Monday, August 30, 2010

Download August 2010 REACH Newsletter from MASTERPAK

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MASTERPAK, Lebanese polyethylene film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh, announces that the fourth issue of the REACH newsletter is now available.

August 2010 issue addresses MASTERPAK's latest news about product launches, events, and new manufacturing processes.

This issue includes the following articles:

MASTERPAK Launches FFS Film Production
MASTERPAK on the Path to Full 5S Implementation
Iraqi Delegation Visits MASTERPAK Polyethylene Film Plant

MASTERPAK manufactures
compost and forage bags , geomembranes, greenhouse film, ground cover film, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, protective bags for banana cultivation, silage film, and soil disinfection film for many different sectors.

Visit the previous issue of REACH,
March 2010 Issue, for more information about MASTERPAK.

For More Information

Amal Merhi, Marketing Manager
Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 001 Ext. 3615
Fax: +961-9-209 002
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Green Industrial Efforts Can Begin with Recycling

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Lebanese corrugated packaging manufacturer, Unipak, is taking steps for its plant to become more environmentally-friendly.

A manufacturer can begin its journey to becoming green in many different ways. Small steps range from using energy efficient halogen lights to implementing recycling throughout the plant.

Unipak, in Halat, Lebanon, takes steps at implementing eco-friendly initiatives inside its offices, in compliance with the INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) green strategy, leading the way among all IPC affiliates.

Recycling is the way to go when aiming to take quick and effective action. Manufacturers can implement simple and effective steps to recycle and become more eco-friendly at various levels, such as production and operations.

Effective Steps to Recycling

Manufacturers should re-evaluate operations, processes, and products to pinpoint unnecessary waste, whether emissions or excess use of resources. Identifying problem points makes it easier to tackle the larger task ahead.

At the production level, the manufacturer can recycle production wastes and produce recyclable end-products. Unipak, for example, recycles all production-related wastes and produces recyclable corrugated packaging. As customers recycle or compost these products, all parties tackle the environmental issues together.

At the operational level, manufacturers can promote recycling within the plant by placing recycling bins for employee usage. Unipak initiated a non-production-related solid waste sorting project by placing four large containers in the cafeteria, categorized for aluminum cans, contaminated tissues, nylon bags, and general waste.

This waste is transfered to three larger containers, classified as plastic bags, tissue paper, and metal cans before forwarding to a respective recycling site.

Furthermore, Unipak dispersed specialized trays throughout the company to collect office paper waste, which is routinely collected and forwarded to sister-company, Unipak Tissue Mill (UTM), for recycling. UTM weighs the waste and informs Unipak. This enables Unipak to measure its monthly paper usage and evaluate whether its initiative to reduce paper waste is effective.

Unipak employees decrease paper use by printing on both sides of a papersheet. Recycling trays inside the plant create a ‘think green’ internal mentality that spills into the lives of the employees.


To ensure the effectiveness of green initiatives, manufacturers should train employees, in order to increase environmental awareness and explain how to adhere to new green projects. Unipak has held employee awareness sessions to promote reduction of paper, energy and water waste at home and in the plant.

Even the smallest efforts to move towards green manufacturing, significantly affects and spreads the green mindset to employees and their families, as well as to customers.

How can we all make a difference?

1. Use a washable mug, as an environmentally-friendly alternative to non-biodegradable styrofoam or plastic cups.

2. Leave a cup and reusable bottle for water at work to eliminate buying drinks served in plastic cups or bottled water. 80% of plastic bottles are recyclable, but only 20% are actually recycled.

3. Save water by simply not letting the tap run.

4. Default your printer option to use both sides of the paper, in case a paper copy is needed.

5. Switch off all lights and unplug electrical appliances and chargers since, they continue to consume when plugged in.

6. Lower your office’s carbon footprint by switching computers, monitors, printers, copiers, speakers and other business equipment to their energy saving feature. Turn them off at the end of the day.

Unipak is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group, the ‘Local Multinational of the Middle East’.

For More Information

Elie Fakhry, INDEVCO Paper Containers Environmental Specialist
Center for Technical Excellence
Halat, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-478 900
Email: elie.fakhry[at]

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Monday, August 23, 2010

United Plastic Products Company Helps Customers Weigh Choices

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United Plastic Products Company officially launches its new customer-oriented web site.

UPPC, also known as Napco United, is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and serves the European and the Middle Eastern and African (MENA) markets. It manufactures polyethylene (PE) products for various sectors.

