Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Napco Announces First Winners of 'Fam 25 Years' Contests

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Napco awards 'Fam 25 Years' online and national contest winners with Damas Jewellery.

Saudi consumer disposables manufacturer, Napco, is celebrating Fam brand’s 25th anniversary with online and national contests from 15 October - 15 December 2009 in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Fam is a leading feminine hygiene brand in the Arabian Gulf.

In an effort to engage women in ‘Fam 25 Years’ contests, Napco is using online social media, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, Fam advertising is running on Facebook and MSN Messenger.

Launched on 15 October, Napco congratulates
‘Fam 25 Years’ contest winners thus far:

‘Fam 25 Years’ Online Contest

Winners receive a SR1500 Damas Jewellery voucher:

Subhiyah Mohammad Abu Subayh
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Charlotte Hanna Esber
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Ashwak Al Harby
Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, Saudi Arabia

Nour Al Houda Jammal
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Napco invites women at least 18 years old in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE to register in 'Fam 25 Years' Online Contest. Napco will draw two winners weekly through15 December 2009. Winners can redeem their vouchers through 15 April 2010.

‘Fam 25 Years’ National Contest

Winners receive a diamond necklace or ‘Scratch & Win’ SR250 voucher or discounts from Damas Jewellery.

Amal Said Al Kahtany
Al Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia

Aziza Ammar Al Sifyany
Taef, Saudi Arabia

Douaa Abdallah Khayyat
Yunbuh, Saudi Arabia

Fatima Saleh Ali Al Shahry
Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Mona Abdallah Al Yazidy
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

All Fam packs purchased at a supermarket in these countries include a “Win Voucher’ with an SMS serial number, as well as a ‘Scratch & Win’ instant gift section through 15 December 2009. Napco is drawing 10 winners on 15 November and 10 winners on 15 December. Winners can redeem their gifts through 15 April 2010.

Fam sanitary towels are manufactured in National Paper Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Napco Consumer Products Company (Dammam), Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia.

Napco Consumer Marketing Department
Industrial City 4, Street #404 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
PO Box 30263
Jeddah 21477 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-637-0757
Fax: +966-2-637-4886

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