Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unipak Nile Attends Human Resources 2.0 Conference

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HR 2.0 featured human resource thought leaders Gary Dessler, Jac Fitz-Enz, and John Riker.

Paul Kadissi, Administrative Manager, and Sami Sfeir, Financial Manager, represented the Egyptian corrugated packaging manufacturer at Human Resources 2.0. The conference took place on 7-8 June at Intercontinental City Stars Hotel in Nasr City, Cairo.

Throughout the two-day event, the world-renown facilitators emphasized new trends shaping the future of human resources, talent management, and its connections to enterprise strategy and goals, diversity and multi-cultural talent management ideas, human capital metrics and ROI, predictive analytics and data integration.

The conference also addressed challenges facing HR leaders for succession planning, performance management, culture and diversity and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Gary Dessler, a prolific researcher and publisher of human resource management texts and other business books, is Professor of Business at Florida International University's College of Business Administration in Miami, Florida.

Jac Fitz-Enz, acknowledged as the father of human capital strategic analysis and measurement, has been acknowledged as one of the 50 persons who have "significantly changed what HR does and how it does it" in the past 50 years.

John Riker is Managing Director of Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Centre, a worldwide center for all commercial and public interest in Blue Ocean Strategy, as well as a member of the Blue Ocean Strategy Network, founded at INSEAD.

"One should always grasp opportunities when they appear. For me, this event was a great opportunity that widened my exposure to the HR world," explains Kadissi. "We discussed shifting from filling jobs to building a workforce capable of handling tomorrow’s challenges."
"Beyond normal seminars and training, these speakers shared their personal experience, real examples of how to manage talents for competitive advantage; how to connect HR services to organizational quality, innovation, productivity and services. And the most important issue is how to strategically scan to connect external and internal factors affecting the organization’s human, structural and relational capital workforce planning."

(L-R): Dr. Gary Dessler & Paul Kaddissi, Unipak Nile

(L-R): Jac Fitz-Enz with Paul Kaddissi

(L-R): Sami Sfeir, Unipak Nile Financial Manager;
Paul Kaddissi, Unipak Nile Administrative Manager

Unipak Nile is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group, the Local Multinational of the Middle East.

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