George Daher, United Plastic Products Company Product Manager, explains,

“We help our customers weigh their choices. We give them the information they're looking for, depending on where they are in their decision making. We go through details about specifications, film composition, and how the film runs on their machines. Also, we advise which printing will help them meet their marketing goals.”
Napco United web site, is now up and running with information to help customers weigh their choices and make informative decisions about plastic films for the tissue and hygiene, powder detergent, industrial, and chemical and petrochemical sectors.

The new web site contains user-friendly information about the sectors it serves and the products it manufactures, as well as the company and its business philosophy.

Customers can request quotes and samples of products online.

Napco United manufactures
PE backsheet film, PE handle bags, and wicketed bags for the tissue and hygiene sector. It also produces PE laminated film and mono-layer PE film for the powder detergent sector.

Additionally, it manufactures
PE overwrap, shrink film wrap and shrink hood bags for the industrial sector, as well as form-fill-seal film (FFS) for the chemical and petrochemical sectors.

UPPC is a Napco company and a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.

Contact Information

United Plastic Products Company Ltd. (UPPC)
Jeddah Industrial City Phase 4, Street 404-405
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
PO Box 32859 Jeddah 21438, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-638-0885
Fax: +966-2-638-0825
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

R&D Center Improves Plastic Quality at INDEVCO Plants

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INDEVCO Flexible Packaging's Polymer Application Center for Technology (PACT) in Lebanon improves and adapts materials to INDEVCO member needs, global trends and market demand.

PACT, established in 2005, deals with polymer technology (plastics in particular) and blending for required properties. PACT researches plastic characteristics and conducts tests to manipulate polyethylene plastic in order to meet different packaging requirements.

PACT’s Objective

PACT’s objective is to help INDEVCO Flexible Packaging plants maintain leadership positions in the Middle Eastern plastic industry. The center enables INDEVCO member companies to provide improved material quality to international standards and adapt to customer needs.

This R&D center works exclusively for and with INDEVCO member companies to address specific needs and meet stringent customer/product requirements for packaging operations. It offers customers a value proposition, that is improved continuously.

PACT’s mission is to translate rheology and polymer science into a language that can be understood and implemented in technical applications and product development operations. It integrates scientific applications with existing technical expertise.

PACT laboratories are currently focused on raw material characterization for extrusion coating and blown film extrusion, with particular attention to SABIC and other regionally available resins. The center is currently investigating rheology and filler dispersion related to the preparation of masterbatches.

Steps to Achieving Goals

PACT integrates scientific knowledge and expertise in polymer technology from its network of universities, consultants, compounding plants and research labs.

PACT’s full-time highly-skilled specialists are connected to numerous European research centers and scholars from different European and American universities. Together they serve as advisors to the INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Division President and for chosen research projects.

New Rheology Equipment Facilitates PACT Research & Development Activity

This spring, PACT laboratories in Lebanon installed two new rheology machines to support research activity in the field of polymer engineering.

Rheology, a science that studies flow of materials, uses procedures, observations, tests, and analyses to determine how stress or force applied affects materials.

INDEVCO is the only packaging group in the Middle East to have this equipment for the rheological characterization of polymer melts and solids.

(L-R) Dr. Silvain Seif and Dr. Augusto Fabbri in the new PACT laboratory for rheological testing

PACT determines the behavior of any material when packaged, as well as verifies film composition. Its aim is to further understand material behavior, in order to tailor properties according to needs and to improve product performance.

PACT’s long-run vision is to constantly keep abreast of development worldwide in the packaging field to improve IFP product quality and address pressing global needs.

INDEVCO Flexible Packaging is a division of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

INDEVCO Insurance Unit Implements International Safety Standards

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INDEVCO Insurance Unit conducts regular life safety audits on INDEVCO factories in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes.

In June 2010, INDEVCO Insurance Unit launched a revised Safety Procedures & Prevention Manual to ensure that all INDEVCO workplaces implement preventive measures for a safe working environment.

A service department of INDEVCO Group in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, the unit audits adherence to safety procedures and audits. It also manages insurance needs for the manufacturing plants and companies in the multinational manufacturing group located in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region and Europe.

Safety Procedures & Prevention Manual Details

The manual attends to a wide range of safety and prevention issues, including in-house and outsourced maintenance procedures. It is compiled of various NFPA codes that foster a safe working environment

NFPA is an international non-profit association established in 1896 that advocates fire prevention and public safety. It publishes and distributes standards and codes for fire and hazard prevention and safety procedures to be undertaken to reduce effects of these risks.[1]

The safety manual defines codes and covers training requirements, hazard prevention measures, and steps to be taken in emergency cases. It addresses internal and external general storage practices and storage of flammable materials, corrosives and liquid petroleum gas, as well as safety measures to be taken for visitors. Furthermore, it explains housekeeping – cleaning steps to avoid danger.

