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INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Marketing Meet-Up Fosters Communication

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INDEVCO Flexible Packaging marketing professionals focus on content marketing for global reach.

INDEVCO Online Communication Unit organized a two-day
INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Marketing Meet-Up on 13-14 September 2010. The event was held at INDEVCO international headquarters in Ajaltoun, Lebanon.

The goal of the meet-up was to audit prospect and customer databases and existing marketing communication tools used by Napco flexible packaging plants in Saudi Arabia. Marketing responsibles then explored how they can build content hubs to help international B2B buyers make informed purchase decisions.

Taking a content marketing approach, the marketing responsibles will develop relevant information for buyers and influencers at various stages of the purchase cycle and communicate those messages across print, electronic and online channels.

In addition to INDEVCO Online Communications Unit, other members of the group's divisions, service departments and companies participated, including INDEVCO Learning & Development, INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit and Mediapak media agency.


Back Row (L-R):

Maher Dabbous
INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Market Development Director

Tony Medawar
Napco Modern Plastics Products Company - Sack Division

George Daher
United Plastic Products Company

Rabih Ghanem

Front Row (L-R):

Rony Beainy
MASTERPAK I.T. Department

Abdo Kahale
INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Customer Care Unit

Alaa Mourad
National Paper Products Company

Tony Samih Saade
Napco Modern Plastics Products Company - Technical Division

Meet-Up Topics

Dr. E. Feghali, Director of INDEVCO Online Communications Unit, welcomed participants, explained unit services and introduced the topics to be covered throughout the meet-up. Members of the unit facilitated sessions in their areas of expertise.

Prospect Databases
The meet-up centered around the need for up-to-date prospect and customer databases as a foundation for marketing activities and lead management.

Rony Beaini, MASTERPAK I.T. Department, who co-facilitated the session explains,

"It is important to classify possible difficulties in order to have data quality. Difficulties are validity, completeness, consistency, and correctness.

It is essential to respect these triggers because corrections in later stages might be hard, inflexible, expensive and sometimes impossible.

Being stringent in collecting and entering correct data will facilitate and simplify the process of any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activity."

Content Marketing to Win Customers
Participants audited existing marketing communications materials during this session.

Content Marketing to Generate New Ideas for Global REACH
The session taught participants how to set up a content hub for identifying messages and channels for buyers in various stages of the purchase cycle.

Integrated Online Marketing & Advertising
Participants learned to integrate the content audit and target messages to attract prospects and customers through a range of online,electronic, and print communication channels.

Online Analytics
The final session of the day identified web-traffic metrics for measuring return on marketing activities. Through online analytics, companies track what information prospects and customers search for and how they use websites.

Corporate Identity Basics
The second day began by discussing the importance of promoting one unified corporate identity and re-enforcing across all back-office communication, news and social media.

Back-Office Communications
Effective back office communication creates professional and efficient responses. Marketing responsibles learned how to communicate to prospects and customers and what message to convey at the various touch points (points of contact).

News & Intranet
Participants discussed the significance of communicating news to prospects and customers, as well as among affiliates. Furthermore, they covered the different channels to direct news: OUTBOUND e-newsletter, online corporate press releases, and intranet.

Social Media
Marketing responsibles learned how to use social media channels such as Linked In, Youtube, and Facebook for lead prospecting and relevant content.Social media is an innovative way to channel information and communication with customers and prospects.

Getting in Tune with Market Needs

Maher Dabbous, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Market Development Director explains,

"The goal of this meet-up was to focus on a marketing oriented mindset. We are trying to see what market needs are and implement our strategty accordingly. This step would not be possible without our marketers representing our eyes and ears.

Thus this marketing meet-up helped us take a step towards removing the old school of thought and moving towards our goal to be in tune with and to better understand market needs."

INDEVCO Flexible Packaging is a division of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.

INDEVCO Online Communications Unit services include campaign management, search engine optimization, online marketing and advertising, news content and online PR submissions, web development, optimizing of online business processes, and online analytics.

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