Friday, July 23, 2010

Napco Relaunches Sanita Aluminum Foil & Sanita Sufra Matwiya TV Campaigns

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Friday 23 July 2010, marks the relaunching of Napco
's TV campaigns for Sanita aluminum foil and Sanita Sufra Matwiya disposable table covers on Saudi and Middle Eastern channels. These campaigns will be running through the end of the year.

Watch "Sanita Sufra Matwiya" TV commercial

The TV commercial highlights the Sanita Sufra Matwiya disposable table cover uses and wide range of colors and designs that are suitable for all occasions. The practical 4-folded sheet can cover large tables and floor spaces and easily fit in the drawer.

Watch the "Sanita Aluminum Foil" TV commercial

Demonstrating the various uses for Sanita aluminum foil, this TV commercial along with the one of Sufra Matwiya are being broadcasted during July - August before Ramadan on MBC 1 , sponsoring “A better life with Dr. Jamal and Howayda” cooking show and Rotana Khalijiyah, sponsoring the cooking section of the “Ya Hala” program during .

Furthermore, these TV commercials, during the month of Ramadan, will be broadcasted daily at 1:00 PM on Saudi TV, sponsoring the cooking show "Atbak Shahiyya" and Dubai TV, sponsoring the cooking program "Maa Oussama Atyab".

Napco consumer manufacturing plants located in Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia produce a range of personal care hygiene disposables, household tissue and plastics products, and away-from-home catering and janitorial disposables.

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