The safety manual further discusses proactive measures also known as Passive Fire Protection (PFP). PFP addresses structural requirements, opening in structures, emergency lighting and exit signs and electrical hazards. Additionally, it deals with machinery maintenance, boiler safety and water damage control…

The final part of the manual tackles active protection tools, such as portable fire extinguishers, fire hose systems, automatic sprinkler systems, and fire pump assemblies. It also mentions the importance of water reserves for fire-fighting, gaseous automatic suppression systems, and fire alarm systems.

INDEVCO Insurance Unit Promotes Napco Safety Advancement

INDEVCO Insurance Unit performed life safety audits on all Napco manufacturing plants in Saudi Arabia, most recently in May 2010. These audits covered all types of hazards, including fire, building and electrical safety, and other hazards.

Toufic Soueiti, INDEVCO Group Insurance Unit Manager, explains,

“Improvements were noticeable at Napco plants in Saudi Arabia. The life safety index ratings for each manufacturing plant decreased from that of the previous audit conducted in November 2009."

In the recent audit of May 2010, Napco plants demonstrated a safer working environment with all hazard areas moving towards moderate to low danger. A final audit will be undertaken before the end of 2010.

Soueiti concludes,

“Our objective is to guide the plants into improving on all safety levels. We will do whatever is necessary to assist. Safety improvements can save lives, property and loss of market shares.”


For More Information

Toufic Soueiti, INDEVCO Group Insurance Unit Manager
INDEVCO Headquarters
Ajaltoun, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-230 130


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Uniplast Initiates Oxo-Biodegradable Film Trials

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In line with the growing need for plastic that degrades more rapidly, Uniplast has commenced production of blown polyethylene film using Oxo-Biodegradable additives.

Napco Packaging Systems Co. Ltd., known as Uniplast, is testing Oxo-Biodegradable additives that can speed up plastic degradation under the right environmental conditions.

Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the PE manufacturer produces
manual stretch film, machine stretch film, protective pallet covers, PE trash bags, PE food storage bags, and disposable table covers.

Uniplast continually searches for ways to make its plastics products more sustainable.

A Shift to Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics

Uniplast’s initiative follows the 2009 decision by the
UAE Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) to launch a three-year plan enforcing all plastic manufacturers in the UAE to use Oxo-Biodegradable (OBD) additives. [1]

Trials were conducted using Symphony Environmental's d2w™ grade 93389, which is based on a polyethylene carrier and contains a catalytic additive, a small concentration of metal salts, which speeds up the natural degradation process[2]. Instead of taking hundreds of years the plastic will break down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass in a few years or less.

OBD additives used by Uniplast break down the molecular structure of plastic, at the end of its lifecycle, into material that is no longer plastic and can be bio-assimilated by organisms in the environment.[3]

Uniplast’s Testing Process

Uniplast uses FDA approved additives, which can come into contact with food products without having any harmful side effects. The testing process involves placing two samples under the same environmental conditions, one sample containing the OBD additive and the other not (the control).

Uniplast uses two methods to stimulate the environmental conditions: oven aging tests to speed up the aging process of the plastic, as well as UV weathering to expose the samples to years of UV radiation in a matter of days. These tests show what would happen to the plastic after years of deterioration.

Oxo-Biodegradable PE Film Test Results

Results from the
carbonyl index data, which measures the level of oxidation, show a clear difference in the degradation behavior of the control sample versus that containing the OBD additive.

In fact, Uniplast’s PE film containing OBD generated approximately 10 times higher carbonyl index than the control, which validates that OBD PE plastic film degrades at a faster pace than the original PE plastic film.

Controlling the Degradation Process

By using small quantities of the OBD additive, Uniplast aims to control when degradation begins, depending on the product end-use. The challenge is to create an OBD PE film that degrades under certain environmental conditions without the degradation process beginning too early in the product life-cycle.

Rabih Ghanem, Uniplast Marketing Management, states,

“We acknowledge the environmental jeopardy the world faces today and its effects on our daily life, thus we strive to continuously dedicate all our capacity and aptitude to preserving a healthier all-green environment.

It is for us to decide the fate of the many generations to come…”

Uniplast is a
Napco company and a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.


