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INDEVCO Insurance Unit Implements International Safety Standards

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INDEVCO Insurance Unit conducts regular life safety audits on INDEVCO factories in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes.

In June 2010, INDEVCO Insurance Unit launched a revised Safety Procedures & Prevention Manual to ensure that all INDEVCO workplaces implement preventive measures for a safe working environment.

A service department of INDEVCO Group in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, the unit audits adherence to safety procedures and audits. It also manages insurance needs for the manufacturing plants and companies in the multinational manufacturing group located in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region and Europe.

Safety Procedures & Prevention Manual Details

The manual attends to a wide range of safety and prevention issues, including in-house and outsourced maintenance procedures. It is compiled of various NFPA codes that foster a safe working environment

NFPA is an international non-profit association established in 1896 that advocates fire prevention and public safety. It publishes and distributes standards and codes for fire and hazard prevention and safety procedures to be undertaken to reduce effects of these risks.[1]

The safety manual defines codes and covers training requirements, hazard prevention measures, and steps to be taken in emergency cases. It addresses internal and external general storage practices and storage of flammable materials, corrosives and liquid petroleum gas, as well as safety measures to be taken for visitors. Furthermore, it explains housekeeping – cleaning steps to avoid danger.

The safety manual further discusses proactive measures also known as Passive Fire Protection (PFP). PFP addresses structural requirements, opening in structures, emergency lighting and exit signs and electrical hazards. Additionally, it deals with machinery maintenance, boiler safety and water damage control…

The final part of the manual tackles active protection tools, such as portable fire extinguishers, fire hose systems, automatic sprinkler systems, and fire pump assemblies. It also mentions the importance of water reserves for fire-fighting, gaseous automatic suppression systems, and fire alarm systems.

INDEVCO Insurance Unit Promotes Napco Safety Advancement

INDEVCO Insurance Unit performed life safety audits on all Napco manufacturing plants in Saudi Arabia, most recently in May 2010. These audits covered all types of hazards, including fire, building and electrical safety, and other hazards.

Toufic Soueiti, INDEVCO Group Insurance Unit Manager, explains,

“Improvements were noticeable at Napco plants in Saudi Arabia. The life safety index ratings for each manufacturing plant decreased from that of the previous audit conducted in November 2009."

In the recent audit of May 2010, Napco plants demonstrated a safer working environment with all hazard areas moving towards moderate to low danger. A final audit will be undertaken before the end of 2010.

Soueiti concludes,

“Our objective is to guide the plants into improving on all safety levels. We will do whatever is necessary to assist. Safety improvements can save lives, property and loss of market shares.”


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Toufic Soueiti, INDEVCO Group Insurance Unit Manager
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