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INDEVCO Learning & Development Department Enriches Human Capital

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INDEVCO’s dedication to high quality must be reflected in the choice of training providers.

Previously known as the Training Department, INDEVCO Learning & Development Department was established in 1980. In line with INDEVCO Group’s people centered corporate mission, the Leaning & Development Department constantly maintains a higher standard of people power.

Wissam Mussaed, INDEVCO Learning and Development Manager, explains,

“Our target in the L&D Department is to partner with our business units in order to ensure the development and growth of our intellectual capital.”

INDEVCO L&D Department is one of the Organization Effectiveness (OE) Service Unit's seven sub-units. INDEVCO OE’s purpose is to support business unit enabling initiatives in Human Resources, Learning & Development, Quality Management and Best Practices. These initiatives allow businesses to achieve aggressive business targets and continuously grow. OE serves all INDEVCO affiliates in Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

INDEVCO L&D begins by analyzing the identified training needs, evaluating internal and external training providers, planning and executing training workshops, and finally assessing both providers and workshops.

Searching for Training Providers

The search for training providers is ongoing given constantly evolving trends. INDEVCO L&D searches for providers locally, regionally, and internationally, as well as within INDEVCO employees with specific skills.

The search process involves numerous steps, beginning with a preliminary assessment of potential providers. After meeting the provider, L&D evaluates strengths and weaknesses. If the training provider passes the first evaluation, the L&D team requests that the trainer provide a summary of the workshop to demonstrate knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, the L&D team either appoints an assessor to attend one of the provider’s public workshops or requests for a trial workshop to be performed in L&D Department offices. The purpose is to ensure that the right people are assigned to attend the appropriate workshops. A provider passes through a trial period until three successful workshops are completed.

Synchronizing Corporate Needs

An important duty of the department is to create and execute a plan to align the organizations needs with the appropriate training workshops.

Nizar Abi Fares, INDEVCO Organizational Effectiveness Manager, explains,

“Learning and Development and People Development units work hand in hand, constantly developing and advancing our human capital to facilitate business growth in-line with INDEVCO Group’s strategy and vision.

During the identification process, we use professional feedback tools to find development needs at three levels: The organizational /group level, business unit/team level, and individual level.

L&D further analyzes identified needs and chooses qualified internal/external providers to fulfill the development requirements.”
It further consolidates the needs of all the business units into five geographic areas, which provides flexibility to run in-house workshops and customize them according to operating schedules.

Assessing Delivered Workshops

The L&D Department monitors and evaluates workshop delivery according to a set benchmark, and provides quick feedback on areas that can be improved.

It realizes that primitive methods of training, teacher-student, are no longer effective. Thus, it strives to participate in interactive workshops, where participants can contribute.

Synergy among Divisions

The department has developed synergy with all INDEVCO divisions in order to foster information sharing and ensure best practices.

Wissam Mussaed, Learning and Development Manager, adds,

“We also encourage the internal knowledge transfer which is one of the most successful tools to develop our workforce.”

Contact Information

Wissam Mussaed, Learning and Development Manager
Organization Effectiveness
Ajaltoun, Lebanon

Tel : +961-9-237 062/3/4 Ext. 3247
Fax: +961-9-237 062/3/4 Ext. 3256

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