For More Information

Rabih Ghanem, Uniplast Marketing Manager
Industrial Area 4, Street #407
Jeddah 21438 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 -2-608-1118
Fax: +966-2-847-063
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Wissam Moubarak Named Area General Manager

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Adjacent to Wissam Moubarak's post as Area General Manager of MASTERPAK Complex, his scope of responsibility has extended to include Napco Composite Packaging Technology (COMPACT) and Napco Modern Plastic Products Company - Technical Division in Dammam, Saudi Arabia as of 5 August 2010.

Wissam joined INDEVCO Group in 1991, serving in various positions at Sanita, Unipak and INDEVCO sal. In 2004, Wissam became Deputy General Manager of MASERPAK and in 2005 General Manager. He was further promoted in August 2009 to the position of Area General Manager of MASTERPAK Complex in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon.

Over the last five years, Wissam and his team have been instrumental in putting in place key operational initiatives and best practices while growing MASTERPAK's sales and profitability. Wissam's commitment to INDEVCO philosophy and core values, as well as his ability to consistently deliver results, are exemplary.

Throughout his career at INDEVCO, Wissam has demonstrated solid leadership, effective and systematic style with a focus on people development. Under his leadership MASTERPAK delivered solid results, while growing a strong and motivated management team.

Please join us in wishing Wissam continuous success.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sustainability at Interstate Resources: United Corrstack…Green Mill with a Vision

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Interstate Resources has published a series of PDF files about the U.S. corrugated manufacturing group's sustainability efforts.

For years, corrugated box and paper customers required competitive pricing and customized service. However, more and more, today’s customers demand price, service…plus social responsibility and sustainability practices from their business to business partners. Environmental stewardship is a necessary and expected part of everyday business.
Today, United Corrstack integrates many environmental sustainability practices into its day-to-day workflow, resulting in extensive natural resource protection. Just this one location saves 6,000 acres of trees a year. Their corrugating medium is 100% recycled materials (98% post consumer and 2% pre consumer).

United Corrstack is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified, providing another business advantage to its corrugated box customers. The SFI logo identifies environmentally responsible products, with third-party corroboration and separates their services from competitors without environmental verification. When purchasing SFI products, the customer is assured their products are produced with eco-friendly materials and practices.

Evergreen Community Power provides the paper mill with sustainable energy independence, impacting all aspects of the operation. United Corrstack receives clean electric and steam from renewable sources United Corrstack… Green Mill with a Vision generated by their nearby power plant compared to other paper mills using fossil fuel and purchasing electric from a large fossil fuel utility. By exploiting synergies between multiple Interstate Resources business units, there are seamless, green, closed loop sustainable energy and recycling systems in place.

Customers can positively impact their own carbon footprint, the environment and society by choosing to do business with United Corrstack.


United Corrstack produces recycled corrugating medium from 23# to 33# with their 166" paper machine. Customer service and reliability include available Just-in-Time inventory.

United Corrstack LLC is a member of Interstate Resources, Inc., a member of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-Print Advantages for Retail Packaging

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INDEVCO Paper Containers’ (IPC) companies capitalize on the advantages gained through pre-print process.

Since 2007, corrugated packaging manufacturer, Easternpak, has mastered the flexo pre-print process. Easternpak installed two printers to serve all INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) affiliates: Unipak in Halat, Lebanon; Unipak Nile in 6th October City, Egypt; and Easternpak in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Pre-print is an advanced flexographic web-to-web printing technology that pushes printing capabilities beyond prior barriers, thus providing an edge over normal flexographic printing.

Excellent Quality at Competitive Prices

With flexo pre-print process provided by INDEVCO Paper Containers, retail manufacturers of shelf-products benefit from the aesthetic appearance of near offset printing quality, highly-precise printing of fine details, edges, and barcodes, as well as considerable price advantages when compared to offset printing.

They further profit from higher service level and fast delivery due to IPC members’ ability to pre-print large formats and high graphics using water-based inks at high speeds.

Pre-Print Specifications

Pre-print uses a new generation of polymer plates, processed on advanced computer-to-plate technology, which produces an ultra-fine printing of up to 120 lines/inch, and larger formats in single runs (up to 2500 mm in width). Furthermore, it uses a central impression cylinder with six printing sections and a coating unit.

Award-Winning Pre-Print at INDEVCO

Easternpak has been recognized for its pre-print quality. At the June 2010 DuPont Grand Prix Cyrel® competition, DuPont awarded Easternpak 3rd Place in the “Corrugated Pre-print E Flute and Finer” category, for its excellence in flexography.

