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Phoenix Machinery Becomes SIEMENS Solution Partner

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Phoenix Machinery, Lebanese machinery manufacturer, signed the SIEMENS solution partnership contract on 4 October, to meet changing customer needs.

The partnership demonstrates Phoenix Machinery’s superior quality meeting global standards. Phoenix Machinery works with SIEMENS to provide high quality service and expertise, meeting customer requirements. This partnership comprises of three fields of cooperation: Automation, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Motion Control.

Phoenix Machinery develops and integrates innovative and cost-effective automation solutions. The system integrator serves the industrial field system integration covering machinery automation, process automation, and power distribution, while SIEMENS provides automation technology products that are engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors. Together the two partners form a symbiotic partnership each providing distinct competencies and expertise.

The SIEMENS Solution Partner Program forms strategic alliances and symbiotic business relationships. Due to technological innovations shaping the global market, as well as customer and competitive environment, this partnership program aims to adapt and meet ever-changing customer and market demands in order to maintain market position.

SIEMENS solution partners from around the world serve the Automation and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) sectors as solution providers. These certified system integrators offer their expertise in product and systems, as well as their vast knowledge and experience in the industry.[1]

SIEMENS Solution Partner Synergy

As a solution partner, Phoenix Machinery receives technical, commercial, sales and marketing support, thus systematically developing expertise and providing clients with the best possible solution quality.

The level of success in innovative and complex projects depends on the search for the best automation solution. For every project, SIEMENS assigns an application engineer to Phoenix Machinery to help discuss technical aspects of the project.

Through this synergy, Phoenix Machinery receives technically and economically optimized solution proposals. SIEMENS guarantees the function and performance of these proposed solutions.

Quality Standards Solution Partners Provide Clients

The certification from SIEMENS indicates that Phoenix Machinery quality standards are qualified to a uniform global standard. These requirements for SIEMENS Solution Partners Program cover four quality characteristics.[2]

Solution Quality

The collaboration of SIEMENS and Phoenix Machinery reduces customer risk through the use of SIEMENS parts with efficient operation. Furthermore, with their combined expertise directed to a defined target, clients are always paired with the appropriate product to meet their customer requirements.

Expert Quality

Through regular workshops and audits, SIEMENS’ partners transfer know-how on product range, as well as certify technology knowledge, quality and project management in tests and evaluations.

Project Quality

Through the synergetic collaboration between SIEMENS and solution partners, clients benefit from comprehensive solutions. Associated synergies help cut time-to-market significantly and give a clear innovative lead-in solution implementation.[3]

Portfolio Quality

The SIEMENS Solution Partner Program provides clients with a comprehensive portfolio of services and products from which clients can benefit from the most appropriate solution partner advice, according to its requirements.[4]

Signing of the SIEMENS Solution Partner contract with Phoenix Machinery

Basis for Customized Solutions

Solution Partners provide clients with customized solutions on the following basis:

  • Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)
Customers benefit from continuous manufacturing optimization throughout the lifecycle of machines and plants by offering solutions from machine engineering through smooth machine operation, expansion and upgrading.[5]
  • Totally Integrated Power (TIP)
Electrically operated building installations need a supply of reliable and efficient power flows to ensure operation. This further reflects the importance of integrated solutions for an effective power supply system.

Through the SIEMENS Solution Partnership, Phoenix Machinery benefits from Totally Integrated Power (TIP) which includes tools, planning support, and totally synchronized product and system range for integrated power distribution.

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
SIEMENS offers partners Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software which secures success in translating ideas into products.[6]

Phoenix Machinery is a memeber of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.








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Elias A. Bachaalany
Phoenix Machinery
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