wishing Elie continous success in his new responsibilities.

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