Friday, November 20, 2009

Brand Campaign - Gipsy Launches its National Tissue Products Campaign

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For its 7th consecutive year, Sanita, leading Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, launches Gipsy National Campaign 2009 throughout Lebanon entitled جيبسي محطّة الربح translated literally into "Gipsy Winning Station" from 2 November 2009 - 31 January 2010.

This year, Gipsy is offering consumers the chance to win free gas and car wash vouchers from MEDCO, leading Lebanese full product line petroleum company with more than 280 service stations across Lebanon.

 Gipsy National Campaign Poster

The campaign's concept highlights Gipsy’s colors (red, blue, yellow and green); coupons featuring these colors are inserted in all Gipsy tissue products. Consumers have to collect the colored coupons available in all Gipsy tissue disposables packs.

Gipsy Coupons

By collecting 15 red coupons, consumers win 1 free gas voucher for the value of LBP 20,000  from MEDCO.

By collecting 10 blue coupons, consumers win 1 free car wash voucher from MEDCO.

By collecting 7 yellow coupons, consumers win 1 Gipsy Luncheon napkin pack of 50 paper tissue sheets and 1 Gipsy paper towel medium pack.

By collecting 5 green coupons, consumers win 1 Gipsy soft plus pack of 200 paper tissue sheets.

Gipsy tissue disposables brand includes facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, paper table napkins and wet wipes.

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