Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tissue Converters - Need to Upgrade Your Rewinder Lines?

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If your manufacturing plant converts tissue products, complete or phased upgrades of your rewinder lines can maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.

The Tissue & Paper Division of Phoenix Machinery is working with tissue converters across the Middle East to upgrade rewinder line controls, in order to produce quality toilet tissue rolls and kitchen handtowel rolls.

Upgrades transform mechanically driven production lines to electrically and servo driven production lines.

Refurbishing and control upgrades not only enhance machine performance and facilitate operations and diagnostics. They also reduce time-on-the-job and minimize maintenance costs.

Control upgrades allow tissue converters to:

    • Save time related to job change, since the upgrade is performed with simple parameters on the Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    • Avoid product waste, given immediate actions governed by sensors and programmed cycles

    • Reduce mechanical part damage, given that emergency sections prevent continuous run-of-the-line when an error occurs

    • Reduce machine downtime, given comprehensive diagnostic alarms and errors monitored by indications on the HMI

Phoenix Machinery uses SIEMENS automation solution for the control upgrade of the tissue rewinder line. This solution is a sophisticated control with an S7-300 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC allows programming of any type product using an operator-friendly HMI.

Tissue rewinders, then, operate non-stop, serviced by a smaller number of operators.

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