Wednesday, March 31, 2010

INDEVCO CEO Heads Association of Lebanese Industrialists

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Members of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) have elected Neemat Frem, President and CEO of INDEVCO Group, to lead a new Board of Directors over the next four-year term.

The association election convened on Saturday, 27 March at Metropolitan Hotel in Sin El Fil, Lebanon.

As ALI President, Frem will work closely with other members of the board to energize the association:

First Vice President: Ziad Bekdach
Second Vice President: Nicolas Nahhas
Treasurer: Nazarit Sabunjian
Secretary General: Ahmad Hsein
Secretary of Foreign Relations: Amine Farchoukh

Four Members of the Board of Directors:
Michel Daher, Adnan Ataya, Waleed Assaf, Georges Nasrawi

In his acceptance speech, Frem emphasized the need to work to create an environment that encourages the industrial sector:

"We come from an industrial school whose first and most important mission for a better society is embodied in the creation of work opportunities enabling Lebanese citizens to thrive inside the country without having to emigrate and flourish abroad.

We all agree that our industrial forces are the biggest employer in the country and that they are a main contributor to the national income. Therefore, the sector should play an influential role in drawing the growth plan for the national economy. All we aim for, dear friends, is to turn our personal successes into an ingenious collective and national victory.”

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