Monday, June 21, 2010

Uniplast Packing Mode Reduces Shipping Costs

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Uniplast Logistics Department has optimized packing of its polyethylene film products, as well as transfer and shipping, to the advantage of export customers.

Uniplast has maximized packing of 40’ high cube containers to a weight of 25-tons.

The Jeddah, Saudi Arabian-based manufacturer produces manual and machine stretch film, PE trash bags and bin liners, PE food storage bags, and PE embossed disposable table covers.

Rabih Ghanem, Uniplast Marketing Manager, explains that the Uniplast understands the importance of upgrading packing mode and in bringing together the company’s Logistics and Quality Control departments for a successful joint effort:

“We recognize logistics as a critical factor in the export game. When we talk logistics, we talk about complicated, multi-tasked operations, where many factors come together.

The secret behind seamless shipping and delivery is ensuring that converging factors come together at the right time: movement of the product, movement of information, time and service, cost, and integration among suppliers, other third parties, and the customer.”

In addition to packing mode, Uniplast has attended to other critical factors to create a methodology that maximizes shipping times, cost and delivery of its plastics products.

Relations with Shipping Lines & Carriers

Uniplast has built relationships with such leading global carriers as
Hapag-Lloyd, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Maersk line, Messina, and others. These relationships allow the PE film producer to obtain competitive rates with the collaboration of international forwarders.

Uniplast also monitors the entire shipping process via weekly meetings with the shipping line and by using online tracking tools.

Decreased Loading Times

Uniplast lifts containers free of charge directly from ports, prior to booking dates. This cost-efficient factor expedites the entire process. Finished goods are moved from the transfer area within 24 hours, not longer, and loaded into containers, which minimizes warehousing costs and optimizes on-container bookings.

Shipping Efficiency

With no detention or demurrage rates to its name, Uniplast has adhered to effective and efficient procedures. Upon request, Uniplast stores containers with the designated shipping line without extra cost, gaining additional storage advantage.

Logistics Planning, Organization & Information Sharing

Uniplast Logistic Department plans shipments, books containers, and processes orders on a control sheet dependent on required delivery dates. The team also focuses on accurate information transfer by attaching a shipping summary report to the bill of lading sent to each client.

“For our customers, who are importing, the headaches are always related to logistics. We want to make this the least of our customers’ concerns. We remain committed to offering our customers excellent shipping rates and on-time delivery,” Ghanem concludes.

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Rabih Ghanem, Marketing Manager
Industrial Area 4, Street #407
Jeddah 21438 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 -2-608-1118
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