Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-Print Advantages for Retail Packaging

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INDEVCO Paper Containers’ (IPC) companies capitalize on the advantages gained through pre-print process.

Since 2007, corrugated packaging manufacturer, Easternpak, has mastered the flexo pre-print process. Easternpak installed two printers to serve all INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) affiliates: Unipak in Halat, Lebanon; Unipak Nile in 6th October City, Egypt; and Easternpak in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Pre-print is an advanced flexographic web-to-web printing technology that pushes printing capabilities beyond prior barriers, thus providing an edge over normal flexographic printing.

Excellent Quality at Competitive Prices

With flexo pre-print process provided by INDEVCO Paper Containers, retail manufacturers of shelf-products benefit from the aesthetic appearance of near offset printing quality, highly-precise printing of fine details, edges, and barcodes, as well as considerable price advantages when compared to offset printing.

They further profit from higher service level and fast delivery due to IPC members’ ability to pre-print large formats and high graphics using water-based inks at high speeds.

Pre-Print Specifications

Pre-print uses a new generation of polymer plates, processed on advanced computer-to-plate technology, which produces an ultra-fine printing of up to 120 lines/inch, and larger formats in single runs (up to 2500 mm in width). Furthermore, it uses a central impression cylinder with six printing sections and a coating unit.

Award-Winning Pre-Print at INDEVCO

Easternpak has been recognized for its pre-print quality. At the June 2010 DuPont Grand Prix Cyrel® competition, DuPont awarded Easternpak 3rd Place in the “Corrugated Pre-print E Flute and Finer” category, for its excellence in flexography.

Repro Center, a division of Unipak, corrugated manufacturing plant in Lebanon, handles all pre-press for IPC affiliates. Pre-press involves the steps taken before pre-printing, which consist of graphic file adaptation, retouching, color separation, proofing, and printing plate making .

It also received the 3rd Place in “Corrugated Pre-print E Flute and Finer”, for the pre-press services it provided and the digital flexo printing plates it produced for sister-company Easternpak.

Antoine Douaiher, INDEVCO Paper Containers Business Development Director, explains,

“The 3rd place prize in the 2010 DuPont Grand Prix Cyrel® competition is the end result of all the efforts we invested in reaching high level flexographic printing.

Our efforts started when we established the Repro Center in 1994. It is furnished with the most up-to-date technology available in the market, keeping up with the latest technological advances.

These efforts continued with the web printing “pre-print” concept in 1999. In 2007, we installed two printers in Easternpak, becoming the most advanced pre-print center in the corrugated industry of the Middle East.

The final step in reaching this accomplishment in pre-print was the improvement in quality and capacity of the flat bed cutting, required in the production of high quality boxes in the corrugated industry.”

Easternpak, Unipak, and Unipak Nile are members of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East’.

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