Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gipsy Brand Tissue Launches 'Don't Count to 10' Campaign

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Lebanon's leading disposables consumables company, Sanita, has launched the 'Ma T3ed Lal 3ashra' or 'Don't Count to 10' campaign for its Gipsy brand tissue products from June through the end of August.

Watch the Gipsy 'Ma T3ed Lal 3ashra' TVC

Sanita produces Gipsy products - facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, paper table napkins and wet wipes - at its manufacturing plant in Halat, Lebanon.

2010 Gipsy 'Ma T3ed Lal 3ashra' Campaign

Throughout the campaign, consumers collect points to win Gipsy tissue disposables. Every pack of Gipsy tissue contains a sticker with a certain number of points and identifies the total number of points needed to win:

2 points: win 1 pack of Gipsy cocktail paper table napkins

5 points, win 1 Gipsy Soft Plus pack of 200 facial tissue sheets

7 points, win 1 pack of Gipsy medium household paper towels

9 points, win 1 jumbo pack of 9-roll Gipsy toilet tissue

Sanita is currently running the television ad, from 23 June through 13 July 2010 on LBCI, Al Jadeed, MTV, ANB and Future TV.

In addition, Sanita's radio campaign runs from 19 June through the end of June on Sawt el Mada, Light FM, Nostalgie, Melody, Delta, Strike, in addition to Radio Liban Libre (RLL), Voix du Liban (VDL) and Sawt El Ghad during July 2010.

For More Information
Alain Boustany, Product Specialist
Sanita sal
Halat Industrial Complex
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-477 001
Fax: +961-477 476

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