Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brand Campaign - Sanita Launches Happies Winning Moment

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Sanita, a consumer disposables manufacturer in Lebanon, launches Happies 'Winning Moments' campaign, which will run from 15 September 2009 - 15 January 2010. Happies is a leading baby nappies brand in Lebanon.

The campaign highlights happy moments parents experience with their babies by offering them the chance to win digital cameras and other gifts. To win with Happies, consumers must collect the coupons inserted in Happies baby diaper packs:

1000 points (Happies Small and Happies Medium coupons)
Win a 10-megapixel digital camera

360 points (Happies Medium coupons)
Win 2 Happies Large Eco Boxes

325 points (Happies Large coupons)
Win Happies Giant Large Plus pack & Happies wet wipes pack of 72 wipes

325 points (Happies Large Plus coupons)
Win Happies Regular XLarge pack & Happies wet wipes pack of 72 wipes

325 points (Happies XLarge coupons)
2 Dreams Kids facial tissue packs & 2 Dreams Fun Roll packs

300 points (Happies Small coupons)
Win 2 Happies Medium Eco Boxes

40 points
Win new Happies facial tissue pack

Shelf talkers, posters and danglers support this promotion at all retail outlets, accompanied by a television commercial and radio campaign on all major stations.

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