Friday, October 16, 2009

Happies "Winning Moments" Media Campaign Offers Digital Cameras

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Customers have the chance to win digital cameras and tissue and hygiene disposables from Sanita.

Sanita's latest Happies “Winning Moments” TV is offering 10-megapixel digital cameras, as well as tissue and hygiene disposables in Lebanon. Consumers must collect points available in Happies packs. Sanita is a leading manufacturer of consumer and hygiene disposables in the Middle East.

The campaign highlights happy moments parents experience with their babies and features commercials running from 10 October on Lebanese television and radio stations, as well press ads in magazines in Lebanon.

TV Campaign
Regular Spots
Date: 11 October - End of November 2009
TV Stations: ANB, FTV, LBC, MTV, NBN &

Radio Campaign

Date: 11 October 2009
Regular Spots: Radio One, RLL, & VDL

Co-Sponsoring programs on Light FM, Rotana Delta & Sawt el Ghad

Press Campaign
October Issues
Magazines: Mondanité & Femme

Watch the Happies "Winning Moments" TV Commercial

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