Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sanita Launches Private Brand Contest "Win a Super Feminine Laptop"

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Sanita sal, leading consumer disposables manufacturer in Lebanon, launches Private brand contest "Win a Super Feminine Laptop" and gives away 200 Dell mini laptops. The contest runs from 1 December 2009 through 10 February 2010.

Enter the Draw to Win

The 3 draws will take place on the following dates:

1st Draw:
23 December 2009
2nd Draw: 20 January 2010
3rd Draw: 10 February 2010

Women in Lebanon must
purchase any two packs of Private sanitary napkins (including Private Fluffy, Private Extra Thin and Private Miss Teen) and any pack of Freshdays panty liners (Singles, Normal, Normal Scented, 2 in 1, String or Long).

They must complete the contest entry coupon available inside Freshdays pack and they must attach any two empty Private bags to the coupon.

They must put them in an envelope and drop it in the Private drop box at a retail outlet before 10 February 2010.

In addition to the draw, women can get 10% extra sanitary towels in the Private, Freshdays and Miss Teen packs purchased at any supermarket or store in Lebanon.

Private®, Freshdays® and Miss Teen® are leading feminine hygiene brands in the Middle East.

For More Information

Sanita Marketing Department
Halat, Lebanon
PO Box 11-2354 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9- 477 478
E-mail: info@private-sanita.com

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