Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phoenix Machinery Receives Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements Award

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INDEVCO Group affiliates support Lebanese industrial research conducted at universities and academic institutions.

INDEVCO member companies, Phoenix Machinery, received recognition awards from the Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements (LIRA) Program during its 9th annual forum on 19 November 2009. The LIRA program grants awards for the first time and will continue to honor projects' supporters and students annually. INDEVCO Group is a founding member of the LIRA program.

Phoenix Machinery's Award

Phoenix Machinery has been supporting research projects proposed by universities and academic institutions in Lebanon since the LIRA program launched in 1997.

Phoenix Machinery General Manager, Rabih Osta, explains,

Being a member of INDEVCO Group, we believe in and support the power of scientific and technological research and industrial innovation. We focus on the importance of talented engineers and encourage creative collaboration between the private sector and engineering and technical colleges towards a knowledge-based economy.

Phoenix sponsored and supported the following research projects since 1997:

Core making machine
Toilet over wrapper / stretch wrapper
Roll cutter
Metallurgical furnace
Movable solar detector
Command using electrical current

Every year, this annual forum including the Conference of Industrial Research & Development, and the Exhibition of Industrial Research Achievements brings together academic and industrial expertise. This event provides an important opportunity for industry, academia and research centers, both public and private, to meet and exchange their research findings.

The LIRA program encourages university-industry cooperation, matches university activities/research with industry needs, seeks industrial projects for proposed university projects, offers a national platform for potential new products and services, helps engineering and science students in developing their research projects prototypes and provides industrial training.

Lebanese Industrialists Research Achievement Program Overview
Since 1997, LIRA program provides researchers in universities and vocational schools career opportunities that suit their capabilities and potential.

Furthermore, the program has brought great achievements for the national industrial sector by increasing its competitiveness, creating higher added value products, developing production lines, and by introducing locally-made low cost high-tech production equipment.

The cooperation in 1997 amongst the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, the National Council for Scientific Research, a handful of universities in Lebanon, and with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, a German-based public institute foundation, resulted in the initiation of an annual forum: the Conference of Industrial Research & Development, and the Exhibition of Industrial Research Achievements.

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