Repro Center, a division of Unipak, corrugated manufacturing plant in Lebanon, handles all pre-press for IPC affiliates. Pre-press involves the steps taken before pre-printing, which consist of graphic file adaptation, retouching, color separation, proofing, and printing plate making .

It also received the 3rd Place in “Corrugated Pre-print E Flute and Finer”, for the pre-press services it provided and the digital flexo printing plates it produced for sister-company Easternpak.

Antoine Douaiher, INDEVCO Paper Containers Business Development Director, explains,

“The 3rd place prize in the 2010 DuPont Grand Prix Cyrel® competition is the end result of all the efforts we invested in reaching high level flexographic printing.

Our efforts started when we established the Repro Center in 1994. It is furnished with the most up-to-date technology available in the market, keeping up with the latest technological advances.

These efforts continued with the web printing “pre-print” concept in 1999. In 2007, we installed two printers in Easternpak, becoming the most advanced pre-print center in the corrugated industry of the Middle East.

The final step in reaching this accomplishment in pre-print was the improvement in quality and capacity of the flat bed cutting, required in the production of high quality boxes in the corrugated industry.”

Easternpak, Unipak, and Unipak Nile are members of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East’.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

INDEVCO Learning & Development Department Enriches Human Capital

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INDEVCO’s dedication to high quality must be reflected in the choice of training providers.

Previously known as the Training Department, INDEVCO Learning & Development Department was established in 1980. In line with INDEVCO Group’s people centered corporate mission, the Leaning & Development Department constantly maintains a higher standard of people power.

Wissam Mussaed, INDEVCO Learning and Development Manager, explains,

“Our target in the L&D Department is to partner with our business units in order to ensure the development and growth of our intellectual capital.”

INDEVCO L&D Department is one of the Organization Effectiveness (OE) Service Unit's seven sub-units. INDEVCO OE’s purpose is to support business unit enabling initiatives in Human Resources, Learning & Development, Quality Management and Best Practices. These initiatives allow businesses to achieve aggressive business targets and continuously grow. OE serves all INDEVCO affiliates in Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

INDEVCO L&D begins by analyzing the identified training needs, evaluating internal and external training providers, planning and executing training workshops, and finally assessing both providers and workshops.

Searching for Training Providers

The search for training providers is ongoing given constantly evolving trends. INDEVCO L&D searches for providers locally, regionally, and internationally, as well as within INDEVCO employees with specific skills.

The search process involves numerous steps, beginning with a preliminary assessment of potential providers. After meeting the provider, L&D evaluates strengths and weaknesses. If the training provider passes the first evaluation, the L&D team requests that the trainer provide a summary of the workshop to demonstrate knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, the L&D team either appoints an assessor to attend one of the provider’s public workshops or requests for a trial workshop to be performed in L&D Department offices. The purpose is to ensure that the right people are assigned to attend the appropriate workshops. A provider passes through a trial period until three successful workshops are completed.

Synchronizing Corporate Needs

An important duty of the department is to create and execute a plan to align the organizations needs with the appropriate training workshops.

Nizar Abi Fares, INDEVCO Organizational Effectiveness Manager, explains,

“Learning and Development and People Development units work hand in hand, constantly developing and advancing our human capital to facilitate business growth in-line with INDEVCO Group’s strategy and vision.

During the identification process, we use professional feedback tools to find development needs at three levels: The organizational /group level, business unit/team level, and individual level.

L&D further analyzes identified needs and chooses qualified internal/external providers to fulfill the development requirements.”
It further consolidates the needs of all the business units into five geographic areas, which provides flexibility to run in-house workshops and customize them according to operating schedules.

Assessing Delivered Workshops

The L&D Department monitors and evaluates workshop delivery according to a set benchmark, and provides quick feedback on areas that can be improved.

It realizes that primitive methods of training, teacher-student, are no longer effective. Thus, it strives to participate in interactive workshops, where participants can contribute.

Synergy among Divisions

The department has developed synergy with all INDEVCO divisions in order to foster information sharing and ensure best practices.

Wissam Mussaed, Learning and Development Manager, adds,

“We also encourage the internal knowledge transfer which is one of the most successful tools to develop our workforce.”

Contact Information

Wissam Mussaed, Learning and Development Manager
Organization Effectiveness
Ajaltoun, Lebanon

Tel : +961-9-237 062/3/4 Ext. 3247
Fax: +961-9-237 062/3/4 Ext. 3256

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