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R&D Center Improves Plastic Quality at INDEVCO Plants

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INDEVCO Flexible Packaging's Polymer Application Center for Technology (PACT) in Lebanon improves and adapts materials to INDEVCO member needs, global trends and market demand.

PACT, established in 2005, deals with polymer technology (plastics in particular) and blending for required properties. PACT researches plastic characteristics and conducts tests to manipulate polyethylene plastic in order to meet different packaging requirements.

PACT’s Objective

PACT’s objective is to help INDEVCO Flexible Packaging plants maintain leadership positions in the Middle Eastern plastic industry. The center enables INDEVCO member companies to provide improved material quality to international standards and adapt to customer needs.

This R&D center works exclusively for and with INDEVCO member companies to address specific needs and meet stringent customer/product requirements for packaging operations. It offers customers a value proposition, that is improved continuously.

PACT’s mission is to translate rheology and polymer science into a language that can be understood and implemented in technical applications and product development operations. It integrates scientific applications with existing technical expertise.

PACT laboratories are currently focused on raw material characterization for extrusion coating and blown film extrusion, with particular attention to SABIC and other regionally available resins. The center is currently investigating rheology and filler dispersion related to the preparation of masterbatches.

Steps to Achieving Goals

PACT integrates scientific knowledge and expertise in polymer technology from its network of universities, consultants, compounding plants and research labs.

PACT’s full-time highly-skilled specialists are connected to numerous European research centers and scholars from different European and American universities. Together they serve as advisors to the INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Division President and for chosen research projects.

New Rheology Equipment Facilitates PACT Research & Development Activity

This spring, PACT laboratories in Lebanon installed two new rheology machines to support research activity in the field of polymer engineering.

Rheology, a science that studies flow of materials, uses procedures, observations, tests, and analyses to determine how stress or force applied affects materials.

INDEVCO is the only packaging group in the Middle East to have this equipment for the rheological characterization of polymer melts and solids.

(L-R) Dr. Silvain Seif and Dr. Augusto Fabbri in the new PACT laboratory for rheological testing

PACT determines the behavior of any material when packaged, as well as verifies film composition. Its aim is to further understand material behavior, in order to tailor properties according to needs and to improve product performance.

PACT’s long-run vision is to constantly keep abreast of development worldwide in the packaging field to improve IFP product quality and address pressing global needs.

INDEVCO Flexible Packaging is a division of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.

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